ORGASMIC GEL for the G-spot

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Powerful and terribly pleasurable, this vaginal arousal gel acts feverishly at the heart of arousal by promoting amorous embrace and stimulating the vaginal walls and the G-spot to induce powerful, deep and diffuse orgasms.

This G-spot stimulating cream based on natural ingredients contains a blend of natural cosmetic active ingredients that trigger a sensation of hot and cold while accelerating the dilation and stimulation of the clitoral-urethro-vaginal complex (better known as G point). 

Some are unaware of it but the G-spot is located about 3 cm at the entrance to the vagina upwards, on the clitoris side. Place a single drop on the fingertip and stimulate this area with circular massages, pressure or back and forth movements, until this part of the body enlarges and swells. 

Let yourself go and consider this experience as an exploration of yourself! To know female ejaculation , you have to walk around, relax and listen to your feelings. Our G-spot orgasmic gel will then guide you straight to unexplored heights of ecstasy.

10ml – 0.35.oz
Made in France



  • 88.31% ingredient of natural origin according to ISO 16128 standard.
  • Tested under dermatological control and on reconstituted mucous membranes.
  • Suitable for all types of skin or mucous membranes, even the most fragile.
  • VEGAN formula.
  • Respect of the physiological pH.
  • Cosmeotovigilance: No adverse effects have been reported to date.

Usage precautions

  • Not recommended for pregnant/breastfeeding women.
  • Compatible with sex toys and condoms .
  • Avoid contact with eyes.
  • In the event of a skin reaction, it is recommended to interrupt the treatment and consult a doctor.

Special storage conditions:

Store away from light and at room temperature.
Use-by date: 12 months after opening.

ORGASMIC GEL for the G-spot

Perle de fraicheur intense, exploration intime, point G en vue ! Excitation grand V comme vertige, OUI !

(Aide extérieure possible, et plus si affinités.)

L'actif phare de ce produit


La peau et les muqueuses sont un trésor sur lequel on ne peut pas tricher…
Découvrez nos partis pris et explorons les bienfaits de cet ingrédient sur votre intimité.



What is the G-spot?

Ahh...the G-spot! Does it exist or not? Long mystified, often misunderstood, the G-spot is the object of your next bodily explorations. Discovering your G-spot requires a bit of practice, a bit of dexterity and a certain frame of mind.

No need to stubbornly find it and make an obsession of it, since the G-spot is none other than the stimulation of the clitoris, internally!

It is an erogenous zone particularly sensitive to caresses and penetration which is between 3 and 8 cm at the entrance to the vagina, on the clitoris side. 

Yes, the G-spot exists! As you surely know, female pleasure comes from the clitoris, it is a small hood that is found at the birth of the two outer lips, just above the vagina.

External stimulation is perfect for reaching orgasm and often the most frequent and easiest, but it is also possible to stimulate the clitoris internally!

How to find and stimulate your G-spot?

External stimulation is perfect for reaching orgasm and often the most frequent and easiest, but it is also possible to stimulate the clitoris internally !

To do this, simply slip one or more fingers into the vagina and imitate the shape of a hook to aim for the clitoris. This part internally where the clitoris is connected to the cavity of the vagina, this is the G-spot.

All you have to do is exert more or less strong pressure on this spot, caress, move back and forth. You can also put a hand on the lower abdomen to accompany this movement. This technique will stimulate the internal part of the clitoris, as well as the urethra and the Skene glands. 

If you let go and you are strongly advised to do so, do not be surprised if an expulsion of fluids occurs during the rise of excitement and orgasm. This is called squirting.

It's up to you to find the rhythm and the intensity of the stimulation to reach the orgasm of the G-spot, of the clitoris internally. 

For couples, we recommend positions on all fours, squatting or lying on your stomach, such as doggy style, missionary or the andromache position.

We have created our vaginal arousal gel specifically to swell this specific area and to facilitate access to this feeling of ultimate enjoyment. The active ingredients contained in our pleasure gel stimulate the erectile tissues of the vaginal walls to induce orgasms of extreme intensity.

How to use G-spot arousal gel and get intense orgasms?

  • Just apply a tear of gel on the tip of the finger to sharpen the desire.
  • Walk your fingers along the vaginal wall and puff the area with tapping or circular or back-and-forth motions.
  • Let go and enjoy this moment of intense pleasure.

To discover more internal stimulation techniques, we invite you to discover the CLIMAX series dedicated to female enjoyment.

Who is YESforLOV vaginal orgasmic gel for? 

To those women who are looking for an effective stimulant for maximum internal pleasures, those who want to enjoy and love with impunity, and those who want to experience the pleasures of female ejaculation or become a fountain woman.

The YESforLOV G-spot stimulation gel has been specifically formulated as a pearl of intense freshness to act effectively on the G-spot area and help you experience more intense orgasms!  This stimulating serum is designed for internal use, so it is more concentrated in sensory active ingredients than its little brother , the clitoris stimulation gel. 

Where do you manufacture the G-spot stimulation gel?

YESforLOV is a French brand and all our arousal gels and lubricants are made in France. We want to design quality erotic products that are healthy for the body .

Our erotic cosmetics are tested under gynecological control and formulated according to very strict specifications on good manufacturing practices.

This orgasmic gel for women is compatible with condoms and sex toys.

Is this product vegan? Has it been tested on animals?

We confirm that this pleasure gel for women is vegan and has not been tested on animals.

Consumer health, environment and safety have always been an absolute priority for YESforLOV. The defense of the animal cause is just as important.

Since the birth of our brand, no animal testing has been carried out by YESforLOV. Furthermore, in order to analyze the safety and harmlessness of our intimate products, we favor clinical tests on reconstituted human vaginal epithelium.

Can YESforLOV G-spot arousal gel be used safely during pregnancy or breastfeeding? 

No scientific study has demonstrated any particular risk for pregnant women and their fetus in the use of cosmetic products. Moreover, the international cosmetic regulations in force do not define specific measures, different from those applicable to all consumers.

When used as directed, YESforLOV G-spot arousal gel does not present any danger or risk for pregnant or breastfeeding women but since it contains peppermint and vasodilating agents , we always advise our consumers who have specific questions relating to the use of our products during their pregnancy to read our latest blog article on which cosmetics can be used during maternity and above all to consult their doctor or gynecologist who can guide them. .


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