It is undoubtedly a matter of intimacy which is strictly private, this instinctive search in human beings for the pleasures of sex. Each and every one of us has a sexuality that is unique to them and that must be assumed from the first months of birth. In the complicated time of adolescence and throughout his more or less enriching adult life, the human being with his means and his desires tries to live up to his expectations. His feeling in this art of loving so sublimated can only take one day or another the slightly changing colors of the rainbow: from indigo to blue, from do re mi to fa sol la si music that go hand in hand, is this sex really extra in every way? Or simply good without more? Unless it is simply mediocre and the dice are cast!

The assessment of a face to face without cheating with oneself can turn out to be at first sight severe and without future. Let's not let ourselves be locked into all this physical and cerebral straitjacket that too often tries to screw up our desires to make love. Our so personal libido, let's take care of it, let's really understand it without hostility or fear so that for each of us, the pleasure of loving remains as warm as possible over time.

What is libido?

What is libido?

This libido is not a fad, it is a perfectly natural phenomenon that has pleasantly shaken human beings since their most tender youth. In humans, the huge urge to love is instinctive: we are all born with this huge urge to make love later in our adolescence and our adult life. It is an inescapable desire that titillates us all and accompanies us throughout our lives.

The libido is an energy and it is mostly related to sex . In everyday life, it is not as simple as it seems and everything is mixed up: desire and desire rub shoulders with each other's hormones. Molecules of desire are, however , the treasures of a successful sex life: testosterone , estrogen and progesterone are hormones that naturally invite themselves to the celebration of sexual pleasures from adolescence.

Testosterone is more than just a male hormone. No debate for its decisive role in the proper functioning of the testicles of men but let's not forget that women also produce it in their adrenal glands. As for estrogens, which are part of another category of hormones in women, they are secreted at the start of the cycle and produced in large quantities just before ovulation.

The female body is incredibly complex and every woman needs to listen to it, to better decipher and understand it. Quite random indeed seems to be the personal deal of every woman for everything related to sex. It is up to the privileged partner to get in tune . The libido of one and the other in a successful sexual relationship for two is the silent but boiling ignition key like a cauldron that will take the couple to this harmonious balance between the pleasure felt and the real motivation to do love in complicity.

Each human being manages as he can and as he sees fit his own libido to better associate it with the libido of the loved one. It is up to everyone to encourage, when the circumstances prove favorable, this desire to have for their own pleasure a sexual behavior that will bring them very strong sensations and unsuspected satisfactions.

Let's ignore the latest taboos that still too often pollute our sexuality and get to know our own libido: let's not leave all the work to do upstream to dopamine alone. This neurotransmitter of pleasure and desire that floods our brain at will is a precious ally. Let's help him by taking the time to explore our own sexuality , to apprehend our desires and tame our most intense pleasures .

The libido, its peaks in form but also its declines

The libido, its peaks in form but also its declines

Hormonal life in humans is not a long calm river and in women, it is extremely fluid with repeated ovarian cycles, potential pregnancies to assume, a menopause to experience and overcome. Much more than in men, women's libido is often altered and influenced by many factors.

Many psychological and environmental factors come into play and seriously disrupt the harmony of happiness that has developed between two beings who love each other: desire is not only dictated by hormones . Stress and fatigue are the first brakes on the desire to make love. Don't let stress take a toll on your sex life and performance . As a very nice counterpart to these hard times, we come out of our archives with some very beautiful recipes that are unstoppable in their simplicity and their formidable efficiency: small dishes concocted based on aphrodisiac products here, more than alluring lingerie there. and voila. Not quite for little that erotic games or learned massages come to put a little more spice in the farandole of love.

Love relationships based essentially on sex take an important and quality place in the life of those concerned. However, many everyday situations are likely to blur if not screw up this beautiful arrangement. The sexuality of one or the other can be seriously altered at any time in life: illness, a badly experienced pregnancy, the menopause that is on its way. Barring an extremely serious disaster, there is no need to panic aboard the beautiful boat of the pleasures of sex. Of course, our libido is greatly affected, but above all we must not imagine the worst concerning all these bad passages in life, which in the vast majority of cases are only occasional and to be forgotten when the time comes. Sex and menopause, sex and cancer, sex and chronic disease don't mix, and that's perfectly understandable. However, let us dare to lift the veil on the doubts and uncertainties and let us all dig into our fury to live the right ingredients to go beyond all these difficulties and unavoidable vicissitudes of life.

A personal matter to settle together?

Strictly personal affair or couple affair? Good question !

To find the superb road of the pleasures of sex, it is better to be two . Kisses, the lightest touches, surprising caresses in their curiosity, are real whistleblowers for certain parts of the body known or not, just as much for men as for women.

These zones which keep a certain mystery whatever happens because they are more or less identified, reserve a lot of surprises for the most daring lovers and prove to be real sensors of desires which take all this little world of love towards the carnal pleasure of loving and being loved. From the earlobe to the toes via the breasts and the buttocks, the libido for two - this mad desire to make love, to love and to be loved - has a bright future ahead of it for complicit pleasure and fully shared.

Let's stay zen in this anxiety-provoking world. The pleasures of sex are the prerogative, the exclusivity of each and every one of us. They are our secret garden but somewhere also a kind of permanent trophy to conquer and which therefore has to be earned. The sexuality of the human being is not fixed at all, whatever the age of the latter. Let's finally make peace with our body and our seemingly self-righteous head for a sexual life that is as sensual as it is peaceful.

Let's set the sex clocks back on track and everything will be much better in our lives: envy, desire, pleasure are not acquired things, they are deserved and built. Let's ignore the latest taboos that still upset our sexuality today, which remains of an inescapable original fragility that we must admit and even less deny.

The pleasures of sex are at hand, on the sole condition of understanding them, of fully grasping them in all their dimensions and nuances. The sexuality of each of us - and the libido is its very pretty engine - is an uninterrupted series of stories of all kinds: desire and pleasure are a unique alchemy, astonishing in sincerity and spontaneity not to be to fail.

Happiness in love for human beings passes through the plenitude of their most intimate and secret feelings. Be convinced that this instinctive desire to love, which is cleverly called libido, remains for our whole humanity an incomparable treasure to be protected.

And why not hope tomorrow for a “new wave” libido that would be much more in control of its destiny? Our humanity in danger needs warm challenges. The bet is on: it's up to all of us to take it up!