YESforLOV, the first French cosmetics brand entirely dedicated to the pleasures of love.


Reinventing the sex-related product category
and intimate care according to a quality requirement never before achieved.

With innovative, effective, sensual, responsible products
and respectful of your body and the environment
for a single objective: your well-being.


To be a source of inspiration, comfort and emotions. Accompany you
on a daily basis, in the depths of your intimacy. Help you explore
a liberated, assumed, complicit and always renewed sexuality.

YESforLOV, the most demanding brand
pleasure and intimate well-being.

to the pleasure of love

Love is everywhere but love behaviors are no longer the same. A new revolution is underway, that of loving in complete freedom of body and mind.

YESforLOV invites you to break away from the daily routine, take care of yourself and celebrate all the pleasures of love.

YESforLOV is French love. A provocative but sensitive love, a love resolutely dedicated to refined pleasures, an erotic and sensual love with exacerbated hedonism.

Typically "chic and glamorous", terribly "made in France", YESforLOV is the first brand of pleasure cosmetics that sublimates love in its feverish preparation, in its most secret moments, in its fully shared emotions.

Our purpose
Awaken your senses, awaken the magic within you and make you live new sensory experiences.

the source of pleasure,

For us, one thing is certain: the skin and mucous membranes are a treasure with which you cannot cheat.

Our French laboratories formulate our products according to an intangible principle of caution, discarding all ingredients that could represent a danger to health.

All our formulas are 100% French and designed with respect for your mucous membranes, even the most fragile.

YESforLOV embodies the benchmark for comfort that respects your privacy, the absolute benchmark in terms of efficiency and quality and the ultimate benchmark for generous pleasure.

Hygiene, comfort, vitality, confidence, new sensations, refined erotic games; for you, we have reinvented intimate and sexual well-being.

Protect your mucous membranes and take care of yourself until the end of your intimacy.

“The skin and mucous membranes are a treasure with which we cannot cheat. »

with nature

Nature has always inspired us. Through its marine extracts or its terrestrial plants, it is full of plants with multiple cosmetic properties. YESforLOV is committed to preserving these treasures by combining all the benefits that the planet offers under the enlightened leadership of cutting-edge French technology.

Each formula has thus been developed with targeted active ingredients, favoring in high doses those of natural origin and from organic farming.

With equal efficiency and safety, our laboratories favor vegetable raw materials, ingredients from responsible agriculture and plants that have been minimally modified or extracted with respect for the environment.

From supply to packaging, we choose recyclable, bio-sourced materials as well as ecological transport solutions and local production in France.

YESforLOV acts for a greener, more united and more responsible love.

Imagine the cosmetics of tomorrow that will make love more beautiful and more natural.

it's too good

Love is precious and must be magnified, brought to its climax.

This is why YESforLOV offers you sensual products, with innovative formulas, very specific textures, aphrodisiac fragrances and all in top-of-the-range packaging. The products suggest the poetry, modernity and uninhibited character of our French brand.

This search for beauty or absolute fragrance has only one goal: to symbolize the most demanding mark of intimate pleasure, the must of hedonism.

Our passion
Reinventing love and the pleasures of love.


Let's write a shared, eternal and always renewed story.
Let's explore the complicit and uninhibited sensuality of YESforLOV.
Let's invent, day after night, the sensuality of tomorrow.

15 years of experience in the service of intimate well-being

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French cosmetics with natural ingredients

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