YESforLOV products

How to use them?

You will find many application tips on this site, at the level of each product sheet. In addition, a user manual accompanies each product when necessary. If in doubt, do not hesitate to contact us.

How do I choose which ones are right for me?

Our various online advice will allow you to get a very precise idea of ​​each of our products, what they can bring to your intimacy or how they can fit into your intimate life... You will thus be able to select precisely the ones that suit you best. If in doubt, do not hesitate to contact us.

Are they really sure?

Yes. Tests carried out under dermatological and/or gynecological control, coupled with systematic quality control, carried out at each important stage of their production, ensure that our products are absolutely effective and safe, each according to its properties and specific use.

What kind of ingredients are there?

Our intimate care line contains no soap, no alcohol, no parabens, no allergens, no mineral oil, no coloring, no silicone... the best in intimate cosmetology. Furthermore, if the precise composition of a product interests you, refer to its product sheet.

Help! Nothing matches my question.

Why not send it to us directly? We will be happy to answer you as soon as possible.

Can we give our opinion?

Sure. We are only waiting for this to offer ever more relevant responses to your most intimate expectations. All you have to do is "leave a review" after you have registered.

Can I make a suggestion?

Sure. All leads are good to help us improve this online help service. website

Can I trust you with my personal information securely?

Nothing to worry about on this point. All the information that you can provide to us will remain strictly confidential and no one other than us will ever have access to it. They will only be used by our services to make your delivery as soon as possible and to serve you better. Your bank details, for their part, will be encrypted in SSL mode at the very moment of their entry, and will in no case be stored on

Why do I have to register my personal details before I can buy?

This does not commit you to anything, except to facilitate the monitoring of your purchases. Before placing your order, we suggest that you open and configure your personal space in order to allow you easy access later to the follow-up of your deliveries, to the history of your online purchases, but also to be able to return an order later without having to register your details again.

Whoops ! I forgot my username and/or password...

You can find them easily from the My account area by clicking on the forgotten password link. All you have to do is provide us with your contact email address and validate your request so that you can recreate a new password. It's as simple as that.

Help! Nothing matches my question.

Why not send it to us directly? We will be happy to answer you as soon as possible.

Can I make a suggestion?

Sure. All leads are good to help us improve this online help service.

My account

How do I register?

Easy. From the My account section, complete the form. It's as if it were done... Registration will allow you to memorize your delivery addresses.

Can I change my contact details?

Sure. At any time, from the My account section you can modify your contact details in our Your personal data section.

How many delivery addresses can I save?

Five. (Hoping you don't have too many close friends…)

Can I choose delivery addresses anywhere in the world?

Your life looks exciting, no worries on our side to deliver you wherever you want.

My customer number, where is it?

Two solutions. If you are already a customer, this number can be found on the dispatch slip that we have sent to your contact email address.

If you have not yet made any purchases on our site, a customer number will be assigned to you when you place your first order. You will then find it on the dispatch note that we will send you by email.

Help! Nothing matches my question.

Why not send it to us directly? We will be happy to answer you as soon as possible.

Can I make a suggestion?

Sure. All leads are good to help us improve this online help service.

Placing my order

Are all your products available?

Of course. In case of out of stock concerning one of them, this product will be notified to you as being unavailable . It will be for next time.

I can order whatever I want?

Alas…For security reasons, you are limited to 9 identical products and/or €500 per order.

What if it's for a gift?

That's good, we love gifts. Aren't love and eroticism the most beautiful gifts one can give to someone?

In your account, you have an address book that will allow you to save one or more delivery addresses, different from your billing address. When placing your order, all you have to do is select that of the lucky winner.

How to change delivery address?

By default, your shipping address will match your billing address. Furthermore, if you wish to regularly send orders to such and such a different address, you can record and save them in the address book provided for this purpose in your account.

I want to have my order sent to me, but elsewhere than at home, is it possible?

No problem. In your account, you have an address book that allows you to save a delivery address different from your billing address. When placing your order, all you have to do is select the desired delivery address.

The validation of my order

When is it taken into account?

In the end, of course. After having validated your basket, your identification, your delivery method, as well as your payment, you will only have to click on the confirmation button. A summary of your order will then be displayed for a final check. If you agree, you will click on the validate the order button, a message will be displayed immediately, Your order is well registered . Subject of course to the acceptance of your payment.

And my order number, where is it?

Do not panic. It will appear on all the confirmation emails that we will send you, as well as on all the documents that will be sent to you, such as your dispatch slip, or the delivery slip.

What if I want to change or cancel the order I just placed?

This is obviously possible, but we cannot advise you enough to only validate your orders when you are sure. In business as in love, it is better to avoid giving in to this type of uncertainty too much.

To ensure the best possible delivery times, all your orders are processed immediately by our logistics services. If you wish to modify or cancel yours before processing, contact our customer service as soon as possible. Several scenarios are then possible.

Complete cancellation.

