Did you know ? One in two women experiences and encounters difficulties in reaching orgasm. Daily monotony, sexual routine, physical fatigue, low libido, hormonal upheaval or clumsy partner, the dangers are indeed there, waiting for the slightest failure. Regardless of your education or your sexual orientation, your age or your romantic situation, many factors will alter your love life and your sexuality that you wish so harmoniously. Whether it's a temporary or prolonged drop in your libido, pain during penetration or a lack of desire, credible solutions exist to help you find a sexuality that lives up to your desires to love. The rebirth of your sexuality must be your priority objective in this fight, a step to be taken and consolidated over time to reach the highest peaks of the pleasures of sex. In this article, YESforLOV gives you the keys to help you find the arousal gel that will contribute naturally and for the best of your life as a woman to give a boost to the vitality and richness of your sex life . How to choose your orgasmic gel? What to expect? How does a clitoral gel work?



Not enjoying with your partner is not so strange , it has even become common practice for many women in France, around 50% of them according to the various studies available on the web. A lot of philosophers, psychologists and other psychiatrists have looked into the natural phenomenon of orgasm, which is rather complex to decipher and understand. Neuroscience has gotten involved more recently in putting the brain at the epicenter of the sexual response to orgasm . So what should we take away from these years of research? To reach orgasm, you have to go through four stages : the desire phase, the arousal phase, the plateau phase and finally orgasm . During the plateau phase, the excitement is very strong, but then we need an additional stimulus to overcome ourselves and thus reach orgasm. Sometimes it might be an orgasmic gel that we need and for others it might be a sweet talk, a bit of dirty talk or a carnal smell. Understanding your process of excitement is a crucial element for your sexuality since with it is born the enjoyment of pleasures that can take you to orgasm. Here, it is a question of understanding in a few lines its mechanism of excitation in order to better understand the effectiveness of orgasmic gels and to find solutions to amplify your excitation.

Arousal in people with vulva (and it's the same thing in people with penises) is a complex phenomenon that is caused by:

- Physical stimulation : a look like no other, a daring caress in the hollow of the thighs, a fiery kiss on the neck...

- Sensory stimulation : a new sound, a warmer smell, a feeling that changes everything...
- Psychological stimulation : a mood to improve, a state of mind to change, a lack of self - esteem to erase...
- Emotional stimuli : a particular situation to manage, a feeling of love to share, a happy memory to remember wisely...

These external stimuli caused voluntarily or involuntarily will make the brain react which will instantly send messages to the whole body and especially to the genital areas . These signals immediately flood the erectile bodies . Richly vascularized, these will accelerate in women the influx of blood to the clitoris which will become erect and become more and more sensitive. So, the brain at the heart of female pleasure? Without a doubt ! Erotic stimulation from anywhere triggers an immediate reaction in the woman's brain that sends an incredible “ reflex message ” through the entire spine. Then follows a series of more or less well controlled rhythmic contractions. At the end of the pleasure, a simple reflex reaction but a maximum orgasmic excitement. Rewarding for you to learn that your partner is endowed with an orgasmic brain : to take into account for the future of your relations!

In the person with a vulva, it is excitement that gives rise to this influx of blood to the vagina and vulva and is responsible for vaginal lubrication , erection of the clitoris and vulvar hyperaemia . Each person responds as they can and with their means to various stimuli . She does it according to her sensitivity, her availability, her education, her experience and her fears. What excites one person can leave another frozen, even put off. It's magnificent, and that's what is most brilliant in this art and this amorous desire to be able to go in full complicity to discover one and the other.

There is no normality and banality in the excitement : to the wildest fantasies to undermine this very monotonous routine to live. There is no universal recipe or miracle that we could do without from mother to daughter or barter between girlfriends and friends. Moreover , the effectiveness of each stimulus may vary in the same woman depending on the situation: what was intensely alluring and terribly exciting one day may have less effect or no effect at all at another time with the same partner or not. Female arousal obviously has a “mechanical” component , but it is also linked to a physical and psychological component . Fatigue, day-to-day concerns, excessive stress, grief, shame, temporary anger, the partner's inability to meet stated or unspoken expectations and many other factors can compromise or even suppress any sexual arousal that yet only asks to be unleashed. Excitement is therefore based on a delicate balance : it is a skilful mixture involving the participation of all the senses, of emotional and physical factors to which must be added the imagination in the atmosphere of sex. It is the body in its entirety, and not just its intimate areas, which needs to be bathed, cuddled in a genuine eroticism. Once the excitement is at its peak, she enters a kind of modified consciousness, a daze, which may explain her passionate or even uninhibited behavior during orgasm. It is thanks to these moments of letting go that she manages to evolve in her sexuality .

What should be remembered from this chapter is that the female orgasm is a complex neuro-psycho-physiological process usually marking the highest degree of the most beautiful of sexual responses. And as we can see, there are a thousand and one ways to amplify excitability and a whole palette of stimuli at our fingertips just waiting to be used for the greatest happiness of our sexuality.

