In 2023, using lube is finally super hype! After many years of denials of all kinds, it is great to see the place that the intimate lubricating gel has taken today in the daily life of French women and men. Using a quality lubricant for the comfort of your intimacy has become common practice in our beautiful country. The intimate lubricant is a major ally in the well-being of human beings. Victim of its success, the lube is now essential: its legitimacy is its so discreet effectiveness in your intimacy and especially in your love life. Sex and lube? A tandem that works wonderfully for the greatest happiness of all. While in some couples, the lubricant takes a preponderant place because reflected in their sexuality, this same lubricant is still for others judged as useless or ineffective in its application.

At YESforLOV, our passion for intimate lubricants is limitless, vaginal dryness or not. Benoit, our product manager, gives you all the good reasons to make intimate lubricants your strong ally in your romantic relationship.



Did you know ? The intimate gel was not born from the last rain. Come on, let's go for a big leap in times past with a little history and culture. As early as 350 BC, men were already improvising cosmetics based on olive oil and/or boiled seaweed for their intimacy to increase their pleasure in their love relationships. The story does not tell us that they benefited their companions and companions in those ancient times, but we can imagine it!

Before highlighting all the benefits of lubes, these products which discreetly invite themselves into the pleasures of caresses and other love games, it seems quite judicious and essential to take stock of the false truths about intimate lubricants, on the unfounded rumors that upset when they do not destroy our sexual relations. We must therefore challenge the received ideas concerning the intimate lubricant.

  • Using lube doesn't mean you're not horny enough.
  • Resorting to lube doesn't mean you're frigid or over the top.

Forget these prejudices which have long rendered illegitimate or tinged with shame the purchase and use of an intimate lubricating gel. As a reminder, lubrication is not completely in perfect harmony and connection with the excitement of the moment. This is normal and nothing to worry about. Breaking the taboo around painful penetration is also a strong act that we wish to claim loudly. Each of the partners should be able to talk about it, and yet this is far from being the case.

Listening to you, YESforLOV suggests its range of intimate lubricants that effectively responds to your concerns, with the greatest respect and comfort for your mucous membranes. Penetration pain should never be normalized. Come out of your silence and do not hesitate to discuss these problems of intimate and sexual comfort.


1. Silicone-based lubricants can help you reduce friction caused by textiles in physical activity and sports (especially cycling!).

2. Silicone-based lubricants are used by some athletes in bodybuilding.

3. The YESforLOV moisturizing and healing lubricant is acclaimed by many Parisian tattoo artists as an after-tattoo cream.

4. YESforLOV moisturizing and healing intimate lubricant is used by Benoit, our product manager, for unwanted sunburns. There were many laughs internally but he confirms that it's his anti-sunburn trick...



Did you ignore it? A so-called anatomical lubricant is a liquid naturally secreted by the body - like cum - during lubrication in women or when pre-ejaculatory fluid spreads in men. If the human body lubricates in its natural state, it is to meet the desires of lovers and, at the same time, the needs, among other things, of reproduction.

However, it would be a big mistake not to use lubricants in your sexuality, especially when your desire to make love takes on a dimension that you did not suspect! You will find, below, the good reasons and the best opportunities to try the intimate lubricating gel.

1. To facilitate penetration and back and forth movements

The intimate lubricating gel facilitates penetration of the penis, finger or sex toy. It protects against possible overheating caused by back and forth movements that are more or less united or shared.

The use of an intimate body lubricant helps to make your romantic relationships more comfortable, especially when the sexual relationship is prolonged over time. The lube effectively compensates for temporary and random natural secretions and above all complements them wonderfully for the greatest comfort of your mucous membranes. It offers, just like an oil during the massage, a much more pleasant glide.

YESforLOV lubricants amplify sexual pleasure, reduce skin-to-skin friction and bring you unparalleled comfort in all your romantic relationships, even the most muscular. They are the companions on the road of the pleasures of the sex of the big machines, the clitoris on edge, the buttocks which have the giggles and the fragile and sensitive brakes.

2. For the hydration of your mucous membranes and for your intimate well-being

Various factors can prevent correct lubrication of the vagina and promote intimate discomfort: the human body having its own laws, the feminine constraints that are inevitable for them: menopause, vaginal dryness, endometriosis. But also all the other much more accessible and perfectly remediable causes such as tobacco, excessive stress, alcohol abuse or fatigue. To learn more about how female lubrication works, Ava, a sexologist, has dedicated an article to you on the subject.

