Intimate lubricating gels, there is something for everyone, of all kinds, all galenics, all compositions and with all types of smells and colors. But which one to choose? Based on water, silicone or natural oil, everyone has their own preferences, but are you all sufficiently informed about the differences and particularities of these natural or synthetic intimate lubricants? Fluid, medium or thick, what consistency in your gliding gel are you looking for for your frenzied melee as sensual as subtle? Natural, moisturizing, fragrant, stimulating, relaxing, flavored, our exquisite arsenal of YESforLOV intimate lubricants responds with a big YES to all your desires with the greatest respect for the fragility and good health of your mucous membranes: YESforLOV, your brand of lubricants 100% made in France offers you a small zoom to make the right choice and gives you the right keys to find and buy the natural intimate gel that suits you best. Since 2007, YESforLOV has been innovating and developing innovative, high-quality intimate cosmetics for you that accompany you for the longest time in the world in your crazy desires to make love and take care of yourself. Self love, self care, self sex are the order of the day in the formulation of this panoply of 11 intimate gliding gels, from our French cosmetology laboratories. The YESforLOV range of French intimate lubricants is the judicious and unstoppable response to the demands of the most demanding lovers.

How to choose the one that suits you best? Why so much lube in our range of intimate and erotic cosmetics, what are their differences and specificities? Benoit, our product manager tells you all about the different types of intimate gels. Find the complete recap at the end of this article!

All about water-based lubricating intimate gels

All about water-based lubricating intimate gels

Natural in your lubricating gel, yes, but without any compromise. Aqueous intimate lubricants are perfect for people looking for natural love because they have the advantage of reproducing, with more or less success, the particular lubrication, so pleasant for people with vulvae. We therefore advise you to pay the price or at least to use quality products to avoid the worst and the greatest disappointment to come.

The water-based lubricant is often natural : as its name suggests, it contains a large majority of water (generally more than 80%). However, be careful about other substances that complete the list of ingredients. Avoid products that contain endocrine disruptors or controversial ingredients as much as possible.

Water-based lubricants are compatible with condoms, sex toys and actively relieve intimate dryness, pain during penetration and burning sensations .

Water-based intimate lubricants are appreciated for the comfortable and smooth gliding effect they provide during masturbation and penetration.

Their textures marvelously sublimate this sensual dance that resonates to the rhythm of the body; they come to amplify for the greatest happiness of the lovers the sensations and the feelings, while offering pleasure, comfort, a great well-being in all the more or less prolonged phases of the sexual relationship.

The little extra? We can add to the intimate lubricant stimulating effects of hot or cold that will pleasantly upset all your feelings of sex.

Water-based lubricants are ingestible , in small doses of course. Some are flavored with different aromas: strawberry, raspberry, cotton candy, and others.

Which water-based intimate lubricant would suit you best?

To discover our entire range of water-based lubricants, it's here .

  • If you are extremely sensitive and suffer from vaginal dryness, you will love our "invisible" formula based on purified water enriched with hyaluronic acid and cosmetic active ingredients that optimize pleasure, hydration and comfort. The moisturizing natural lubricant , with a non-sticky texture and a neutral smell, knows how to be forgotten. He is the ideal intermediary, the darling of our clients.

  • For those who love strong sensations, whether it is our Stimulating Warmth Mixed Lubricant or our Unlimited Freshness Mixed Lubricant , YESforLOV guarantees maximum thrills and sensations. What do we like the most? This unprecedented impression, sometimes of warmth like a stole on a naked body, sometimes of cold like a divine shiver. Irresistible !

  • For those who enjoy oral sex, the YESforLOV range offers flavored intimate lubricants. To offer you the best of natural edible lubricants, we have opted for suave and sweet aromas of pineapple and green tea or peach and apricot .

  • For those who cannot stand classic natural water-based lubricants, the allergy may be due to the presence of allergenic ingredients in these lubricants or that you are less tolerant to the osmotic effects of glycerin and glycols. For more information on this subject, take a look at this article on the blog , and opt without further delay for the first osmotic lubricant without glycerin, YESforLOV Organic Algae Lubricant .

Silicone-based intimate lubricants: the best for massage and anal sex

Silicone-based intimate lubricants: the best for massage and anal sex


Silicone-based intimate lubricants are formulated with ingredients synthesized from silicon found in sand. There are many types of silicones, per-existing in the vast majority of cosmetics such as shampoos. They are recognizable in particular under the names of dimethicone, clyclopentasiloxane, or even dimethiconol. The term "silicone" brings together a large number of more or less fluid and volatile silicones having the common denominator of being polymers and it is a large family! The sensory profile of these polymers, described as soft, sensual and non-greasy, has greatly contributed to their success, particularly in the field of intimate sexual well-being, which is used in large doses. The bottom line is that silicone lubes aren't natural, but they're really terribly sensual . Are they toxic? Answer in the next paragraph.

