The credo of Christian PALIX, creator of the YESforLOV brand: to offer the best to all couples and to restore to everyone a taste for beauty, quality and true emotion in romantic relationships. The man is a perfectionist and aims for excellence, expertise, mastery, refinement in everything he undertakes.

Portrait of an entrepreneur, crazy lover of words and founder of the first brand of French pleasure cosmetics.

The portrait of Christian Palix

The portrait of Christian Palix

The love, sensitivity and talent of the creator

After having successively founded 3 companies on innovative concepts in the world of sport, tourism and distribution, it was almost by chance that Christian discovered the perfume and cosmetics industry . It all started from the observation that faced with the specific needs of his private life , the only choices on the market were somewhat cold pharmaceutical products or performative and highly touted proposals that wanted to transform him into a sexual hero.

But for Christian, love is quite different . He must be provocative, sensitive, resolutely dedicated to refined pleasures, to erotic love . And more generally, whatever form love takes, whoever loves it, this unique feeling, precious beyond all else, must be magnified, brought to its climax .

His audacity and his intuition quickly positioned him as the dream creator to launch the first brand of cosmetics entirely dedicated to the pleasures of love , supported in his approach by his close guard and his friends in the perfume industry.

Thus was born YESforLOV, a typically "chic and glamorous" brand, terribly "made in France" and which combines an unparalleled quality requirement, rich and natural ingredients, with innovative, refined packaging.  

A brand that sublimates love in its feverish preparation, its shared games, its secret and rare moments. A brand that evokes bacchanalian rounds, Pan's dance, the erotic festivals of the summer solstice, the buried memory of a nursery rhyme that ends with “kiss whoever you want”.

Artist of words, creator, Christian likes to convey his passions and share his emotions. He likes to tell the genesis of a product, to answer directly to each other's questions, to be challenged on the formulas while freeing his imagination when creating new products. And he continues to learn, listening to his sensitivity, to become the best possible ambassador in the service of the imagination of love.

Interview with Christian Palix

Interview with Christian Palix

Christian, you claim to be a loving hedonist. What is a loving hedonist?

A hedonist in love, for me, is someone who takes love to its climax. For him, routine does not exist, and he makes his life a constant quest in reinventing the romantic relationship. The hedonist sublimates love, with this ideal of reciprocity, and all the power of love that we see in his eyes.

Faced with an orgic inflation, hyper virtual sex, hard, trivialized and consumable by all and at any age, at any time, at home or remotely, faced with the reign of "compulsory orgasm", of hyper technical performance sex and operational where everyone is encouraged to become a sort of performer, Superman and “zero defect” libido, I prefer an ideal of hedonistic reciprocity in love relationships. I don't believe that the satisfaction one derives from one's sex life is a function of the number of orgasms. On the contrary, I am certain that it is linked to the desire of the other, to the bonds of complicity, to the intensity of the feelings experienced.

Love is not for me in the organic back and forth. The act of love can be a stolen kiss placed on the corner of the lips. It is the meeting of a look, the curve of a hip that we are going to caress. An accomplice embrace listening to the desire of the other is more beautiful than an ejaculation in a Durex balloon.

Christian, what are your sources of inspiration?

My sources of inspiration, I would say that it is quite simply awakening the magic of the act of love, trying to encourage people to experience love in a more intense, more playful, more recreational way with more sensuality. . I believe that this love was flouted at one point, you have to manage to return to complicity and then find a smile again. I often say "what if we played at making love?", it's still much more fun.

Christian, who is YESforLOV for?

YESforLOV is not aimed at the sexual "elites". For me, all bodies are equal. Infinitely desirable and precious, from the morning wash to the antics of naughty nights. Infinitely respectable in their aspiration to well-being, sensuality, and erotic games. I created YESforLOV for all people who wish to give priority, on a daily basis, to the pleasure of their intimate and sensual being: women, of course, leaders in this contemporary trend towards eroticization, but also men who, assuming the need of sharing pleasure, wish to highlight their taste for refinement and differentiation.

A particular memory, a story to tell in the creation of YESforLOV?

I remember some difficult times at the very beginning, when we couldn't find a bank. Naturally, we brought up the subject of sexuality and it was still difficult to bring out this universe.

And there were some great memories, including our launch party on the Champs-Élysées, our Crème Câline for buttocks at the Cannes Film Festival. But there is one memory that particularly marked me and that continues to accompany me today. It was a month after the creation, I received an email from someone: “You saved my couple. At that moment, I said to myself that this brand had to exist. It was the start of a unique adventure with a lot of meaning. I will always remember this message and this person.

Christian, what is your wildest desire in the YESforLOV project?

Reveal everything that women and men have always wanted to know about their bodies and that of their partners, their unsuspected resources, their most secret aspirations. Celebrating the eternal pleasure of loving dance by inspiring the senses on a daily basis, encouraging everyone to break with the sad spiral of repetition. Awaken magic, instinct, wild joy. Embodying the ultimate reference of comfort and generous pleasure, without sharing, concerned with preserving everyone's freedom. From intimacy to sexuality, from care to eroticism, it is in a deep outpouring of truth, trust, and respect for everyone's integrity that I want to address you: one and the other of the partners or both at the same time. That each of us can open his relationship to new pleasures while preserving his intimacy and that each of us can express his deep individuality in the most absolute way of sharing. The answer that I want to offer with YESforLOV has the crazy ambition to sustainably touch what each of us holds dearest, most intimate. And the respectful humility to preserve its singularity, integrity, elusive flow.

Christian, any last words?

"I am very proud to work with an extraordinary team that drives us forward, serving equally extraordinary customers for whom we are very happy to create these products. YESforLOV is the most intimate brand because it is at the bedside your privacy and all that is most precious. So thank you, because it is thanks to you that YESforLOV exists."