The palace of love, the sacred sanctuary where your bodies rest and loosen, where your relationship strengthens and solidifies, where the energies convey and exchange between you, this is your room. And for the balance and durability of your couple, it is essential to give it special attention.

This sacred space belongs to you, and it is entirely possible for you to master it. How to keep a good harmony and direct your couple towards the direction of love and well-being? One-on-one on the ear, Feng Shui prompts us with its answers...

Feng Shui, ancestral secret to boost your love and sexual life

Feng Shui, ancestral secret to boost your love and sexual life

Feng Shui, what is it?

Literally wind and water , Feng Shui is an age-old Chinese technique that seeks to create or restore balance and harmony in living spaces , by allowing qi (pronounced "chee"), vital energy, to flow optimally .

Surely you have organized your office so that you can work methodically and efficiently. Your living room may be arranged in such a way that you can comfortably watch television while having an unobstructed view of your garden. But have you ever thought about tidying up and tidying up your room in order to find harmony in your relationship ? Here is the whole secret of Feng Shui.

Does Feng Shui have an influence on the harmony of the couple?

A bit like a kind of habitat acupuncture, Feng Shui brings positive energy to your interior , and it is quite logical to also see the influence that this discipline could have on the harmony and the passion of the couple , within the marital room.

Because yes, Feng Shui is not only a story of the orientation of your furniture, or a belief that you should orient your bed towards the north or the south to sleep better. And sometimes, you unknowingly work against this intimate happiness. For example, when thinking of gaining space, you stick the bed against the wall, you prevent the energy from passing on one side of the bed.

In fact, it is a whole traditional art thanks to which your couple, sensitive to the energies which slip between your furniture, can find harmony and happiness . Some schools of contemporary Feng Shui even posit that careful storage and layout of your bedroom can boost your sex life .

It's as if you open the shutters to let in the sun, the windows to air your room with the fresh and purifying air of the morning. A renewal that does good, inside your place of life as inside yourselves .

The benefits of a Feng Shui bedroom

The benefits of a Feng Shui bedroom

A return to oneself and to the essential

As you know, your bedroom is a sacred place , and to keep it sacred, you will need a little cleaning. Beyond the attraction of having a clean and tidy bedroom, it is just as essential to have a clean bedroom, free of useless, bulky or old objects , to concentrate only on the essentials and on your well-being .

To start, get rid of all the objects that you associate exclusively with work : laptops, diaries, business cards, pens. Even unconsciously, these objects can make your presence in the room more difficult. Also get rid of objects that you associate with the past : unread books, newspapers and old magazines can occupy a place in your brain, saturate it, and prevent you from concentrating on yourself and on the essentials. You don't need to throw them in the trash, just put them in another room where they will fit.

Thus, in a clean room where nothing is lying around, a feeling of calm and purity is felt when you enter it. The elements you want to keep, essential to your eyes, are highlighted, and it is easy for you to focus on them.

Balance and harmony in the couple

The order of your room is a reflection of the balance of your couple . A couple cannot flourish in a room where objects pile up and do not find their place, where furniture prevents the good energies from circulating. If each of your objects finds a place in storage, then your relationship will naturally find its place in your bedroom.

If you have the space, it is recommended to leave an equal space on both sides of the bed and to decorate this space in a symmetrical way . For example, choose two identical bedside tables, on which rest two identical lamps, located at the same level. The harmony around the marital bed allows the couple to feel balanced , and relational and sexual exchanges will be privileged.

A boosted libido, fulfilling and liberated sex

Yes, a tidy and uncluttered bedroom is so much more sensual than a bedroom that is not. And it is in this sensuality that you – with or without a partner – will find enough room to invent the desire and the desire to make love. According to Feng Shui, clutter in a room translates to clutter in the mind , and if you're distracted, you'll be much less available and focused on your sexual relationship and libido. With a clean space, your mind will be much freer to circulate and flourish, especially in the creation of an erotic imagination. Imagining, dreaming, surrendering to erotic pleasures will be all the more easy and accessible for you and your couple.

Having a tidy space free of clutter means telling the other that there is room for him, that he can exist there . That the essential remains your moments spent there and registered in this space, and this space is only what surrounds you and protects you in all serenity. Here is the message sent to him, like a declaration of love that can only be beneficial for you and your couple!

Our advice for a

Our advice for a "Feng Shui" bedroom

Create a warm and erotic atmosphere

As for special moments, your memory creates memories according to the atmosphere and the smells that emerge. For your bedroom, it's the same; creating an atmosphere there that will remain the same sends a signal to the brain and allows it to rest there , because it is the place dedicated to rest. Prefer a warm and comforting atmosphere, with smells that please you and your partner. At YESforLOV, we have worked a lot on our aphrodisiac fragrances, fully adapted to the creation of an intimate and private atmosphere. OUR massage candle is ideal for the bedroom, since it allows you to create a warm atmosphere and will be very useful during your sensual massages in love. Our fragrance diffuser and its refill of your choice will create an intimate and erotic atmosphere for you. The eau de sheets , to be applied delicately to your lingerie or your pillows, will awaken desire and desire in you thanks to its sensual and aphrodisiac fragrance.

Choose the colors of your room well

Instinctively, we would tend to attribute to love and romance a spectrum of red and pink colors. But such colors would not be soothing enough for the spirit in a bedroom where rest is sacred. Instead, choose warm hues that come close, like mauve tones, brick hues, blush or crest pastels. Even without repainting, a few small touches of color can make the difference. Try salmon-colored linens or accent pillows, or a few pops of pink on your curtains.

Adapt your lighting

Prefer adjustable light sources that you can easily adapt according to your desires. Choose low-power bulbs for a soft, subdued atmosphere, suitable for hugging and comforting. The idea, thanks to the light, is to highlight your bodies . Preference therefore for warm lights that highlight you.

Install a headboard

As a final touch to the decoration of your bed, the headboard brings a decidedly more adult aspect. Not only is it very useful in terms of storage, it also allows you to frame the bed and bring you a feeling of comfort and security .

Note objects to avoid

- The mirrors , unless the darkness is total at night in your room, have a yang energy, opposed to the feminine energy of the ying which is to be recommended in your bedroom. Also, the mirrors placed towards the bed and which reflect the external image of the couple tend to induce unconsciously infidelity by the suggestion of other erotic images which would divert the glance.

- Paintings or photographs from which an impression of loneliness, sadness or anger emanates, even if they are works of art. Their symbolism influences your emotions and their energy diffuses and remains stored in the room. Also out of family photos or children's drawings: the room is exclusively dedicated to the intimate well-being of the couple, and not to family love.

- Anything that radiates and that can be a source of irritation; the computer, the television, the telephone, and everything that symbolically evokes something other than intimacy.

- Dried flowers , allegories of death and all that is no more, should be avoided because they slow down the circulation of positive energies.

- Anything that evokes aggressiveness , such as sharp objects, sharp plants like the cactus, which send you a negative message and which do not contribute to the preservation of your room.

Above all, keep in mind that your bedroom is an intimate place, a sacred temple that deserves all your attention and your utmost care in furnishing it. It must above all be a place that looks like you, in which you feel good. It is essential to know how to share this intimate space to maintain the balance and harmony of your couple, but also your inner well-being.

You know what you have left to do !