100% SILICONE INTIMATE LUBRICANT - thick consistency

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YESforLOV Ultimate Lubricant "thick" consistency is a silicone anal lubricant offering a very very long lasting glide. 

The secret of this anal lubricant lies in its lubricating power and its thick viscosity capable of multiplying the sensations and reducing the pain often felt by strong dilations, especially during a fairly dynamic anal intercourse or the practice of fisting. Its transparent and fragrance-free texture does not run and its lubricating effect is 7 to 8 times greater than that of a water-based lubricant. 

Hypoallergenic, tested under gynecological control, compatible with condoms, this long-lasting anal lubricant is suitable for all types of mucous membranes, even the most fragile.

This anal gel lubricant discreetly invites itself into your pleasures whatever your sexual orientation and the intensity of your intercourse. It offers both of them always more comfort and well-being, especially in the event of extreme dilations and rather muscular penetrations. 

Its inert formula, resistant to water , and non-irritating to the skin, minimizes the risk of allergy and effectively slows down bacterial proliferation of the parasitic type such as mycosis. 

It is the perfect intimate lubricant for thrill seekers looking for a quality anal lubricant combining performance and safety. It is dedicated to informed users for whom sodomy no longer holds any secrets.

Making anal sex better, more pleasurable no matter how intense your lovemaking is, this is the promise and the guarantee of our anal lubricant.

150ml – 5.1 fl.oz
Made in France.
Tested under gynecological control.
Compatible with condoms.



  • Tested under gynecological control and on reconstituted mucous membranes.
  • Compatible with condoms and sex toys except for those made of silicone.
  • Suitable for all types of skin or mucous membranes, even the most fragile.
  • VEGAN formula.
  • No impact on physiological pH.
  • Cosmeotovigilance: No adverse effects have been reported to date.

Usage precautions

  • YESforLOV anal lubricant is not a contraceptive.
  • Should not be used in case of skin lesion.
  • In the event of a skin reaction, it is recommended to interrupt the treatment and consult a doctor.
  • Should not be applied in combination with other products on the same area without medical advice.
  • In case of contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly with water.

Special storage conditions:

Store away from light and at room temperature.
Use-by date: 12 months after opening.

100% SILICONE INTIMATE LUBRICANT - thick consistency

Une lubrification sans pareille, durable et subversive pour des brassées de sensations ultimes.

(De l’intro’ à l’orgasme sur trois chapitres).

L'actif phare de ce produit


Avec la silicone, les plaisirs anal et prostatiques ne sont que meilleurs. Découvrez nos partis pris et explorons les bienfaits des silicones dans vos rapports amoureux.

Efficacité prouvée

Evaluation clinique et gynécologique sur 21 jours et sur 24 volontaires réalisée par un laboratoire indépendant. (09/11/2020)
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Where do you make the ultimate lube - thick consistency?

YESforLOV is a French brand and all our cosmetic products are made in France according to very strict specifications on good manufacturing practices.

We are committed to producing high quality products to meet your needs with the greatest respect for the skin and mucous membranes.

Would you like to know more about the current clinical tests carried out by our laboratories to guarantee the safety and well-being of your privacy? Visit our blog to read our article: How are YESforLOV intimate lubricants tested to prove their safety?

Fluid, medium, thick, which consistency to choose?

To better accompany you on a daily basis, YESforLOV has designed a line of quality long-lasting intimate lubricants made in France, based on silicone. They are available in 3 consistencies to meet the demand of all our customers.

Those looking for a perfect glide , those looking for a silky texture for massage, those looking for a lubricant that does not dry out , those who want comfortable sensations , those who want all of a sudden, those who have always wanted a little more and those who want the best lubricant. 

Pleasure, comfort and well-being must be treated very seriously. Each of the 3 consistencies has a very specific use and this is exactly what we will explain to you below.

  • The fluid consistency has been specially developed to be used for both massage and vaginal penetration. Its non-greasy and terribly sensory texture ensures a lubricating effect that knows how to be forgotten while offering a perfect glide for massage and masturbation. 
  • The medium consistency is ideal for amorous foreplay, sexual intercourse and playful and naughty intermediate pleasures . Its light texture reduces friction and ensures comfortable and pleasant sensations during penetration. This is the intermediary that can bring you a lot of satisfaction at first, especially if you are still uncertain about your final choice of lubricant.
  • The thick consistency is ideal for sustained sexual intercourse of rare intensity. Its thick and ultra-covering texture ensures unlimited penetration and always well-lubricated mucous membranes. It is the thickest lubricant in the range, and the best anal lubricant.

Fluid, medium or thick, which lubricant will you choose tonight?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a silicone-based ANAL lubricant?

