As Valentine's Day approaches, the great love saga orchestrated by sex and chocolate takes up winter quarters. Square of chocolate here, papillote there and kisses above all… but do you know the link between sex and chocolate?

Is chocolate an essential aphrodisiac food for a torrid winter under the duvet? Do you know its history and its virtues? It is this extraordinary love story, this erotic link between this aphrodisiac food and the intimate pleasures that we are offering you at the start of the year to taste at your convenience by the fireside or elsewhere.

Chocolate in its excellence remains on all levels and for a very long time still on the first step of the podium of the favorite foods of the French and forever rightly suspected of being notoriously aphrodisiac. This gourmet walk in your crazy desires to make love with greediness is really worth the detour. Have a good trip everyone!

Sex & chocolate: a love story in every way

Sex & chocolate: a love story in every way

From simple energetic effects to aphrodisiac benefits, it was the Mayans and Aztecs who long ago extolled the nourishing and euphoric virtues of chocolate in its most natural composition. The proof with Moctezuma II and his fifty cups of chocolate swallowed daily to satisfy, according to him, his particularly well supplied harem. And yes, chocolate has weathered all the storms and all the myths to come to Europe to spice up our daily routine . The pleasures of the senses were then fully found in this food considered in ancient times as the food of the Gods.

The alchemy of chocolate with sex is a notorious topicality that absolutely does not depreciate and we all want to keep these delicious appetizers for life. But what about this chocolate that makes the toughest of us drool so much? Is there a link between sex and chocolate? Quality prevailing over quantity, excellence goes automatically to dark chocolate, rich in cocoa at more than 70% . No need to stuff yourself, 10 grams a day will put you in a great mood to see life differently and drive out the annoyances.

For more one-on-one intimate meetings, we put the scales in the closet. For an evening but no more… Health above all! Chocolate and sex are two obvious pleasures in life to the delight of lovers. For all those lovers - and you are part of it, unconsciously or not - lost time can never be made up. So, this godsend of loving, making love and having fun while eating chocolate in complete freedom and in full complicity is a walk in life that should not be missed.

What are the recognized virtues of quality chocolate?

What are the recognized virtues of quality chocolate?

Chocolate is not the enemy of our health , far from it! However, moderation is the order of the day, with only one condition to watch closely: no excessive consumption on a daily basis . Let's do some “historical” cleaning in this bit of chocolate madness. This famous chocolate is obtained from cocoa beans in the form of seeds from a small tree in Central America. These beans called to ferment will then be roasted and dried to finally become a cocoa butter. From this cocoa butter, different types of chocolate will come out at the end of production, the characteristics of which will depend on the addition of sugar, spices or milk. Alas, many minerals will be lost along the way in all this inevitable transition.

First certainty however: chocolate contains vitamins B and E , polyphenols and other antioxidants . These anti-ageing substances are precious friends for our health, powerful allies for effectively fighting the free radicals that cause us to age prematurely.

This chocolate that challenges us so much is rich in magnesium, potassium and iron. Even better, it contains theobromine , a somewhat bitter alkaloid from the same family as caffeine. It is a cardio stimulant and a very important vasodilator for the proper functioning of our cardiovascular system. The bouquet of compliments concerning our famous quality chocolate would not be complete if we did not mention its very positive effects on our brain: the tryptophan it contains, precursor of serotonin, is a kind of natural antidepressant . A mischievous nod to conclude with a little publicized chocolate molecule that does not go unnoticed: anandamide known as the " happiness molecule " binds to the same receptors as CBD. Amazing shortcut in the mysteries of the human body. Not surprising then, this very pleasant sensation of pleasure and emotion that follows a magnificent tasting of an excellent… dark chocolate! For more technical information, you can refer to the article by F.Bianchi-Demicheli, L. Sakhoranja and A.Pechère-Bertschi published in La Revue Médicale Suisse on March 20, 2013.

Mythical chocolate? Maybe, and it's not the end of the world for all that. So, to hell or nettles (it's safer), all these unjustified suspicions that accuse him of making you fat . Consumed in reasonable doses so as not to fall into an addiction that is always negative, a privileged partner in intimate relationships when the sexes demand it, chocolate will never be the enemy of your body and of that impeccable line that you would like to keep the most. long as possible.

Quality chocolate burns bad fats and boosts the body's energy expenditure. What more ? Green light therefore to triple the daily dose (we go from 10 to 30g in a more surprising mood), preferably dark chocolate or low-sugar cocoa. It's up to you to choose the best chocolates on the market, according to your requirements and your desires. No conflict, we settle the problem amicably. Lower fat but sweeter milk chocolate? White chocolate ? Vigilance is no longer chocolate since it does not contain cocoa . On the podium, dark chocolate made of cocoa butter and more or less minimal sugar is on the first step and it will not be easy to dislodge it.

