July 6th is World Kissing Day. Why do we kiss and why do we love to do it as we say “à la française”?

The richness of the French language has given rise to several synonyms for the word kiss: kiss, embrassade, bécot, palot, skate, galoche... From the Encyclopédie of Diderot and d'Alembert to the Trésor de la langue française, the definitions of the kiss will have succeeded one another before seeing them very fortunately limited to two very specific domains which will be social relations as a sign of submission or reconciliation and affective and loving relations as signs of tenderness between two lovers.
From the butterfly kiss, to the Florentine kiss, there are a thousand and one ways to kiss, but it is the famous French kiss, French Kiss, which has been interpreted many times in the cinema, that we wanted to put in the spotlight.

So let's rely on the Cambridge Dictionary of our Anglo-Saxon friends to define it: the French kiss is to kiss someone with their lips open and on their tongue. It's a good start a priori but far too far from our sensuality.

Is the French kiss the hottest kiss in the world?

Is the French kiss the hottest kiss in the world?

So many fantasies to evoke about the “French Kiss” and the “French Lovers”! However, in this general euphoria, let us show lucidity and know how to remain modest: the first kiss on the lips is indeed mentioned in Indian literature from around 3,500 BC. JC and several Vedic texts there make an astonishing description of lovers who “put their mouths against each other”.
The Kamasutra of the 6th and 7th centuries, and still in these distant corners of Asia, listed nearly thirty forms of kisses . And some of them were not easy, far from it. And as François Lavallée says:

“There is a way of kissing that means 'I love you' and a way of kissing that means 'love me'.”

The kiss has a very long story to tell. Derived from the Latin basiare , this verb originally evoked only a simple gesture of making a kiss as chaste as it is respectful and without any sexual connotation . It was during the 17th century of licentiousness, in the heat of the action and feelings that the kiss will have gently and lovingly slipped towards more mischievous horizons. Thank you to all our poetesses and poets of yesteryear, yesterday and the day before yesterday, for their beautiful openness to love. Deserved tribute to our Lyon Renaissance poet Louise Labé , who asked for more of the kiss, better still, she played it excessively in her poetic works. On her own, she was in her time a true feminist advocate who claimed for women the independence of loving thought and the freedom to kiss .

Oh yes, our “French Kiss” is a one-of-a-kind kiss, full of charm and sensuality. The French kiss has nothing classic in its approach. This very frank way of rolling skates for the one you love, tongues intertwined, full of passion and audacity; it is our art to love in the French way . And there is a lot of romanticism from France in this kiss and a story to tell.

Why is the "French Kiss" French?

During the First and Second World Wars , the young Yankees who came to help us chase the enemy from our soil in 1917 were, like those of June 1944, courageous and exemplary soldiers, but above all they were men who wanted to live. before dying. And it was in their well-deserved moments of rest that they took the time to learn what the “French” kiss really was. A passionate kiss where you put your tongue in it . Delighted with their find, they made him take the big leap across the ocean to later give him his letters of nobility...

Just as well “Quando te beso” “when I kiss you” beautifully sung by Juan Luis Guerra, the undisputed Spanish-speaking master of merengue, as “Besamo mucho” “kiss me a lot” by the Mexican Consuela Vélasquez, these songs do not however, will not change anything. They may well evoke the passion of the first and last kiss against a background of boleros, but our national “French Kiss” of face to face, lip to lip and tongue to tongue is untouchable.

Admittedly, the surprise entry a few years ago in the Petit Robert of the galosh and its sad definition as “kiss tongue in the mouth” hardly brings warmth and sensuality to all these skates in France. But the French language not only fascinates with its words and its poetry, it fascinates just as much with its art of living and loving, with its own kisses. Universal, famous, sung in all languages ​​around the world, the “French Kiss” never leaves you indifferent and remains the naughty kiss of love “à la française”.
Add to it with a lot of audacity and a few handfuls of “French Loving” and delicious will be all the more this beautiful icing on the cake of feelings and love.

The kiss, the love on the lips above all

The kiss, the love on the lips above all

Tongues that turn, curl, caress, drool, rip, cling and test each other, that's our French know-how . And it is not in India that we went looking for it to make it the stainless trademark of our “French kiss”.

Far from sexual prowess and impulses, kissing is a mark of love with a capital A. And that's a good thing since the virtues are numerous. The kiss increases complicity in romantic relationships . With each kiss, our brain releases oxytocin , the hormone of social bonding, which greatly helps us to fall in love. Several studies also show that kissing can release endorphins, the happiness hormone , and reduce our stress levels . The little extra of the "French kiss", it contains testosterone transmitted in the saliva which positively impacts our sexual desire .

Did you know ? One minute of passionate kissing is up to 34 facial muscles and 112 postural muscles activated, the equivalent of 2 to 6 calories expended .

The salty taste of a seaside kiss, the sweeter taste of a kiss in the fig-flavored vineyards, it's a bit like with Proust: we are constantly looking for them as if we had lost them before. to have found them. These kisses make us come before our time and turn all our senses upside down. A kiss of love is already bodies that free themselves , languages ​​that don't want to hear anything anymore and sexes that get closer before really loving each other. The kiss is free, it is to be consumed without the slightest moderation.

Complicated to “kiss well”? No way. No need to talk about breath and hygiene, that goes without saying. Let's talk about more serious things: envy, feelings, love outside of all technique and all mechanics. The “French kiss” is the heart that vibrates above all and opens the way. It's up to you and not language against language, languages ​​in unison, it's so much better. And if you like kisses full of flavor all over the body, why not try our edible massage oils and our sexy candy explosion , candies that sparkle in your mouth.

The French kiss, this authentic and legendary kiss made in France, let it travel around the world with its part of reality in its know-how and also of dream in its imagination. He is the flag bearer, the symbol of our France, romantic and poetess at times and libertine and naughty as she knows so well to be in the land of love.