More and more, our sexuality and our entire sexual life are diversifying through the many different and varied practices for which we opt. These very legitimate choices are made according to our spontaneous desires, our preferences in terms of pleasure or sometimes our obstacles to offering ourselves this pleasure, caused by pathologies linked to sexuality or by other obstacles which prevent us from being able to access a fulfilled sex life.

At YESforLOV, we love to inspire you with new sexual practices, to spice up your relationship as a couple, to explore new pleasures, or quite simply to help you find your own way of offering yourself this pleasure, according to what suits you. Because sexuality is specific to each and every person, it is essential to fully embrace it in our individuality in order to enjoy the joys of sexuality.

Today, the taboos around female sexuality are being lifted more and more. Whether it is intimate toys, masturbation or ways of approaching the clitoris to achieve orgasm, the conversation around female pleasures is freeing up. In this blog article, we are interested in the shallowing method, a new simple sexual practice without penetration that allows you to reach orgasm easily.



Shallowing , the anglicized name of this new penetration method, takes its etymology from the English word “shallow” which means “superficial, shallow”. This practice of shallowing thus consists of limiting penetration , to concentrate the stimulation of the external area of ​​the female genitalia : the lips, the vulva, the clitoris and the entrance to the vagina .

How to practice the shallowing method? Concretely, this method of stimulation consists of carrying out a series of movements and pressures exerted at the entrance to the vagina , to gradually increase its sensitivity and awaken the excitement of this particularly receptive area.

Why is shallowing an interesting sexual practice? This superficial stimulation is an excellent way to increase pleasure in women , since it focuses exclusively on the entrance to the vagina, an area extremely sensitive to caresses . 90% of the nerve endings in the vagina are located at the entrance! In other words, to achieve pleasure, the person with a vulva does not need deep penetration ; superficial stimulation is enough to reach orgasm and to offer a lot of pleasure to the one who receives it.

Whether during solitary pleasures, or during intimate moments with our partner, the stimulation of this area with the fingers, a sex toy or a penis greatly increases sexual pleasure, and thus facilitates access to the penis. Orgasm .


If the taboo around female sexuality is increasingly lifted, the surveys of recent years are excellent ways of demonstrating it. According to an Ifop study published in 2021 , 56% of French women responded that they were fans of masturbation . Solitary pleasure among women also peaks during the confinement period.

More recently, the magazine Plus One ranks the practice of shallowing , i.e. masturbation or sex without penetration or with superficial penetration , as one of the most widespread and popular practices for achieving orgasm. Of the 3,000 women questioned in their survey, 84% admitted to practicing it to stimulate this very sensitive area of ​​the vagina.

Finally, according to the Pleasure Report published by the OMGYes brand in April 2021, 70% of women surveyed observe that the shallowing technique improves their penetration experience.

It is final; Shallowing appeals to many women during their moments of pleasure alone as well as with their partner, since it offers them much greater pleasure thanks to the stimulation of the sensory sensors located at the entrance to the vagina.



In the privacy of women, sexual life is not always rosy and can sometimes be strewn with pitfalls and obstacles to pleasure; dyspareunia, endometriosis, vaginismus … many pathologies and symptoms can prevent us from achieving fulfilling sexuality. If you would like to know more about these female pathologies, do not hesitate to consult our dedicated blog articles:
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In women, these sexual disorders cause pain during intercourse during penetration, pain after intercourse, fear or anxiety about having intercourse, or a bodily reaction such as involuntary contraction of muscles of the vagina which prevents penetration ( vaginismus ). These disorders greatly impact the emotional and sexual lives of these women who suffer from them, and who sometimes reject sexuality.

Here are some figures from a survey conducted by EndoFrance and My S Life in November 2021 among 384 people:
· 55% of people suffering from dyspareunia admit to having fear/anxiety about sexual intercourse , or a little more than one in 2 people.
· 84% of those questioned who have not had sex for more than a year believe they have fear/anxiety about penetrative sex .
· 67% of single people say they have fear/anxiety about sexual intercourse . Many of those interviewed consider endometriosis as an obstacle to meeting people, a difficulty as a single person in being able to open up to others, have sex or quite simply build a relationship peacefully.

We told you earlier, it is essential to understand your own sexuality in order to find the method that suits you best, taking into account your own obstacles such as these pathologies. If using a good quality lubricant would be our number one piece of advice, redefining one's sexuality and in particular questioning penetrative intercourse are just as obvious to combat pain during intimate intercourse.

In these cases of endometriosis, dyspareunia and vaginismus , the shallowing method is a ready-made solution: by practicing sex without penetration or with gentle penetration which is concentrated at the entrance to the vagina, we allow ourselves to have a comfortable sex life that meets our needs. It is an excellent method for reclaiming the sensations of caresses and stimulation in this area that one would have neglected, for fear of pain linked to penetration. Shallowing thus constitutes a new way to feel good without pain or apprehension, but also a new way of making love , and living your sex life with complete serenity.



Are you looking for intimate toys without penetration for your solitary pleasures, or to spice up your romantic relationships as a couple? At YESforLOV, we carefully select the highest quality sex toys on the market.

Among the sex toys for practicing shallowing , here are the intimate toys that we offer:
· The LOV'touch , a massage roller that fits in the palm of your hand to offer you gentle vibrations wherever you want them. It is ideal to invite during your erotic massages, and to stimulate the vulva and clitoris area, for masturbation as well as during your shared lovemaking.
· The LOV'finger , a small vibrating duck in the shape of a ring or ring, ideal for stimulating your clitoris which it will fit with its adapted shape.
· The VIM vibrator from the FUN FACTORY brand, a slightly more powerful sex toy which will offer you vibration sensations all over the body, to stimulate each of your erogenous zones including the entrance to the vagina, during your moments of solo pleasure as as a duo.
· The MEA suction toy from the FUN FACTORY brand, the quietest clitoris vacuum with unique stimulation, thanks to its patented magnetic wave technology.
· The LAYA III clitoral vibrator from the FUN FACTORY brand, a vibrator with a unique motor for dazzling orgasms which can massage the clitoris, lips and perineum, while retaining the lubricant thanks to its sinusoidal relief for maximum comfort in your intimate caresses.

Are you still hesitant? Discover our complete range of sex toys and intimate toys , or carry out our special sex toy diagnosis to find the one that suits you best, according to your expectations and preferences.

At a time when female pleasure is getting rid of its taboos and when women are speaking out about their sexual disorders, women's sexuality is taking a new turn. This sexuality of women is no longer dictated, but rather re-appropriated by themselves, whether solo in masturbation or in shared intimate relationships.

The shallowing method thus calls into question the automation of penetration during sexual intercourse, as well as the term "foreplay" which no longer constitutes only "preparation" for a supposed penetration behind, but rather sexual intercourse at full part. Yes, making love without penetration is possible, and we couldn't recommend it anymore as shallowing has proven the pleasure it can offer. So, have you already adopted it?