Are you addicted to chocolate? Let's talk about it since 30% of women admit to having a compulsive relationship with chocolate and specify that it is as addictive as sex . By releasing serotonin, this famous pleasure hormone, chocolate gives you a feeling of temporary euphoria that is very pleasant to experience personally but also to share. So, between the desire to love in complete freedom and respect for oneself, one's body and one's soul, there is a path of agreement to be found so as not to fall into an addiction that is too negative in the long term.

Is chocolate really an aphrodisiac food?

Is chocolate really an aphrodisiac food?

In the end, we are all on the same wavelength: we love this extraordinary food product and if excellence comes to mingle with the celebration of tastes and smells, it's fireworks. What a path traveled through this humanity which saw it born and which identified it if not cataloged as an aphrodisiac ! We will be careful, however, not to sow the mess in this somewhat over-revving semi-certainty, whatever the conviction of each of us.

Instead, let's get naked and ask ourselves the right questions: does chocolate really make men hard? Probably ! A lot ? Moderately ? A crumb ? The answer remains vague and for good reason: many other parameters at this crucial moment of the intimate relationship come into play and influence their respective domains. The hygiene of life as a whole (and alcohol in particular) is not the last of the elements to take into account to make these evenings that we wish unforgettable resounding successes.

Morale down? No way ! We have kept a little secret card up our sleeve: salsolinol , which solves a lot of problems. It is a neurostimulant which considerably reinforces the boosting effect of theobromine and which also triggers the secretion of dopamine , this famous hormone that true sex lovers have learned to tame and rub shoulders with since it is the major detonator of pleasure that culminates in physical love; the orgasm . And it's not nothing. So, male and female hearts high and the pleasure of loving without excessive pretension, it's more fun!

Did you know ? According to a survey conducted by the dating site, 40% of women say they are ready to go without sex for a year, instead of without chocolate.

The sexy fooding and her chocolate body paint

You have understood that chocolate is good for the body and for the morale but how to consume it in a sexy way? Discover sexy fooding and all you need to know about this greedy sexual practice in our blog article: Sexy fooding, between food and oral sex .

If you want to make love with chocolate and include it in your sex games to enjoy its benefits, here are some ideas:

  • Take a fine brush and dare chocolate painting with spread or cocoa syrup
  • Paint as you wish designs, shapes and letters on these erogenous zones
  • Once the body is coated with chocolate, erase your works with your tongue, taking care not to leave any trace.
  • Before starting the game, it is better to protect the sheets and take off your clothes
  • Chocolate makes you thirsty so don't hesitate to prepare a Tangawis juice, to win the bet and win the jackpot. This ginger juice is amazing and turns out to be an excellent aphrodisiac in African evenings so there is no reason to deprive yourself, especially if you are thirsty!

Dark chocolate, tangawis and sexes in good working order. A major oversight and it is well known, chocolate appreciates good company!

Honey on the lips, whipped cream on the breasts, much lower champagne, gourmet strawberry oil right here... there's no doubt that the temperature can only be at its best and the atmosphere at its best. paroxysm. Let yourself be tempted by our Gourmet Oils , gourmet brushes flavored with red fruits, lemonade, cotton candy or apple-raspberry.

So, aphrodisiac or not chocolate? Our little finger, always wiser and smarter than the others, will never take the risk of cutting into the heart of the matter and disrupting such a beautiful love affair. What we are absolutely convinced of is this unbreakable, indestructible, somewhat mysterious, charming, sensual link between chocolate and sex: the complicity of these two is total and does a lot of damage that is very pleasant to live with. Why then would we quibble over a reality that seems to be beyond us? Let's rather open our lips, our arms, our legs, our mouths and our hearts wide to all these pleasures of life that are just waiting to be fully realized. Chocolate, preferably black for its excellence, has become a playmate in our most erotic adventures. Naughty as it is not allowed, it naturally puts you in the best conditions to make love to your liking, before taking you to the end of your wildest dreams and fantasies.

For a Valentine's Day that promises to be much more sensual than usual this year. Dare to play these greedy games that put a little spice in your somewhat sleepy exchanges! Audacity for breathtaking evenings as a couple. Get out of the very boring ruts of the routine, let go and finally free yourself from your complexes which miserably lock your libido. This month, the naughty game LOV&EAT reaches out to you and paws with impatience. And in your desires to love, YESforLOV and its range of intimate cosmetics of excellence are at your disposal and at your side to fully satisfy your fantasies to perpetuate in the face of this implacable law of an earthly time which passes at our discretion far too much. fast.