A little, a lot, passionately or not at all, the intimate lubricant invites itself into your toilet bags and your bedside table drawers as the must-have accessories for intimate well-being and the pleasures of sex. Long seen as a product intended solely to relieve intimate dryness and to compensate for a more or less painful lack of excitement, “lube” is now trendy.

You have decided to take the plunge and you are now wondering, instructions and tube at hand, how to use this gel which is just waiting to be recognized for what it really brings to your intimate comfort? Benoit, our product manager, tells you everything you want to know on this subject: where, when and how to use a quality intimate lubricant, with a proposal for neophytes to take a detour to our article "Which lubricant to choose for your intimacy and his love games? » .

Do you still have doubts about the usefulness of using an intimate lubricant in your naughty games? In our blog, you will find all the reasons that really justify the use of an intimate gel, all the immediate benefits of a quality lubricant in the sexual relationship and all the feelings of well-being after the relationship. extend at will. Let's go for a little overview of the precautions to take with our sound advice for using a quality intimate lubricating gel.



Intimate lubricating gels are used:

  • Before to prepare and prevent…
  • Pendant to bring comfort
  • After to soothe and hydrate

The intimate lubricating gel is a major ally throughout your sexual intercourse, proving to be extremely effective during classic penetration and much more during intimate relations, let's say… muscular! That's all ? That no ! Some so-called moisturizing lubricants such as the YESforLOV intimate moisturizing gel are used daily to prevent intimate vulvar and vaginal dryness and relieve intimate burning sensations, tingling or vulvar irritation. Unlike silicone-based lubricants or so-called classic water-based lubricants, the moisturizing mixed lubricant has been formulated as an intimate care product that really pleasantly moisturizes your precious mucous membranes.

Sex is not just a penetration

The intimate lubricants available in your favorite love shop or pharmacy are not only dedicated to penetration. You can use them when you are alone or with others to caress and enjoy all these amorous foreplay that is sometimes much more delicious than a banal back and forth with bad rhythm. In our hetero-normed society, we too often tend to think that sex can only be summed up by the simple, more or less gentle intromission of an object or of a sex because it would be the very imprint of good sexual health of the couple. The penetration would mark with the male ejaculation the beginning and the end of the report. Wrongly accused or not, this sexual practice turns out to be that of ordinary mortals, and for the less greedy of sex, a very sad one-way street! It would be a shame not to look into other practices that are just as erotic and orgasmic as each other. Blowjob, cunnilingus, massages in all directions, the natural intimate lubricant accompanies you discreetly in all your exercises and pleasures of sex. You would be wrong to deprive yourself of it or to restrict the use of this intimate lubricant” to only penetration, whether vaginal or anal. In the same vein, it is wrong to claim that this intimate lubricant is only recommended for women who have to deal with repeated or even chronic vaginal dryness or a flagrant lack of excitement. The process of feminine lubrication, complex in its course, still too little explained to the public, is not only linked to the simple state of excitement. All these received ideas are obviously false and remain only fallacious prejudices that we must fight.


Below, you will find 3 well-targeted occasions to use a gliding gel, which have nothing to do with classic penetration and vaginal dryness. You will realize very quickly after reading that it is really harmful not to take full advantage of the virtues and the so beneficial actions of a good lube made in France .

  • The LUBE, the natural ally of fully successful masturbation.
    Hand games, naughty games ? Of course not, it's much naughtier. Admit it, it's rather nice to agree just for yourself, a moment of relaxation to do good with impunity. With a toy, his fingers, his hands, in selfish or in sharing mode, in Start and go or in Wait mode, masturbation is so good! Let's not scatter, the question is: why use lubricant when it comes to masturbation? Hands up young rascals! General inspection, your hands are catching, they may be dry or damaged, and everything suggests that it may rip a little and logically end up heating the skin. To avoid this mishap that could cause burns, a finger or two of intimate lubricant will be welcome and your most erotic masturbation will suddenly become more fluid, more pleasant, more comfortable, more instigating. From one drop of lubricant to another, the intimate pleasures of masturbation will be increased tenfold. No more friction, discover unlimited gliding. Take matters into your own hands and add a joyful tear of warmth or freshness with our stimulating hot or cold effect intimate lubricant : it will make you discover sensations of well-being in the pleasure of making love that will amaze you.
  • LE LUBE, because massage is a pretext for the most erotic antics and debates.
    Natural massage oils are excellent and border on perfection for everything related to relaxation and relaxation, but are they really suitable for your more or less erotic sessions? Good question. Judging by their simple intrinsic qualities, the answer would be no a priori since they very often contain perfume like our intoxicating or maddening massage oils . In the same configuration, they have, depending on their composition, this unfortunate tendency to slightly soil your cleanest sheets. (Not ours, we promise!). The biggest catch is that massage oils as a whole are condoms' worst enemies. And it's no legend, oils are simply accused and judged to aggravate the risk of tearing the soft top. One false step and presto, you are now in trouble. So what choice of lubricant for massages that can slip? Prioritize our full body lubricating massage oil based on silicone, an inert silicone oil for your skin, with a silky texture that presents a compatible formula ideal for full body massage, including erogenous zones, and with condoms if you go further away.
  • The LUBE, for sweet blowjobs and delicious treats.
    Are intimate lubricants edible? Not all of them, but water-based lubricants prove to have excellent hold during cunnilingus , fellatio or rimming. Then make the wise choice of our special oral sex lubricant available in peach-apricot or pineapple green tea flavor. It doesn't matter, if the more or less pronounced taste of your partner's sex bitterly hurts your taste buds, the flavor and the touch of fruity eroticism of our flavored lubricants will offer you the most erotic of snacks. Most water-based lubricants are suitable for oral sex, but it is advisable to ingest them within reason. It is up to each (and everyone) to know their own limits in the pleasures of sex.



