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Beneath its very cute look, the Sexy Candy Explosion is a super sophisticated erotic delicacy , designed by YESforLOV. 

In the individual and single-use sachet hide crystals which, once in your mouth, explode and deliver this sparkling and exciting sensation. This aphrodisiac sugar made in France , in contact with saliva, begins to crackle in the mouth for a guaranteed surprise effect.

A sensual adaptation of the explosive candies of our childhood!

This product comes free in our delicious body brushes. 

7g - 0.25 fl.oz.
Made in France.



Usage precautions

  • External use.
  • Avoid contact with eyes and mucous.

Special storage conditions:
Store away from light and at room temperature.
The Sexy Candy Explosion is very sensitive to humidity and heat.
Store it ideally in a dry and cool place.
Single use product.


Un feu d’artifice d’explosions coquines…
De votre langue aux parties les plus sensibles de votre partenaire.

(Tenez-vous prêts pour le bouquet final !)

L'actif phare de ce produit


Mettre vos sens en éveil pour vous inspirer au quotidien, telle est notre mission...
Mais quel est donc le secret de ce produit ?



Where and how do you make this popping sugar?

YESforLOV is a French brand. Our bag of naughty sparkling sugar is produced in France by a sugar producer according to very strict specifications on good manufacturing practices. The secret of this sugar that explodes in the mouth is due to carbon dioxide (CO2)

On contact with saliva, a gas is released from the sugar to create a crackling tickle that tickles the mouth and your most intimate parts.

What is the original taste of sexy Candy explosion

Sexy Candy Explosion is unflavoured and contains no coloring.
Its color is slightly yellowish and its taste is neutral, close to caramel.

How and why to use the Sexy Candy Explosion in your love experiences?

We created this explosive sugar to add a sparkling touch to your love rituals! Do you want to spice up your intimate life? Want to surprise your partner or just want to make oral sex more fun and greedy? 

YESforLOV presents its sparkling sugar for super gourmet erotic and foreplay games. 

  • Drop the explosive particles on the tongue. 
  • Put your mouth around the intimate part of your partner that inspires you the most. 
  • The fireworks can begin with this naughty, sparkling and unbridled sensory game.

And to make this moment even sweeter, we advise you to use our edible massage oils contained in our body brushes.  Apple-raspberry, red fruits, lemonade or cotton candy, there is something for everyone! 

Did you know ? Our delicious body brushes come with a sachet of our popping sugar.

Can this product be used during pregnancy or breastfeeding?

You can use this product during pregnancy or breastfeeding. 

No contraindications have been made regarding the use of our Sexy Candy Explosion during pregnancy or breastfeeding.


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