Orgasmic gels, what are they?

An arousal gel , also called orgasmic gel among our aficionados, is a product that contains a cosmetic formula to be applied directly to the erogenous parts such as the clitoris or the penis in order to increase desire and amplify the senses .

These women's stimulating gels are sold in pharmacies and drugstores, in sex shops and specialized well-being shops. There is a whole range of orgasmic gels for people with vulva. Some of them stimulate the glans clitoris   and others the G-spot. You can even get CBD-based lubricating gels for a liberating and very pleasant letting go.



In recent years, new concepts of stimulating intimate gels have appeared with varying degrees of success. Orgasmic gels supposed to stimulate erogenous genital zones and intensify pleasure are now flooding the shelves of hypermarkets and sex shops. What is it in reality? How do stimulating gels for women work and act? How to use them and are they really effective? Benoit, our product manager tells you more about the benefits of stimulating gels for women.

How do arousal gels work and work?

As explained at the beginning of the article, there are several ways to amplify sexual arousal and stimulate erogenous zones in your romantic relationship. Orgasmic gels work and act as stimuli on several levels :

- On the sensory level: These exciting gels are heating or refreshing. Thanks to their particular composition, they bring an astonishing feeling of hot or cold where your games of love are really played. The best of them bring you sensations more intense than usual and never felt before to the point of taking you to great orgasms . Whether externally or internally stimulated, this surprising sensation of hot and/or cold, both striking and new, is supposed to stimulate the sensory sensors of the clitoris . Exploring the clitoris is worth a detour in your quest for ultimate pleasure. We start slowly externally with his glans and his little hood because behind this screen of tremendous eroticism, lives intensely a real iceberg and it is far from being ice. Inside, it's a set of incredible nerve endings, erectile bodies, muscles and ligaments that are agitated in all directions as long as the excitement is up to the event. The vagina is the friendly neighbor of this extraordinary clitoris: 4,000 sensory receptors on each side of the clitoris, and 8,000 at its end. You will also find in the range of stimulating gels vibrating gels for the clitoris made from Amazonian plants. Psst, our laboratories are actively working on the concept, a new product should soon see the light of day. And for the greediest among you, know that the majority of stimulating gels are cataloged as “kissable” and can therefore perfectly be a game in your accomplice practices of a totally shared oral sex .

- On the psychological level: These arousal gels are companions of pleasure in your sexual relationship: they are there to reassure you , so that you gain self-confidence , before taking more and more daring initiatives in your sex games. love. They are designed so that you can finally let go and make the most of these magical and unique moments. Using these stimulating gels is a way full of eroticism to treat yourself to a parenthesis of well-being which, psychologically speaking, brings you to a state of confidence and relaxation both in your body and in your mind. Some of these gels also contain CBD , a molecule that greatly promotes letting go and effectively helps you empty your brain of all these sexual anxieties that pollute your sexuality as the stress of performance can sneakily do for some. the fear of not being able to enjoy for others.

- On the physical level: These orgasmic gels contain active ingredients that will facilitate lubrication by moistening the erogenous zones and calming the unpleasant sensations of heating caused by friction. They therefore bring you much better comfort in your long sex sessions while being omnipresent in the gradual rise of excitement and in this crazily pleasant desire to make love well.

- Mechanically: These orgasmic gels contain active ingredients such as L-arginine . It is from arginine that the human body makes nitric oxide, a substance that promotes the dilation of blood vessels. L-Argine will therefore potentially help to vascularize the erogenous zone to increase pleasure tenfold at time T and time X.

What do arousal gels contain?

In the YESforLOV range of female sexual stimulants, you will only find natural products designed with respect for your mucous membranes and the planet . Our stimulating and aphrodisiac gels contain quality cosmetic active ingredients. Everything is tested and clinically proven to offer you maximum comfort and pleasure . Regarding the star active ingredients present in our arousal gels, we could cite among others:

- Arginine whose properties help improve vaginal circulation and stimulate the perivascular nerves.
- Ginseng extracts , whose properties help to stimulate desire.
- Kigeline extracts , whose properties help to limit vaginal relaxation and distended and weakened tissues. These extracts have a "tensor" effect which will lead to the production of collagen fibers and which will increase vulvar and vaginal tone.

- Rose extracts or CBD , whose properties contribute to the feeling of letting go and reduce sexual pain.
- Finally, peppermint , whose properties help improve blood flow and sharpen desire with a feeling of hot and cold.

How to use a pleasure gel?

To use them nothing could be simpler, you just have to apply 1 to 2 drops of gel directly on the area then massage gently , sensually, delicately. No need to add as much as a lubricating gel, a small dose will be enough to sharpen the desire, embark your desires to make love, by a vibrant sensation of hot and cold. To masturbate or to stimulate your lovemaking, your tube of sexual stimulant will be the perfect companion. It can be used with or without outside help, solo or in duo, with or without the use of a sex toy.