The ABC in simple reminder with the theoretical bases:

  • Intimate lubricant is not a contraceptive.
  • Essential hygiene measure: wash your hands before using the lubricant.
  • Never use lubricant if you have a skin lesion.
  • In the event of a skin problem and possibly a skin reaction to follow, it is recommended to stop all use of lubricant and consult a doctor.
  • A lubricant should not be applied in combination with other products on the same area without medical advice (possible allergy problems to be monitored)
  • In case of contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly with water.

Imperative: respect the expiry date of the product to avoid any risk of contamination. This date which is to be remembered is generally found on the tube or on the packaging of the product. You can keep your lubricating gel between 6 to 12 months after opening. Be sure to keep your lubricant away from light and at room temperature at all times.


Silly question ? Not so much since there are rules to know about the use of an intimate lubricant. Here are 3 mistakes not to make when using an intimate lubricant:

  • If you use a sex toy based on medical silicone, be aware that silicone-based lubricants are not compatible. They tend to double the silicone. Do you have doubts ? Take a look at our compatibility tests and discover in pictures the effects of these silicone-based lubricants on medical silicone sex toys.
  • If you use a condom, take into account that oily compounds such as coconut oil, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, beeswax or petroleum jelly are not compatible with latex condoms. Did you know ? The lubricant previously put on the condom does not have the function of lubricating the sexual intercourse, it is only there to unroll the condom and many of us are unaware of it. The most effective, the most comfortable, is to apply a small amount of intimate lubricant directly to the penis to facilitate donning and over the condom to facilitate sliding and avoid friction.
  • If you use a lubricant, prefer those that respect the vaginal pH , preferably a pH between 4 and 5 to preserve the acidity of the vagina and maintain the balance of the vaginal microbiota. To date, it is difficult to know the pH of lubricants available on the market. As far as YESforLOV lubricants are concerned, we have opted for transparency. You will find this important data and its explanation in our product sheets. Take the opportunity to learn more about the impact of the pH of your lubricants on your vaginal microbiota.

And after all that, what do we do? Where do we put lube? In fact, it's up to you, it's a bit of "I put it where I want" and it's probably in the quality of this intimate lubricant that the choice of use is will prove the best. Concretely and most often, water-based lubricants can be used directly on all the most erogenous zones: the penis, vagina and clitoris and their environment, the anus. Silicone-based lubricants can be used on the entire body for massage, for the prevention and the unfortunate consequences of repeated friction caused by too intensive sports activity or more simply by holding clothes that are too tight.


If the two partners wish it, they can perfectly and each on their side, use the gliding gel. The best thing they then have to do is to dive together into this new love experience to better discuss their respective feelings a little later. There is no doubt that they will both be able to take advantage of and renew over time this great moment of fusional happiness.

For the rest, here are 4 little tips for correctly applying intimate lubricant.

  • Start with a small amount the size of a hazelnut
  • Place the gel on your fingers or in the palm of your hand on a sex toy, or directly on the area you want. It's up to you to put a lot of sweetness in it internally and externally.
  • Let yourself be carried away by the sensations that invade you little by little and let go.
  • Repeat the experience if you liked it as many times as you want.

There are no well-defined standards regarding the amount of lubricant to use: the latter depends on too many factors, your preferences at first, your desires at the time. What little corner of your body would you like to see lubricated by your partner? It's up to you to ensure that our lubricating gel brings you what you're really looking for… What you want is the pleasure of making love in maximum comfort. Do not hesitate to continue to solicit them more if the relationship continues as if by magic. Do as you see fit. Your glands are momentarily recharging their water pistols, above all don't feel guilty, simply take a tear of nature's intimate gel for your pleasure and your comfort. Do you prefer when it slides even better? Pull out our lube again!

Small parenthesis for anal sex: anal lubricants for sodomy are essential because the anus does not lubricate naturally. With anal sex, of course, the more lube you put in, the better. We don't go with a dead hand with the quantities even if we apply it with a velvet hand. Proctologists are unanimous if lubrication is abundant and gentle gestures sodomy presents no danger (anal fissure, or hemorrhoidal crisis). Close your eyes and trust our relaxing anal lubricant .

Our range of natural lubricating intimate gels is there to bring you all that. Samples of natural intimate lubricant and lubricating massage oil are available for only €1, to slip into your toiletry bag. Our samples of natural intimate lubricants are easy to use. Just open the sachet and squeeze gently. The capacity of each sample is perfect for you to live this unique experience and convince you to choose YESforLOV intimate lubricants.

You are now much better equipped to use your intimate lubricating gel in the best possible way. If you haven't yet found the shoe for you, our latest online article could help you: "Which intimate lubricant to choose for your intimacy and your love games?" .