COCO Vibrator & Vacuum for the clitoris

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The youngest in the "friends of YESforLOV" category, the famous COCO, a clitoris suction vibrator from the @Puissante brand.

Its secret: stimulation by vibration internally on the G-spot and external suction on the glans of the clitoris .

Flexible and solid, the COCO clitoris sucking vibrator offers full versatility in the way it is used. The COCO sex toy for women folds and unfolds according to your desires for a perfect connection to yourself.

Activate suction mode, vibration mode or both at the same time and scroll through the 10 programs to build crescendo until you find the perfect tempo.

Silent, waterproof and rechargeable via USB cable, charge the COCO for 1 hour to play for 2 hours!  The COCO adapts to the pleasures of all clitoris for extraordinary orgasms.

Made with medical silicone, soft to the touch, comfortable to use , the COCO offers gentle stimulation and low frequency vibrations.

Its pulsed air technology exerts a simultaneous double action of suction and massage on the clitoris, to offer you powerful and more explosive orgasms.  In a word, wow!

Orgasms galore are yours with the Coco from Puissant, the new French vibrator brand.


      • Made in the PRC in an eco-friendly and ethical factory that only works with European or North American brands.
      • Medical grade silicone, body and organism safe, non-porous and hypoallergenic.
      • Does not contain allergens (neither phthalates nor latex). 


        • 10 programs: 8 intensities and 2 random modes
        • Pulsed air & vibration technology
        • Rechargeable sex toy. Comes with its charging cable.
        • Comes with a protective pouch.
        • Charging time: about 1h30.
        • Autonomy: up to 2 hours.
        • Dimensions: 189 x 47.9 x 35mm
        • Waterproof IPX7: Yes, up to 1m deep

        Usage precautions

          • Clean Coco de Puissant before and after each use.
          • We recommend that you preferably use YESforLOV water-based intimate lubricants or PUISSANTE intimate gel.
          • Avoid silicone-based lubricating gels which can damage it and reduce its lifespan.
          • Use Coco in accordance with the instructions in the instructions for use.

        Marie's little tip

        "Lift the hood of your clitoris to feel the suction effect more!

        This suction stimulation has revolutionized the female orgasm" 


        Married Comacle - Founder of Powerful

        COCO Vibrator & Vacuum for the clitoris

        Un effet de succion à couper le souffle, des orgasmes en rafale avec l’option vibro en plus !

        (Un sextoy révolutionnaire pour toutes ces femmes extraordinaires.)



        What makes the COCO sex toy so special?

        This magical vibrator was co-created with experts and input from the Puissant community.
        It was created thanks to an Ulule campaign launched in January 2021 and the support of 2535 people. For 45% of these buyers, it was their first vibrator purchase.
        Sold today to more than 15,000 people , it is suitable for the greatest number thanks to its different stimulations.

        How do I turn the Coco on and off?

        There is nothing more simple !

        To light the Coco,

        • Press the button for 2 seconds to turn on the suction function.

        • Press the button for 2 seconds to turn on the vibration function.

        You can vary the powers - for each of the buttons there are 10 different variations, the choice is yours.

        Suction mode:

        • the first 7 relate to intensity.

        • the next 3 are random modes.

        vibration mode:

        • the first 8 relate to intensity.

        • the next 2 are random modes.

        To turn off the Coco,

        • P ress each of the buttons for 2 seconds , wash it then store it in the pouch provided.

        The Coco sex toy from @Puissante is rechargeable via USB cable. There are two pins on the top on which the charger is magnetized.  The cable is provided in your order.
        Charge it for 1 hour for 2 hours of battery life.

         How to use the Coco and make the most of it with her clitoris? 

        Before : 

          • Create an atmosphere conducive to disconnection and relaxation (music, candle ...), the COCO invites women to take care of themselves and live a new intimate experience. 
          • Take the time to discover this new generation intimate toy, test all the features until you have mastered it.
          • Do not focus on orgasm, it is not an end. Taking a moment for yourself is already a very big step!

        While :

          • Each woman is different, vary the positions, the modes of stimulation and the areas to be eroticized.
          • On all the body ! Move it around to discover different sensations thanks to vibrations (it's not just the genitals that are erogenous).
          • On the external part of the clitoris (the glans) in suction mode or in vibration mode. (You can add intimate lubricating gel for even more comfort and slide it over the lips and the entire vulva.
          • Internally, by penetrating the vibrating part of Coco.
          • The two together, vibrating part internally and suction part externally, a winning combo!

        What is the interest of a double stimulation of the clitoris?

        With dual stimulation, you are free to cum however you want and prefer.
        It doesn't matter if you are more or less sensitive to penetration, or if, on the contrary, it is the stimulation of the glans of the clitoris that excites you the most.

        Can I use the “COCO” vibrator & vacuum cleaner for the clitoris?  in a relationship with ? 

        In spooning, doggy style or simply in missionary, it's a stimulator that can adapt to each of your positions.
        The Coco is intended for use by women but can be used as a couple.
        Men can also benefit from it by stimulating the glans and the frenulum of the penis, for example.

        Why buy this sex toy in the YESforLOV store?

        At YESforLOV, your sex toy is guaranteed for two years and is offered to you at the best price.

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        The little extra: Take advantage of an arousal gel for the clitoris offered for any purchase of a COCO intimate toy.

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