The YESforLOV brand was born in 2007 from the vision of a hedonist in love, Christian PALIX; a French lover, contemporary cupid, and revolutionary who sought out solutions to help men and women discover love lives that are both intimate and erotic.


To be "sexy positive" is to claim your right to pleasure and to be convinced that erotic satisfaction is essential to the pursuit of happiness : a fulfilling sexuality, generating pleasure, listening to the desire of the other.

To be "sex positive" is to claim one's right to pleasure and to be convinced that erotic satisfaction is essential to the pursuit of happiness. Let’s create a fulfilling, active, and pleasing sex life that requires listening to the desire of the other.

This attitude resides in the pairs ability to invent creative relationships and maintain a sexual tension that intensifies their desire for one another. YESforLOV is the privileged partner and intermediary who is proud to initiate this new sexual revolution.  


YESforLOV is inspired by a pioneering approach: inventing the cosmetics of pleasure by drawing inspiration from the best of nature to innovate in a sustainable way.

To achieve this, Christian has surrounded himself with a team of researchers, formulators, biologists, perfumers, regulatory experts, sexologists and gynaecologists to identify ignored needs and search for targeted active ingredients that can be used on the skin and intimate mucosa. 

After 15 years, Christian (CEO of YESforLOV) continues to pass his art of loving onto his team as he develops products that are respectful of your intimacy. We aim to help you explore your body, and the body of your partner, in a way that allows you to reignite the magic that is your sexuality. Making love is a harmonious game, and we invite you on a journey to dive into your most lustful desires.

Sustainable innovation for the most natural sex in the world 


YESforLOV is at the start of a pioneering process: inventing the cosmetics of pleasure by drawing inspiration from nature to innovate sustainably.

Each ingredient used in the formulation of cosmetics is analyzed, deciphered, and finally retained if its effectiveness is fully proven. Our product managers and our laboratories rely on the riches of nature to invent new formulas, they mobilize all the resources of the earth to offer you the best nature has to offer.

The search for perfect naturalness and the enhancement of ingredients are essential in all our projects.

YESforLOV laboratories pay particular attention to the choice of ingredients, they favor:

- Ingredients very little modified in respect of the plant.
- Green solvents based on water or derived from natural materials.
- Preservatives approved by the COSMOS labels.
- The use of raw materials of plant origin, natural, renewable and organic.
- Natural, organic and vegan formulas.


Products for before, during and after the act of love


Ingredients used in the composition of our products

"We design quality products that are always at the forefront of innovation, incorporating the latest scientific advances and botanical discoveries."


YESforLOV makes it a point of honour, and not to disappoint, those who are loyal to it. For this, Christian has long surrounded himself with a solid team of researchers, formulators, biologists, perfumers, regulatory experts, sexologists, and gynaecologists. He even called on the BIOWARE Dermatological Research Center to create his range of intimate cosmetics.

Located in the 4 corners of France, our 19 partner laboratories mobilise all their talents and energy to develop formulas that meet basic human needs that are ignored by the rest of the cosmetic world. YESforLOV laboratories are examples of the new beauty that is made in France. For our formulation experts, all criteria is important: the effectiveness of the formulas, their irritability, their ease of application, their texture, their perfume, and their preservation......

Now more than ever, studies are at the heart of our product managers' concerns. They make it possible to validate, with certainty, the effectiveness and good tolerance of the products on the skin, as well as the intimate mucous membranes. Everything is studied in respect to your mucous membranes and the use you make of them: each product is safe, effective, and sensual. It is also this fully successful combination that prevails in the recognition of our products: the quality of the ingredients and our formulation techniques are in total harmony with your desires, your consumption requirements, and strict regulations.

Our formulation methods:
safety, efficiency and sensoriality

Beyond regulatory requirements, YESforLOV places consumer safety at the heart of its motivations.


Up to 35 trials are needed to find the right formula


This is the number of tests carried out on all of our lubricants


18 months is the minimum amount of time needed to develop a formula


19 laboratories all located in France manufacture our products


Because there is nothing superficial or polluting about love, we want to make YESforLOV the most eco-responsible cosmetic brand.

The ecological aspect of our products is now at the heart of our developments.

We firmly believe in the judicious and balanced combination of producing tubes, bottles, and packaging that combines innovation with respect for the environment while guaranteeing the label made in Europe.

True to its approach of continuous innovation, YESforLOV has been integrating eco-design criteria into the packaging of its products for several years. Our teams are looking for the best solution to combine performance, practicality, and sustainability.

For several years, we have been acting for the planet and people, making strong commitments for a greener, more supportive, and more responsible love.


Since the creation of the brand in 2007, we have been convinced that an intelligent and reasoned democratization of the pleasures of sex encourages and promotes a particularly responsible mode of consumption.

YESforLOV's approach is interesting in its diversity: whether male or female, it is the well-being of human beings and their daily self-care that becomes the priority. Our products are inclusive and accessible to everyone; to one of the two partners or to both as in unison of bodies and souls in a beautiful complicity.

For us, all bodies are equal. As fragile as solid but infinitely desirable and precious. Infinitely respectable in their aspiration to well-being, sensuality and the craziest erotic games.

Inclusivity means transparency. Fair prices, integrity and respect: we are proud to know that our products nourish a local economic fabric and that they are at the source, the guarantors of your comfort and the health of your mucous membranes. They are available for sale at affordable and fair prices, up to the quality they require.


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No YESforLOV product withdrawn from the cosmetics market


Since April 2008, YESforLOV has been available in FRANCE in selective perfumeries, department stores, concept stores, love stores, and on the website.

The brand currently shines worldwide in 54 countries and continues to bring pleasure and real comfort to the 4 corners of the planet.

In Europe as in Asia, in Russian-speaking countries, in the Arabian Peninsula, and soon in the United States.


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