In the event of outright cancellation, your customer advisor will check the status of your order. If this is not yet in preparation, it will be canceled, and the payment you have made will also be immediately canceled. Otherwise, if your order is being prepared, or even already shipped, you will need to return it to us within fourteen days of receipt, accompanied by the return slip attached to your package.

Partial cancellation.

Given the speed of processing our orders, we cannot partially cancel them. If, however, your order is not being prepared, your customer advisor will be able to cancel it completely, the payment you have made will then also be canceled and you will be able to place a new order on, subject to a new payment. If your order is being prepared or even shipped, you will need to return the unwanted product(s) to us within fourteen days of receipt, accompanied by the return slip attached to your package. . You will then be careful to note on this slip the authorization number that will have been assigned to you by your customer advisor.

 Adding products.

As your bank's payment authorization cannot be modified after validation, you will need to place a new order and make a new payment if you wish to add products to an order already validated.

Change of address.

No. You will not be able to modify the delivery address of a validated order. So be careful not to get the wrong partner!

Can I group more than one at a time?

No… it's each one's turn. A payment and a validation correspond with us to a single order, linked to a single delivery address and a single billing address. You can certainly put whatever you want in your basket, but you will have to place a new order for each different delivery address. It would be too easy.

Tracking my order

How do I check where it is?

After validation of your order on our site, you will receive several emails.

A first email will confirm that your order has been registered.

A second shipping confirmation email will be sent to you as soon as your order has been delivered to the carrier. It will be accompanied by an encrypted dispatch note, specifying the package number of your order. In this email, a link will give you access to our carrier's site, where you can follow live, using this package number, the different stages of the shipment of your order.

I still have not received anything. My package got lost?

Of course not. Delivery times will vary depending on the delivery option you choose. That said, if you have not received your order within the announced delivery time, please contact our customer service. Our advisers will always be at your entire disposal.

Returns and Refunds

What is your refund policy ?

In accordance with the law in force, we offer you the possibility of returning your package to us within fourteen days of receipt.

The package I received does not match my order. What do I do ?

Whoops ! Tell yourself that normally this never happens. If, however, this should happen to you, contact our customer advisor immediately. It will be a pleasure to examine with you the terms of return or exchange of your order, your shipping costs will of course be refunded to you. With all our apologies.

How do I return my order?

You have received your order placed on our site, it conforms to your initial choice but, for one reason or another, its content does not suit you. It doesn't fill us with joy, but we can understand. To request an exchange or refund for this order, proceed as follows.

Contact our customer advisor immediately. This will examine the terms of your return with you and will issue you with the return authorization number for your package and its listed contents. We draw your attention to the fact that without granting this return authorization, your package may be delayed upon arrival in our logistics department. Generally speaking, your refund may be delayed or even refused if all return conditions have not been respected.

Several scenarios are possible.

You can request a refund for your order or for a product that does not give you complete satisfaction within fourteen days of receipt. This refund will be effective upon receipt in our logistics department of your return package.

If you wish to make a total or partial exchange of your order, our customer advisor will guide you to return your package to our logistics department, and to renew your order at the same time on our site as part of a new payment.

Send your package to the following address:


20, rue Ambroise Croizat - Meythet

74960 ANNECY


Your order will be refunded as soon as the returned package has been processed by our logistics service. Please note that return shipping costs are your responsibility and that reimbursement for your order is subject to compliance with the return instructions described above.

I received a defective product. What do I do?

Normally this is not supposed to happen but, just in case, you can request a refund for this product within fourteen days of receiving it. First, contact our customer advisor. With all our apologies.

No news of the order I returned to you.

Patience. The processing time for returned packages is two to three weeks. Beyond that, contact our customer advisor, who will take care of the necessary steps for you.

You should also know that, as soon as it is processed by our logistics department, you will be able to view your return in the order history of your account.

When is my refund due?

Minute. You will be refunded the full amount of the returned product(s), excluding shipping costs, as soon as your return package has been received and checked by our logistics department. The bank account used during your purchase will then be credited with the amount provided.

In this regard, be aware that your bank details are in no way stored on our site. Our high-security payment provider will process your refund directly from the information relating to your order.

Our promotional offers

How do I benefit from it?

Periodically, unless expressly refused by you, we will allow ourselves to notify you by email of our promotional offers. An advantage code will then be assigned to you so that you can benefit from it. All you have to do is enter this code in the space provided for this purpose when summarizing your order, and click OK .

But for that, you must first register. It would be too easy!

How does the bonus code work?

You will simply receive it by email. Please note first of all that this code will only allow you to benefit from promotions on YESforLOV items sold on our site.

Before using it, remember to check that its conditions of use, expiry date and products concerned are met in the context of the order you are about to place.

Then enter this code at the bottom of the basket page of your order then validate.

You will be able to check on your shipping slip the different reductions that have been allocated to you. If no reduction has been applied, it is because the items you have chosen are not affected by the promotional offer, or the validity date of your code has passed.

Attention. You will no longer be able to modify an advantage code once it has been validated in your order.