INTIMATE MIST with an intoxicating fragrance

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YESforLOV intoxicating intimate mist is a body and intimate fragrance for women that naturally enhances your skin down to its smallest secrets, without ever upsetting your usual and original fragrance.

Tested under gynecological control , its aphrodisiac formula respects your skin to the end of your intimacy (vulva and penis included), perfumes your entire body and gives you a feeling of freshness and well-being throughout the day . One of the secrets of this body mist lies in the warm fragrance of the frangipani flower.

Gourmet and sensual, this subtle fragrance makes your partner want to bite you everywhere. Elegant and refined, this sensual eau signed YESforLOV has been designed so that the slightest secret of your skin is revealed as desired.

Perfume yourself generously precisely where your partner expects it, where he or she least expects it.

Anywhere. Anytime , because at the X moment, it is better to be sure of yourself and to always feel ready.

There is no doubt that your partner will retain, tomorrow and forever, the perfume of your body offered without restraint.

15ml - 0.5 fl.oz
Made in FRANCE



  • Tested under gynecological control
  • Suitable for all types of skin or mucous membranes, even the most fragile.
  • Vegan Formula
  • Cosmetovigilance: No adverse effects have been reported to date.


Usage precautions

  • In case of contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly with water.

Special storage conditions:

Store away from light and at room temperature.
Use-by date: 12 months after opening.

Olfactory pyramid

  • Top note:
    Vanilla, white tea, Tanaka wood, frangipane flower and tiare flower.

  • Heart note:
    Vanilla, white tea, Tanaka wood, frangipane flower and tiare flower.

  • Background note:
    Vanilla, white tea, Tanaka wood, frangipane flower and tiare flower.

INTIMATE MIST with an intoxicating fragrance

Un parfum très privé au diapason de votre corps … 

(Pour vous offrir sans retenue.)

L'actif phare de ce produit


Mettre vos sens en éveil pour vous inspirer au quotidien, telle est notre mission. 
Mais quelles sont les notes de ce parfum si sensuel qui flotte comme un encens secret ?

Efficacité prouvée

100% Procure une sensation de fraicheur, de confort et de bien-être.
100% N’irrite pas la peau de la zone intime.
100% Masque les odeurs désagréables.
100% Apprécie l'intensité et le parfum.
Evaluation clinique et gynécologique sur 21 jours et sur 11 volontaires réalisée par un laboratoire indépendant. (17/10/2018)
achéteriez-vous ce produit ?






Why and how to use a body and intimate perfume?

Perfume your body with YESforLOV is an initiation to yourself as much as to the other. It is between you that this fragrance will find its most torrid amorous vibration.

This sensual mist has been designed as a perfume for the body and intimacy, as a refreshing deodorant for the intimate area , as an intimate aphrodisiac mist, a perfume between the thighs which sublimates and marks the olfactory imprint of your intimacy.

The smell of a skin is a sine qua non for the pursuit of a relationship and this perfume is ideal to hide the shadow of a doubt, to magnify your skin, to feel fresh, to limit odors intimate or to start a terribly sensual treasure hunt. Naughty and discreet, designed for men and women, the unisex fragrance of this perfume will naturally find its place in your handbag or your toiletry bag.

This perfume for sex and skin can be used on the sly just before sexual or oral intercourse, just to be sure, in a naughty hiding place, in a secret place or most naturally in the world, such as after the shower. On the legs, between the thighs, the neck, the belly and all your erogenous zones.

Now it's up to you to open the back doors, to secure all the possible combinations one by one. It's up to you to accompany and anticipate the expected gestures and why not to provoke new desires. Discover all our advice on our blog article, how to wear perfume with YESforLVO aphrodisiac perfumes?

Why choose YESforLOV intimate mist?

This natural body perfume is formulated with water and contains very few allergens and alcohol, unlike a typical eau de parfum which contains 80%. Its allergen content is limited in order to be able to perfume your whole body (including private parts) while reducing the risk of allergies, itching or irritation.

Its formula has been tested under gynecological control and on reconstituted mucous membranes in order to prove its harmlessness and its low irritability on the skin and the intimate flora.

This potion to suit your most unmentionable desires has been designed as an intimate toilet, an ideal perfume for sensitive and allergic people.

The intimate mist with the intoxicating scent YESforLOV is particularly well tolerated by people who often come into contact with the sun and is dedicated to those who still have some doubts, but who still want to offer themselves without restraint.

The YESforLOV intimate mist is the best intimate fragrance for women thanks to its composition which aims to be as respectful as possible, but also thanks to its unisex fragrance imagined by a French perfumer. Since its marketing, no comments have been reported to date. Our YESforLOV aphrodisiac mist quivers in advance at the idea of ​​seeing you welcome it.

Is this product vegan and tested on animals?

We confirm that YESforLOV intimate mist is vegan and has not been tested on animals. 

Consumer health, environment and safety have always been an absolute priority for YESforLOV. The defense of the animal cause is just as important.

Since the birth of our brand, no animal testing has been carried out by YESforLOV. Furthermore, in order to analyze the safety and harmlessness of our intimate products, we favor clinical tests on reconstituted human vaginal epithelium.

Is this product safe to use during pregnancy or breastfeeding?

No scientific study has demonstrated any particular risk for pregnant women and their fetus in the use of cosmetic products. Moreover, the international cosmetic regulations in force do not define specific measures, different from those applicable to all consumers. 

When used as indicated, YESforLOV intimate mist does not present any danger or risk for pregnant or breastfeeding women , but we always advise our consumers who have specific questions relating to the use of our products during their pregnancy, to consult their doctor or gynecologist who can guide them. You can also consult our blog article, which cosmetics can be used during pregnancy and which ingredients to avoid during maternity. 

Where do you make the intimate mist?

YESforLOV is a French brand and all our cosmetic products are made in France according to very strict specifications on good manufacturing practices. The intimate mist with an intoxicating scent is made in the south of France.


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