They tested the vibrating orgasmic gels for you

Yes, yes, it's real! We have just launched a vibrating orgasmic gel “Intense Excitement & Localized Pulsations” on the sexual and well-being market. YESforLOV, your favorite pleasure cosmetics brand, has sent its most naughty formulators to import from the depths of the Amazon a rare plant causing intense pulsations at the edge of the mucous membranes. To tell you more about these revolutionary gels and our vibrant novelty, we have collected the opinions of the naughty boutiques Oh Darling x Sexy Center, experts in the sale of sexual stimulants and aphrodisiacs.

Be careful of the shaking! Prepare to be surprised by these gels with extraordinary effects, ready to do anything to electrify your most intimate moments.



Vanessa, saleswoman at Oh Darling , shares her experience with you: “It was incredible, the sensation builds gradually and the vibrations are intense and omnipresent. »
Florent, also a salesperson at Oh Darling , adds: “Once applied, you have the impression of having a vibrating penis in your hands, it’s a unique experience. »
Laura, another saleswoman, confirms: “The sensation of vibration is almost instantaneous, it’s breathtaking! »

Unlike more classic arousal gels, vibrating gels are distinguished by their heat and vibration effects creating sensations of tingling and micro-pulsations on your erogenous zones. This unique and most pleasant sensation can last around twenty minutes, depending on the quantity and quality of the product applied. In general, the texture does not stick or leave any residue, ensuring a pleasant experience during use. Conversely, it is important to mention that these gels are not intimate lubricants and do not provide any slipperiness to your most fiery antics. They are simply intended to increase your sensations and give you new experiences. The vibrant gels are kissable and come in a variety of flavors such as kiwi, cotton candy, coffee, energy drink, strawberry and coconut. These exciting gels are perfect for spicing up your oral sex sessions. Combine them with a glass of champagne and your evening becomes unforgettable.

The star active ingredient in these orgasmic gels? Mafane brede or Acmella Oleracea , a plant cultivated in the Amazon and also in the tropics. It is she who is responsible for this vibrant effect. In Malagasy, “bredy” means “grass” and “mafana” means “hot” . This plant is recognized for its richness in spilanthol , with anti-inflammatory , anesthetic qualities and a muscle relaxant capacity, both rapid and progressive. In short, it is a real treasure with multiple benefits for your intimate and romantic relationship.

On the formulation side, these are so-called aqueous gels, i.e. water-based, mainly manufactured in Spain or Portugal. The YESforLOV vibrating gel stands out with 94% ingredients of natural origin . The little extra, it has been tested under dermatological control to avoid any allergic reactions. You will generally find these pleasure gels in the form of pump bottles and in capacities ranging from 10 to 15 ml. The YESforLOV vibrating orgasmic gel stands out with its generous capacity of 20 ml and its roll-on tube which allows you to target the erogenous zones and massage them deliciously until the end of the thrill. A subtle but super practical innovation that helps avoid overdose while giving you a pleasant feeling of freshness.

These mixed arousal gels are sold in traditional cardboard boxes. YESforLOV has the particularity of printing its packaging in France with PEFC paper and in total refinement. Respect, it’s too beautiful, it’s too chic! The products you find on our shelves are all sealed to guarantee consumer safety. And yes, in the Oh Darling love shops located in Nantes, Trignac, Angers, Rennes, Bordeaux, Toulouse and Biarritz, the safety and well-being of our consumers are an absolute priority.


Vibrating orgasmic gels are compatible with condoms and sex toys . These warming and vibrating orgasmic stimulants are suitable for both people with penises and people with vulvas. They are intended rather for external use, such as the glans of the penis or the clitoris, the frenulum or the crown, the labia minora or majora. We tested on the nipples, but no effect, too bad!

For application, it's quite simple: you just need to apply a drop of the product to the erogenous zone of your choice and let yourself be invaded by a torrent of pleasure! And if you think you've had a heavy hand, you can apply lubricant to ease the sensations . And for those who want even more sensations, blow on it slowly ; thrills and instinctive reactions guaranteed.

There you go, you know almost everything about vibrating gels. You are now ready to try the vibration experience with our new arousal gel.