It's the end of a day that was still rushing, and on the way home you want to relax and enjoy the good company that awaits you at home.

"How about we watch a movie tonight?" »

Yes, but which one? You don't want to spend 30 minutes on Netflix scrolling through the categories to finally settle on a comedy that you find to be in bad taste. You don't really want to start a film either, only to realize a quarter of an hour later that you've already seen it and know the outcome.

No, tonight, we want a beautiful cinema. A cinema at home, to share around a good meal on the sofa, a glass of wine, to laugh, cry, marvel, and feel a thousand emotions. For you tonight, here are our 8 best movies to watch as a couple.

Call Me By Your Name

To prolong the sweetness of summer, go to Lombardy, Italy in the 1980s. In a very loving family, we witness the awakening in love of Elio, a 17-year-old boy played by Timothée Chalamet with a student hosted by his parents for a summer. A sublime summer passion, an intense and powerful holiday love, as much as unexpected by the two characters themselves.

A film by Luca Guadagninon, of unparalleled grace and sensuality that takes us on a journey in tune with love and its pains, in the heart of a magnificent Italy of poetry and tenderness. A little gem to see and see again.

Where to watch it? Netflix , Youtube , VOD channel

The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

The love story between Joël and Clémentine is the antithesis of the rose water cliché. Superbly well played by Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet, the two lovers are incapable of supporting each other, as incapable of separating. Until the moment when, when they had only been separated for a few days, Joël discovers that Clémentine has decided to erase from her memory all the memories spent with him. Desperate, Joël cannot bear to live alone with his memory and takes steps to erase his memories. But can we really fight against love?

A beautiful film to watch, which is an ode to love and hope and which will touch the hearts of those with a painful past, like those who love with an unlimited love.

Where to watch it? Prime Video, VOD Channel, Youtube

La La Land

A Hollywood musical that sets the tone for romance, nowhere else but in LA, the city of angels, the city of dreams. Yes, La La Land. You are there. This romantic and musical journey offers us a Hollywood fantasized by two characters full of tenderness who find themselves here to live their dreams. When they meet, Sébastien played by Ryan Gosling plays the piano at night in a bar, and Mia played by Emma Stone works as a waitress while waiting for luck to smile at the castings.

Two dream destinies, cleverly orchestrated in a magnificently theatrical setting under the aegis of the brilliant Damien Chazelle, strongly inspired by New Wave films to produce this little cinematographic nugget. We take full eyes, full ears and full heart!

Where to watch it? VOD channel, Youtube, Apple TV

The Heartbreaker

Alex, played by Romain Duris, is a couple breaker. He doesn't do this out of malice, but because it's his job. He is given contracts when women are unhappy, and his role is to seduce them and keep them away from the bad companion. Only one rule is clear: you don't break up a happy couple. However, his small business experiences a crisis and to avoid going out of business, he agrees to seduce Juliette, played by the delicious Vanessa Paradis, whose wedding is scheduled in ten days.

One of the best romantic comedies that makes fun of romantic comedies themselves, and that's what we like!

Where to watch it? Prime Video, VOD Channel, Youtube, Apple TV


A moving novel written by David Foenkinos, and adapted to the cinema by his brother and himself, which tells the meeting of a life, soft, tender, delicate. La Délicatesse is a film that revives our emotions sometimes buried a little too far: from laughter through subtle humor, to tears as the story is touching and the acting irresistible. The two characters, played by Audrey Tautou and François Damiens, are perfect in their roles with modesty and subtlety.

Navigating between the gravity of mourning and the lightness of loving moments, La Délicatesse reminds us that life can be reborn from almost nothing and that we can never know from what chance happiness will arise, when all seemed lost.

Where to watch it? Prime Video, Disney+ , Canal VOD, Apple TV

Mr & Mrs Smith

Between spy film and romantic comedy, the elusive duo of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie is all the intensity of the moment. Two secret agents lead a quiet life together, until the day when, during a mission, they realize that their enemy to be killed happens to be their better half. A series of masterful scenes ensue where Angelina Jolie shines brightly in her manipulative skills; thrilling scenes full of adrenaline, with just the right amount of humor.

A pleasant show to watch with your partner for a moment full of complicity and shared pettiness.

Where to watch it? Netflix , Prime Video, Disney+ , Canal VOD, Apple TV

Two Lovers

Inspired by Dostoyevsky's novel Les Nuits Blanches, Two Lovers tells the dilemma of Leonard, a bipolar and hypersensitive thirty-year-old played by the excellent Joaquin Phoenix, disturbed between a life all mapped out alongside Sandra, the daughter of his father's future partner, and his passionate and moving encounter with Michelle, his neighbor. A moving film that describes in a poignant and subtle way the feelings and emotions of its characters, without bringing any certainty.

This trio mixing reason and passion, love and lies, is a cinematic success that promises you an intense moment in emotions.

Where to watch it? Prime Video, Apple TV , YouTube


For this last cinematic trip, go to Korea in the 1930s. This time, the great lover of diabolically erotic Machiavellian thriller Park Chan-Wook ventures into a film as cruel as it is magnificent, a game of dupe where the manipulators are manipulated by those they themselves manipulate. A fascinating, hypnotic decor where a brilliant narrative game takes place where everything is only appearance.

A real cinema film, above all based on pneumatology and desire, with a penchant for extreme darkness and a split and romantic story that holds us irresistibly strong.

Where to watch it? Netflix , Prime Video, Youtube, VOD channel, Apple TV

With these 8 films carefully selected and validated by the entire YESforLOV team, an evening rich in intensity and emotions is promised to you!

Marvel at these slick and neat productions, these love stories that have nothing to do with a romantic comedy in rose water and that will make you think, discuss, dream, fantasize.

Good movie night!