Silicones are unavoidable, indispensable, timeless! Why such a prolonged interest? What are the advantages of the presence of silicones in our lubricants? What problems can they cause? Silicone has the particularity of offering a soft texture, pleasant to the touch, non-sticky, shiny, and very slippery. In terms of sensoriality and versatility, it's top of the line! Its non-greasy touch favors the gentle spreading of the product on the skin and offers a perfect glide throughout the amorous foreplay. 

This discreet appeal to all our sensory organs is undeniable and gives your anal penetration a truly astonishing touch of eroticism and sensuality. Its particularity is that it is compatible with both mucous membranes and condoms. It is therefore presented in its own right as a quality intimate lubricant. 

Silicones are often criticized for not being natural biodegradable substances and for not being compatible with silicone sex toys.  For the rest, customers looking for unparalleled pleasure swear by this type of intimate lubricant.

Advantages of silicone-based intimate lubricants:

  • 3 in 1 effects: Offers full versatility in the way it is used (massage, vaginal or anal penetration).
  • T exture non-greasy, transparent, odorless, non-sticky and leaves no residue.
  • Leaves a soft, satiny protective film on your skin without compromising your fragrance. 
  • 5 to 8 times more efficient than a classic water-based lubricant.
  • Compatible with latex condoms.
  • Inert, non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic as far as the skin is concerned.
  • Hydrophobic for good practice of the Aqua Sutra or sex in the shower.
  • No impact on the pH of the vaginal flora.
  • Compatible with sex toys made of wood, glass, jelly, metal, plastic or hypoallergenic rubber.

Disadvantages of silicone-based intimate lubricants:

  • Synthetic ingredient.
  • Non-biodegradable formula.
  • Incompatible with silicone-based sex toys*.
  • Must not be ingested.
  • May stain sheets but usually fades after machine washing.

How to use anal lube?

The YESforLOV silicone-based anal lubricant can be used in all romantic relationships. It doesn't matter which stimulation method you choose, external or internal. Our anal lubricant will be your best companion for anal pleasure and reaching prostate orgasm.

Here are the 5 essential steps to properly use anal lubricant: 

  1. First of all, it is important to wash your hands thoroughly and go to the toilet if necessary. Take your time, don't beat yourself up, stay cool, and don't irritate your mucous membrane with cheap toilet paper.
  2. Then go to the enema. Enemas require a little learning, practice, and a good knowledge of yourself. This step is not mandatory to access anal pleasure, any more than anal practice itself can be.
  3. We strongly advise you to create an erotic atmosphere to indulge in this pleasure of astonishing intensity in complete relaxation. Help your partner relax by your side and offer him a massage at his convenience but rather naughty or gentle and well-dosed foreplay. The idea is to gently relax your playing partner.
  4. Then gently start stimulating any anal area. Apply the desired amount of lubricant to the mucous membranes. The rule of thumb is: the more, the better! You can use according to the mood and the desires of this magic moment, your finger, your tongue or an anal plug or a sex toy. Take advantage of these foreplay to generously hydrate the anal area and lubricate the anus well.
  5. Before sodomy or penetration, administer a large quantity of anal lubricant on the penis and let yourself slip into an intact sensuality according to your instincts, your inspirations and your desires. If you feel the need, add a few more hazelnuts of anal lubricant to bring even more comfort, well-being and pleasure.

Are silicone-based lubricants friendly to the body and the environment?

The answer is yes, but the question deserves to be asked and increasingly transparent explanations must be provided on this subject. The silicones present in this anal lubricant gel, including the essential Dimethicone, are inert substances and devoid of any toxicity for the skin and mucous membranes. As a result, this YESforLOV long anal lubricant does not penetrate the skin and is not considered non-hazardous. 

This special anal lubricant has been formulated to minimize the risk of allergies
Unlike coconut oil which has a high risk of clogging pores, letting in STDs, and upsetting pH balance, this intimate lubricant is non-comedogenic.

Silicones in lubricants, what can we blame them for? Silicones are non-biodegradable compounds. Not using them would therefore be a priori very favorable for the planet. However, it is important to mention that the said silicones are still degradable . European regulations do not limit the silicone concentration to any percentage, except for rinse-off products. As for the other international authorities concerned (Canada, American, Australia…), they ensure that silicones are really not a problem for the environment. 

At YESforLOV, we favor the use of silicones which have a lower environmental impact. The silicones used in our lubricants are largely of European origin (mainly from Spain) and have been transformed in compliance with the rules for the transformation of cosmetic ingredients in force. In terms of the environment, efforts are made internally and continuously to improve the biodegradability of our formulas. In the longer term, we are working on a screening of active ingredients to replace our silicones with equal effectiveness. No new generation ingredient is currently able to dethrone silicone. 

Silicones have become for YESforLOV customers what Lycra is to our tights, a star ingredient that is very very lubricating, terribly sensory and has good protective properties against external aggressions.  Even if the latter is classified as synthetic, let 's not forget that an unnatural compound is not necessarily dangerous, and that conversely a natural compound is not necessarily good for the skin.