These intimate gels are often compatible with condoms and are designed to be able to come into contact with the mucous membranes, so they are normally tested under gynecological control beforehand. This is the case for all YESforLOV male or female stimulating gels. You can also use them in conjunction with a sex toy like the coco clitoral stimulator from Puissante . We guarantee you a maximum of sensations with this duo of shock.

What to expect?

These "special female pleasure" gels are supposed to facilitate orgasm , but they do not work miracles: you can use them well, it is even highly recommended, but let it be clear in your mind, orgasm does not happen. not trigger on command , you also have to go get it with the precious and effective help or not of your partner. So yes ! Appointment often missed but appointment of sexual madness just as much. Anything is possible in sex adventures and the Grail can actually reach out to you at the end of your journey. Remember that orgasm depends a lot on your mood at the time, whether or not you want to let yourself go and fully enjoy the pleasures of sex. A little stress even acute and punctual, but no more. These gels as a whole work and act correctly but without performing miracles: they add a pinch of erotic salt to the excitement of the moment by amplifying the usual sensations which are much less strong. Thanks to its hot/cold and vasodilating action , the standard formula of the intimate gel accentuates the sensitivity of the erogenous zones , then promotes and intensifies the female orgasm .



Our range of YESforLOV sexual stimulants is there to accompany you throughout your adventures and love stories. Our orgasmic gels are developed to offer the choice and the opportunity to get at the heart of their sexuality maximum pleasures internally and externally. They are therefore dedicated to all people who want to enjoy and love (and to love themselves solo) in complete freedom and impunity, to all those who want to fully experience the pleasures of a personal female ejaculation , to all those who are simply looking for to sharpen their desire for sex, but also to restore female excitement to try to experience multiple orgasms of rare intensity. So, which YESforLOV sexual stimulant to choose? Which one suits you best? A brief overview of our range of sexual stimulants for women. You will have a choice of 3 excellent quality products that are just waiting to be tried:

- A stimulating gel for the clitoris : This gentle and natural clitoral stimulation gel has been specifically formulated to amplify and prolong the intensity of orgasms caused by stimulation of the labia and glans of the clitoris. For people who find it difficult to reach orgasm with external stimulation and those who always want more, this natural clitoris gel will be a perfect companion to make you vibrate with pleasure and give you even more intense orgasms. The little extra: its terribly aphrodisiac formula is made up of more than 96% ingredients of natural origin .

- A stimulating gel for the G-spot: More powerful than its counterpart, this vaginal arousal gel acts feverishly at the heart of the excitement by promoting the loving embrace and by stimulating the vaginal walls and the G-spot to provoke powerful, deep and diffuse orgasms . This G-spot stimulating cream based on natural ingredients contains a blend of natural cosmetic active ingredients that trigger a sensation of hot and cold while accelerating the dilation and stimulation of the clitoral-urethro-vaginal complex.

- A CBD Concentrate: A few drops of this concentrate of pleasure will be enough to bring you to a planing and liberated sexuality . This erotic serum contains a high content of cannabinoids and L-arginine to give you even more pleasure and comfort . This stimulating gel acts as a sensuality booster , a well-being shot that will free the body of your obstacles (stress, anxieties, discomfort, reduced libido) and allow you to achieve intense and completely uninhibited orgasms . CBD effectively fights against stress and anxiety and that's good, our YESforLOV CBD concentrate has been formulated to amplify your sexual desires and increase your sensations tenfold . It naturally disinhibits the body and mind to promote letting go and allow you to experience a liberated, planing and uninhibited sexuality.

6 good reasons to try our orgasmic gels

1. To discover new sexual sensations and this hyper-stimulating hot-cold effect. It's a new experience to discover for only 1€ with our clitoral stimulation gel sample.

2. To help you strengthen your loving embrace and gradually accompany the rise of excitement.

3. To calm the chafing and burning sensations during clitoral and G-spot stimulation.

4. Because maybe it was the little stimulus you were missing !

5. Because they are composed of 88% (the one for the G-spot) and 97% (the one for the clitoris) of ingredients of natural origin .

6. For their little peppermint taste that invites tasting.

The paths that lead to the female orgasm are not as tortuous as we would like to say wrongly and through even if they are too often polluted by personal difficulties that are intimate. It 's up to you to seek out this coveted orgasm with your privileged partner. Discover the sensations that arousal gels can offer you: you will take a lot of pleasure in its entirety using them and you will put all the chances on your side. In this momentum full of beautiful promises, a healthy lifestyle is essential, punctuated by sustained and regular physical activity, without forgetting all those little daily attentions that make hearts beat faster. If your sexual health still proves to be just as negative and YESforLOV sexual stimulants and other stimuli ultimately have no effect on you, you are strongly recommended to consult a health professional, who will look for the causes of your difficulties and the origin of your your troubles before finding the right words to find the right medical treatment.