In the vast range of intimate lubricants for YESforLOV pleasure, we are proud to announce that our thirteenth creation is finally completed. Discover without further delay, the natural massage lubricant with orange scent, an oil for making love that meets your wildest desires while respecting our mission to offer you healthy products to accompany your passionate embraces. Benoit, our product manager, is the ideal expert to present this new innovation to you. So, let's go to the source and ask about this new full body massage oil.

What is its reason for being?

What is its reason for being?

At YESforLOV, we develop innovative, frivolous and effective intimate lubricating gels that are also safe and respectful of your mucous membranes to meet your desires, desires and comfort needs that are sometimes ignored. Our range of YESforLOV intimate lubricating gels offers exceptional diversity to satisfy our ambassadors, however demanding and sensitive they may be.
Among our intimate lubricating gels, we offer 13 products tested under gynecological control, safe, effective and extremely sensory .

Our range of intimate lubricants consists of:

What are the promises of natural orange blossom lubricant massage?

Natural Lubricant Massage is committed to being 100% natural, surpassing previous records in our range . It therefore dethrones the natural moisturizing intimate lubricant , since it is 99.3% natural.

With 94.9% ingredients of organic origin , it is ideal for sensual massage, penetration and oral sex. It is the most organic of all our products and is the perfect ally to say yes to you during this successive trilogy of intimate moments.

The natural lubricant massage is a formidable treatment, before, during or after lovemaking , it participates effectively in the reduction of sensations of intimate discomfort such as irritation, vulvar and vaginal dryness . This erotic gel will also be perfect as a treatment oil, body oil, and even after shaving. His ambition? Becoming the favorite gel for women going through menopause.

Let’s decipher the formula of this gourmet massage lubricant

Let’s decipher the formula of this gourmet massage lubricant

The natural lubricant massage contains five vegetable oils of organic origin selected for their properties and their benefits for your sexual pleasure and your intimate health. Among them :
- The famous coconut oil recommended against certain vaginal infections
- Linseed oil , popular against inflammation and irritation
- Jojoba and macadamia oil , perfect for protecting against external aggressions
- Sweet almond oil , the number 1 moisturizing oil.

Add to this, vitamin E , a hint of virgin sunflower oil , a pearl of hydrogenated palm oil , Linalool , proven safe by safety tests on reconstituted mucous membranes and a food flavoring, without GMO, and voila !

If you are curious to learn more about the benefits of vegetable oils for your intimacy, we recommend this article “What are the benefits of vegetable oils in intimate lubricants? ".

Natural lubricant massage, voted the best lubricant in the world?

Natural lubricant massage, voted the best lubricant in the world?

After two years of research and development, we are proud to say that we have formulated an exceptional product, suitable for lovers of oral sex, sensual massage and body to body . This lubricating massage oil could be considered the best lubricant in its category . Yes, I say in its “ vegetable oil base ” category because each lubricant base has its advantages. The natural lubricant massage is an oil-based body and private parts gel, so it is, like these colleagues from the same family, incompatible with condoms and latex sex toys . This is surely its only fault but fortunately, today there are condoms based on polyisoprene or polyurethane. Thank you SKIN France!

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With this new natural massage lubricant with orange blossom scent , YESforLO V innovates in its already diversified range of intimate lubricants with a gourmet massage lubricant based on oils. This alternative to water and silicone-based lubricant is perfect for aphrodisiac massages, the most muscular penetrations and oral or anal sex, while acting as a formidable treatment against intimate discomfort. This new organic massage lubricant invites you both, from thrill to ecstasy , like an ultra-private cocktail, to be consumed anytime, anywhere and without the slightest hesitation.

Hats off to the whole team for this superb intimate oil for women and a great discovery for everyone. We look forward to your first opinions.