Most of the lubricating silicone oils present in lubricating intimate gels are substances devoid of toxicity for the mucosa . Only Cyclotetrasiloxane (D4) is currently suspected of having carcinogenic, mutagenic or toxic effects for reproduction. The vigilance of the European health authorities is not an empty word: this ingredient is now prohibited by European regulations .

For anyone who had doubts about Cyclopentasiloxane (D5); the said product is not considered an endocrine disruptor and its use in cosmetic products is safe, as the FEBEA very clearly stated in 2022 in this article . As for Dimethicone, the latter remains a fabulous cosmetic active ingredient that contains the ideal hydrolipidic cutaneous film while protecting the skin from external aggressions.

In intimate lubricating gels, there is often a combination of the two active ingredients, Dimethicone and Cyclopentasiloxane. Formulation often involves looking for the right proportions to achieve different sensations, properties and feel. Each lubricant is unique and this explains the success of our range of 100% silicone integral lubricant available in 3 consistencies.

Silicone-based lubricating gels are the best for people looking for a very, very long-lasting glide . Durability, simplicity, versatility and neutrality are the 4 benefits of this gliding gel full of sensuality. Perfect for massage, penetration, masturbation, and anal sex, massage lubricants have the advantage of not penetrating the skin and offering exceptional glide. Silicones are inert compounds that the skin does not recognize. Its formula does not allow them (or little) to penetrate the epidermis. It is non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic for the skin. Unlike water-based lube, silicone-based lube won't dry out, stick, and is 5-8 times more lubricious. It is also compatible with condoms , unlike massage oils and with sex toys except for sex toys made from silicone .

Silicone lubricating oils do not impact the pH of the vaginal microbiota. It also prevents the proliferation of fungal infections. Silicone-based lubricants are appreciated for the sensual and cashmere-soft gliding effect they provide. It gives your skin incredible softness and a slightly satiny appearance . Available in several consistencies, it is, for lovers of anal sex, the most pleasant of lubricating gels and for massage lovers, the Holy Grail of lubricating massage gels.

Silicones are often the subject of too often unjustified criticism. So, what are they really accused of? Silicone-based lubricants are neither ingestible nor biodegradable . They can in high doses possibly stain the sheets but do not panic, you just have to put them in the washing machine and everything is back to normal.


To better accompany you on a daily basis, YESforLOV has designed a line of 4 silicone-based intimate lubricants entirely made in France .

You love-birds who like to take your time so much, let yourself be tempted by our massage lubricants. Sometimes for your massages, sometimes for more insistent caresses and more muscular, more erotic intercourse, YESforLOV lubricating massage oils are at your side with discretion, elegance and refinement. Can you smell those notes of white tea, frangipani and Bali flower? Bewitching isn't it?

Discover the intoxicating scent of our Integral Lubricant Massage .

Do you prefer even more discretion? Opt for our Fluid consistency massage lubricant . Just like its beauty and well-being colleague, its non-greasy and terribly sensory texture ensures perfect glide and a lubricating effect that can be forgotten.

Do you like versatility in playful and naughty love relationships? Our medium consistency long-lasting lubricant greatly reduces friction and ensures comfortable and pleasant sensations throughout penetration. It is the perfect intermediary of the moment if you are still hesitant in your final choice of lubricant.

And for lovers of anal sex, the thick consistency of our long-lasting anal lubricant is now acclaimed by many of you, and its success no longer needs to be proven.

Oil-based intimate lubricants: the true from the false for the best of compromises

Oil-based intimate lubricants: the true from the false for the best of compromises


Known for their moisturizing and soothing properties, body oils are popular in our self-love routines, but what really happens under the duvet and on your mucous membranes? What oils can be used as an intimate lubricant? Is it really a good idea to use them and what are the lessons to be learned? Vegetable oils invite themselves closer to your mucous membranes: below, we remind you of the rules to observe and the essential information to know about intimate lubricating oils.

To put it simply, there are two types of oils: mineral oils made from petroleum distillation such as petroleum jelly and natural or vegetable oils extracted cold, hot or by solvent such as coconut oil. For cost and therefore price reasons, these oils can undergo other transformations. They are virgin at their first level of manufacture but can subsequently be refined, hydrogenated or esterified.

If you really want to keep all or most of the beneficial properties of the oil, choose virgin oils , that is to say oils in their raw state, without transformation and without discoloration. And if possible organic.

So, mineral oils or virgin natural oils?

  • Mineral oils have long been recommended for intimate dryness and used as a lubricant during penetration. Times have changed and new scientific studies have shown that some of them, such as petroleum jelly, could increase the risk of vaginismus or mycosis. A 2010 study published in the Journal Obstetrics and Gynecology proves that women who used petroleum jelly as a lubricant in the previous month were twice as likely to contract vaginal infections such as yeast infections. Consequently, they are not recommended if you are sensitive to these intimate discomforts .
  • For virgin intimate oils based on plant or natural extracts , lubricating coconut oil shares the podium with many other oily extracts such as sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, or even olive oil. Natural lubricating oils are both slippery and very lubricating at the same time and become great allies for optimal comfort and ever more sensual love relationships. Unlike some conventional water-based lubricants, natural organic oils are ideal for erotic massages and offer a lot of glide over time. 100% natural, economical, and respectful of the skin, they can also be of organic origin. Be careful, the oil is not compatible with latex condoms (it makes them porous!). With sex toys, it's a bit of the same hassle, the oils are very difficult to remove and they also tend to damage latex sex toys. Last concern: they can stain your sheets or clothes but they are however very active and effective in the shower.

