The clitoral stimulator is the most popular sex toy in recent years, and it looks set to stay that way for a long time. Capable of giving colossal pleasure, clitoris vacuum cleaners (or aspi clitoris) are a must in terms of female sex toys.

So we asked Lucie, the founder of Blush Intimacy and the creator of Ona, the brand's iconic vibrating clitoral stimulator, what a clitoral stimulator is and how to choose it well.



What is a clitoral stimulator?

It is a female intimate toy designed to provide pleasure by “contactless” stimulation of the clitoris . Its forced air functionality mimics the suction effect . To be precise, it is a membrane at the bottom of a narrow opening which vibrates and creates waves of air pressure which alternately exert pulsations and aspirations. By approaching these waves to the glans of the clitoris (the external part), they vibrate all the clitoral cells but also the nerve endings in this area. The stimulation is contactless, since only the outline of the tunnel is placed on the vulva. But these suction sex toys can also travel on the body and land on the breasts or any other erogenous zone of the body. It's easy, you can't go wrong.

What types of clitoral stimulators are there?

The most important thing is to be able to meet everyone's needs, which is why several types of clitoral stimulators exist. This can range from simple with only the suction function to one that combines a vibrating penetration function, through a duo of functionality in penetration 2 suction and vibration functions. It depends on what you are looking for when buying a clitoral stimulator. There is something for all tastes and all situations.

The Ona sex toy is one of the non-penetrating vibrating clitoral stimulators .

What sensations do we feel with a clitoral stimulator?

The clitoral stimulator most of the time has a single essential feature (which defines it): the famous pulsation/suction/aspiration that we have just mentioned. This feature is very popular because it provides a lot of sensations on the intimate area . We often hear that the sensations provided by the pulsed air are very strong while remaining very gentle , since there is no contact, and that the resulting orgasm is equally so.

If, like Ona , the clitoral stimulator is provided with a second vibration function, this makes it possible to increase the sensations tenfold thanks to the awakening of other erogenous zones .



Here are the important criteria to take into account when choosing your clitoral stimulator.

The way it is used : see if use is more solo, duo or both. Some people prefer to use a clitoral stimulator for a solo pleasure session rather than a couple. On the other hand, for others, being able to use it together is important because they want to reach orgasm more easily together, let their partner hold it and share this moment together. Ona Blush's clitoral stimulator can be used solo or as a duo, the choice is yours.

The features it has : depending on what you are looking for in the purchase of a clitoral stimulator, see if it only has the "suction mode" or if it also has the "vibration mode", whether it is penetrative or not.

The quality of the silicone : you must pay great attention to the material of your clitoral stimulator or any other sex toy. Always take a sex toy made of medical silicone. This is a precise type of silicone that does not pose any danger to your body. If you are unsure, there are two things that will help you determine if the material being used is hazardous to your body:

  • The porosity of the material: if the material is porous you can be sure it will be a nest for fungi, bacteria and any other germs of all kinds.
  • The chemicals that were used for processing the material to make the sex toy. If you see that a sex toy contains phthalates do not take risks, avoid buying it.

Taking into account all these criteria of vigilance, Ona is designed 100% in medical silicone, sexual well-being also goes through there.

The size of the opening : several sizes of openings exist, larger or smaller, find the one that best suits your anatomy. Ona has a fairly wide opening, for reasons of comfort and to be able to offer the possibility to his or her partner to hold it without too much difficulty to “aim”.

Speeds : It's all a matter of personal preference, some prefer when it's softer and others when it's more intense. In fact, no matter how many speeds your clitoral stimulator has, you will eventually find the optimal speed for you.

The autonomy of the battery: It is more important to look at the size and the autonomy of the battery, it would be too bad for it to fail in the middle of action. To give you an idea, Ona has an autonomy of 3 hours and a battery of 420 mhA. Little but strong !

We can also give you one last piece of advice. Using a clitoral stimulator with a lubricant will increase your comfort during your pleasure party, and even allow you to discover new sensations .