Trying to understand the delicate natural phenomenon of vaginal dryness in women is difficult given its complexity. Each case of drought is treated individually with a well-adapted treatment to follow. One observation, however, in discomfort and other dyspareunia: vaginal dryness is more and more controlled, it is becoming increasingly rare and it seems important to us to remember the effectiveness of quality intimate lubricant in this assessment .

In the YESforLOV range of intimate lubricants, the natural lubricant based on hyaluronic acid can prove to be an ally of choice for relieving the unpleasant feelings of discomfort that can occur at different times of life.

This soothing, healing and moisturizing lubricating gel has been formulated with cosmetic active ingredients to meet needs and problems hitherto neglected or even ignored: vaginal dryness, dyspareunia, heated mucous membranes, or micro-sessions. Thousands of women have adopted it , don't let vaginal dryness or an irritated mucous membrane spoil your intimate pleasure. The solution may be here in our shop.

3. To go in search of absolute pleasure

Intimate lubricating gels greatly enhance tactile pleasure and sensuality, multiply sensations, awaken the senses, bring soft and naughty versatility to your love games. YESforLOV guarantees you maximum thrills and sensations!

In the range of YESforLOV pleasures, there is something for everyone. For your happiness in your pleasure of loving, make your choice!

  • Flavored lubricants for fellatio, cunnilingus and oral sex: they give intimate bodily and greedy games a new dimension for much more pleasant moments of sex. Kiss, bite, lick, devour your partner with our full gourmet peach, apricot or pineapple green tea massage.
  • Lubricants enriched with sensory active ingredients that blow hot or cold to multiply your lovemaking pleasure in a flash, and make you experience new sexual adventures. Incredible isn't it? Are you looking for incredibly stimulating, thrilling and comforting sensations for your crazy and legitimate desires to love? Try YESforLOV cold effect lubricant and warm effect lubricant.
  • Massage lubricants that offer full versatility in your tactile body-to-body (with their instructions for use). In solo as in duo, our lubricants invite themselves in the massages for the pleasure of being at the top in the intimacy of the sexes for lambdas relations but also more unbridled pleasures.

4. For "mental" comfort and letting go without qualms

It is confirmed, the lubricant helps relieve excessive stress. If you add a drop of YESforLOV CBD concentrate, it's even better! No more doubts, performance-related stress and anxieties related to uncertain sexuality and all these still entrenched taboos. It's a stop to all these questions that go through our heads “why my partner doesn't get wet, is she really excited, maybe I'm doing it wrong anyway? » or conversely « But why am I not getting wet? "He'll think I'm not horny."

Let go, relax gently and without regrets and gain self-confidence. Stress and anxiety factors are indisputably major negative signs that have a considerable impact on the enjoyment of pleasures, for both women and men. The lubricant and its CBD additive are a way out or even a positive solution to perhaps consider in order to really release the pressure and thus promote the excitement that leads so well to the best of sensations and emotions.

5. For successful and safe anal sex

The anus, unlike the vagina, is not lubricated by a constant mechanism. Anal penetration is therefore largely uncomfortable or even dangerous without lubricant because it can cause tearing.

The anal mucosa is very fragile and it is vital to protect it, to preserve it, in short to take great care of it. Since we are talking about anal pleasure in this article, it is important to remember that the use of an anal gel is considered essential by lovers of this practice and the doctors most concerned.

To get a better idea of choosing an anal lubricant, read our article " What is the best anal lubricant on the market?" »

6. To facilitate the use and wearing of condoms

With a condom, it is recommended to use a water - based or silicone-based lubricant. For what ? Because the intimate lubricant facilitates donning and reduces the risk of tearing. If you encounter small breakdowns or slack while putting on the condom, try using a dab of lubricant, you will be pleasantly surprised at its effectiveness.

Avoid oil-based ones which risk making the latex porous, which leads to the additional cost of the condom breaking.

As you have understood , YESforLOV intimate lubricants amplify the pleasure of loving and making love. They are there, omnipresent to make you discover new sensations and alleviate all the little intimate concerns that every human being has to face. one day or another.
At any age, at any time, whatever your sexual practices and orientations: for a successful and lasting intimate relationship, you must feel totally at ease !
To free yourself from the constraints of everyday life, to let go from time to time because it is essential, make the thoughtful choice of a reassuring quality lubricant and in perfect osmosis with your desires to live and love. By choosing a quality natural intimate lubricant, you will greatly preserve the health of your body, but you will also have the pleasure of experiencing naughty moments that tend to die out. So, don't deprive yourself any longer, finally allow yourself completely free, playful and shared sexuality with the YESforLOV vaginal and anal lubricating gels "made in France".