If this ingredient is debated in traditional cosmetics, it is under the duvet and in the dark the ideal intermediary for your most mischievous and craziest pleasures.

Is The Ultimate Lube - Thick Consistency Vegan? Has the silicone-based anal lubricant been tested on animals?

We confirm that this silicone-based lubricant is vegan and has not been tested on animals. Consumer health, environment and safety have always been an absolute priority for YESforLOV. The defense of the animal cause is just as important.

Since the creation and the start of our brand, no animal testing has been carried out by YESforLOV. Furthermore, in order to analyze the safety and harmlessness of our intimate products, we favor clinical tests on reconstituted human vaginal epithelium.


Can I use the ultimate thick lubricant with a sex toy?

YESforLOV thick silicone lubricant is not compatible with silicone-based sex toys. However, it is important to mention that if your sex toy is made with quality silicone and the sex toy is cleaned directly after use in a so-called normal and healthy use, our YESforLOV silicone-based lubricant would probably be compatible with all intimate toys. and silicone-based anal plugs. 

Do you want to know the consequences and find out more about the compatibility of sex toys with lubricants? We have dedicated an article to this subject: WHICH LUBRICANT TO USE WITH A SEXTOY? 

This anal lubricant is compatible with all other sex toys, whether they are made without silicone, wood, glass, jelly, metal, plastic or hypoallergenic rubber.

Do YESforLOV ultimate silicone lubricants stain textiles, lingerie or bedding?

YESforLOV ultimate silicone lubricants unlike water-based lubricants are a little less respectful of your sheets and are significantly more difficult to clean. Unfortunately, they have this annoying tendency to stain textiles.

Do not panic ! If you have spilled lubricant on your clothes, here are some tips for removing lubricant stains from your textiles:

  • Clean the stain immediately. All you have to do is pour a little hot water and soap on the stain and rub it in by hand before machine washing it the same evening.
  • If you take too long and the affected tissue has dried out, pour additional silicone lubricant on the stain in question and wait 30 minutes. Then clean it with a mixture of dishwashing liquid and degreaser. Dab several times and let the stain soak for ten minutes. Rinse and machine wash.

A little tip from our product manager! To remove the most encrusted stains, use a sex toy cleaner, the same as the one you use to clean your toy.

Please note that these methods are not guaranteed and some stains may persist. If you want perfectly clean, stain-free sheets, silicone lube might not be for you! 

We therefore recommend our range of water-based lubricants.

Are 100% silicone intimate lubricants edible?

Silicone-based intimate lubricants , unlike water-based lubricants, are not edible! If you have ingested 100% silicone lubricant during your kisses on your partner's body, do not panic, the risk of harming your health remains minimal or non-existent.

If you are looking for an edible lubricant gel, prefer water-based lubricants.

For lovers of oral sex, we strongly recommend that you try the gourmet integral massage or our gourmet oils for oral sex . 

Do fluid, medium or thick ultimate lubricants contain estrogen or promestriene?

YESforLOV ultimate silicone lubricants have no impact on the hydration of your mucous membranes and have the sole function of effectively reducing friction and friction. These lubricants are not considered hormone replacement therapy (HRT). 

This range of silicone-based lubricants does not contain estrogens or promestrienes.

If you suffer from intimate dryness, do not neglect sexual foreplay and make the most of this moment of sharing. For those who don't know, arousal is a key factor in producing the vagina's natural lubrication. 

We also recommend trying Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Unisex Lubricant and our Intimate Vulva Serum. If the problem persists, do not hesitate to consult a gynecologist who can direct you to a more appropriate solution.

Is the YESforLOV range of 100% silicone lubricants spermicidal?

To date, no study has been conducted on the impact of silicone-based lubricants on fertility, but be aware that our 100% silicone lubricants do not contain any endocrine disruptors, controversial ingredients or cosmetic active ingredients that are harmful to mobility and sperm survival.

This intimate lubricating gel is not a contraceptive whose function would be to destroy spermatozoa, reduce or accelerate the mobility of sperm or promote pregnancy.

Is this silicone-based lubricant safe to use during pregnancy or breastfeeding?

Are silicone-based ultimate lubricants dangerous for your health? The answer is no.

No scientific study has demonstrated a particular risk for pregnant women and their fetus in the use of intimate lubricants. Moreover, the international cosmetic regulations in force do not define specific measures, different from those applicable to all consumers.

Applied according to the indications and our recommendations, the YESforLOV ultimate thick lubricant does not present any danger or risk for pregnant women , but we always advise our consumers who have specific questions relating to the use of our products during their pregnancy, to consult their doctor or their gynecologist who can guide them in good conditions.

In the same way, we recommend breastfeeding women to avoid the use of silicone-based products: they are likely to leave a film on your skin and to be ingested at some point.  by the newborn.  The favorite lubricant of mums is undoubtedly the moisturizing intimate lubricant based on water and ingredients of natural origin. 


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