Taking into account your wallet, the well-being of your intimacy, it is up to each of you to choose the lubricating oil that suits you best. But as a precaution, it is better to avoid additives that may irritate you and dry out your mucous membranes. For the rest, it's up to you to make the right choices, weighing the advantages and disadvantages.

You can opt for the superb properties of coconut oil and its melting and creamy texture. For sweet almond oil and Joboba oil for their soothing properties against itching and their non-greasy and so sensual glide. Unless you choose evening primrose oil, often nicknamed "woman's oil", ideal for treating vulvar discomfort or vaginal atrophy caused by menopause.

If you often get infections, using oil as a lubricant is probably not a good idea. To date, too few studies have been conducted to answer this question and opinions differ. Some of these studies have, according to doctors-phytotherapists, the advantage of calming vulvar itching and irritation. Other studies suggest that the so-called antibacterial and antifungal effects can disrupt the pH of the vaginal microenvironment in the long term, which would promote vaginitis and predispose to the multiplication of new infections over time. If you suffer from recurrent fungal infections, forget about self-medication and consult a health professional who can guide you in the best conditions.


If you are looking for "eco-responsible love", we have imagined a Natural Mixed Lubricant with Organic Aloe Vera composed of 98% ingredients of natural origin and 96% of organic origin . Formulated with a base of aloe vera and organic sage, our aloe vera intimate oil has been mixed with water to naturally contribute to intimate pleasure and well-being, while being compatible with condoms. Its formula offers all the advantages of a lubricating oil without the known drawbacks.

Pssst, our laboratories are also working on an organic lubricating intimate oil . For the moment, it is Benoit who is in charge and who is still working on the formula with our local cosmetics laboratory. Research is going in the right direction, but the requirement gives a hard time to our formulas. It is hoped that this product will see the light of day by the end of the year. Stay tuned!

25 questions to ask yourself before buying your first water-based lubricant

  1. Do I or my partner have sensitive mucous membranes?
  2. Is this intimate lubricant tested under gynecological supervision? (It is a necessity)
  3. Does this lubricant contain moisturizing and soothing active ingredients?
  4. Am I allergic to any particular ingredients?
  5. Is the formula of this lubricant vegan and cruelty-free?
  6. Is the lubricant spermicidal?
  7. Is the texture of this lubricant well suited to my use?
  8. Is its basic formula suitable for my use?
  9. Does this intimate lubricant tend to penetrate the skin and dry out quickly?
  10. Does this intimate lubricant have a taste? can i lick it?
  11. What is its smell? Will my partner like it?
  12. Is this lubricant sticky, sticky? Does it leave residue after application?
  13. What does it contain? What is the percentage of organic and natural ingredients?
  14. How were the ingredients extracted and did they undergo transformations?
  15. Can I use it with condoms?
  16. Can I use it with sex toys or a menstrual cup?
  17. Do I have yeast infections or irritations?
  18. Do I want to use it in the anal or vaginal area?
  19. Do I want to use it in the shower?
  20. What is the shelf life of the lubricant?
  21. Does this intimate lubricant respect the pH of my mucous membranes?
  22. Does this intimate lubricant respect the osmolarity of my mucous membranes?
  23. Does this intimate lubricant contain stimulating active ingredients? Do I use it?
  24. Where is it made? In France, in Europe, in the USA or in China?
  25. Is this intimate lubricant designed in an eco-responsible way? Is its tube made of bio-sourced or petroleum-based plastic? Is its packaging printed in France with respect for our forests and our environment, which has become so fragile?

All of these questions make sense and invite us, according to our sensitivity, to no longer blush with shame and to proudly ask all these questions of your advisor. The female mucous membranes are a treasure with which one cannot cheat. They reflect your health and guarantee harmonious sexuality. They deserve to be respected at all levels.

The great recap to find your ideal intimate lubricant

You don't have a minute to lose on this subject, YESforLOV offers you a diagnosis that will help you make the right choice of the intimate lubricant that best suits you according to your mucous membranes and your desires.

You have understood it, choosing your intimate lubricating gel is not an easy task and you will surely have to make compromises. Note that there are also hybrid lubricants but we did not want to further complicate your purchase which is above all a pleasant experience to live. Forget the low prices and cheap tubes of dubious origin if you can afford it and opt for French quality with medical test in support. Print the list of questions, take five minutes to brainstorm solo or discuss as a duo. Take stock of your uses, your expectations, your finances, your needs and your desires.

And if with all these tools, this advice, this information, you are still lost, you can reach Benoit by phone at 04 50 22 82 54 who will answer all your questions. Warning, it is at your own risk! He is talkative as hell...