An indecent and crackling massage, would you like to try it? This year, the latest YESforLOV novelty promises to be "terribly refreshing" and it's just right with this historically scorching summer weather.

Benoit Palix, product manager at YESforLOV, introduces you to the latest novelty from the first brand of intimate and erotic cosmetics; a sparkling, refreshing foam that crackles on the skin during a massage and bewitches you with a terribly addictive scent of leather.


The crackling massage foam with an indecent scent! Yes, if you missed our latest news, the YESforLOV team and its band of formulators have developed for you a scented massage foam that vibrates glacially on contact with the skin which has just joined our collection of cosmetics for sensual massage after 18 months of research, development and clinical testing.

The secrets of this new YESforLOV product?

A unique formula that contains a specific complex, delivering a lasting and terribly stimulating sparkling sensation on the skin and an instant feeling of freshness on the skin to make you shiver with pleasure and refresh your bodies in full boiling passion. And not to be overlooked: it does not stick and leaves no residue. Something to give a nice touch of originality and eroticism to your massages, don't you think?

And to sublimate it all, YESforLOV has designed with a nose of French perfumery, a new fragrance based on leather, saffron and amber which naturally prolongs the perfume of the bodies offered without restraint. You will love this trail which lends itself just as well to very kinky erotic atmospheres as to very vanilla moments of love. There is no doubt that its intriguing and assertive fragrance will make you capsize in a universe at the limits of decency.


This is the first time that YESforLOV is committed beyond the borders of French cosmetics. The lack of laboratories available on the market and the technical expertise offered by our Spanish colleagues led us quite naturally to turn to “ made in Spain ”.

As with our “made in France” products, this product has undergone rigorous evaluation before being certified as NON-irritating . Always and this will never change, the safety of our products and respect for your skin are an absolute priority at YESforLOV .

YESforLOV crackling massage foam with an indecent scent has been dermatologically tested. It is vegan and suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive, according to the study conducted by dermatologist Inmaculada Domínguez Fernández.

Inside the aerosol, you can mainly find water, isobutane (a cooling fluid), propane (a colorless gas used as a propellant), a tip of silicone (to provide a long glide duration) and perfume. The formula also contains BHT which is used to stabilize the formula and provide a super long lasting crackle. We did the tests with and without BHT, and the rendering is incomparable. It is also worth remembering that a recent re-evaluation conducted with the FEBEA proves that BHT does not meet the criteria for identification of an endocrine disruptor . Its use is then considered by experts and according to the World Health Organization (WHO) as safe in cosmetic products, including for children. You are right, the BHT concentration is regulated at 0.1% in leave-in products and 0.5% in rinse-outs. For our part, the formula of our crackling foam contains 0.00039%, i.e. more than two hundred times less than the cosmetic regulations in force . Reassured?


This sensual foam, you can use it at any time of the day and night, in all your moments of love and complicity, alone or with others, but only on the skin . Unfortunately, this product is not compatible with your mucous membranes, so avoid using the product on intimate and internal areas . You just need to relax and give yourself a little good time. You can lie down, alone or accompanied, before starting to use it.

For the rest nothing could be simpler, the foam is easy to use. Just shake the bottle and spray a little foam directly on the skin or at intervals in the palm of your hand . Then you can massage the most sensual in the world and have fun with the crackling of this indecent foam. Take advantage of this experience to delight yourself, refresh yourself, caress yourself and above all take maximum pleasure by renewing the experience concerned as you wish before moving on or not to other love games.

Ideal for sharing a moment of relaxation with your partner, for a unique love experience, for freeing yourself from the traditional pattern of massage, this YESforLOV novelty is finally waiting for you to make you quiver with pleasure and shiver with excitement. . For us, it 's the perfect sensual play accessory to spice up your long villainous naps and your romantic summer evenings.

Massage aficionados, amorous experience lovers and loyal YESforLOV ambassadors, help us obtain the Marie France well-being grand prize with YESforLOV crackling massage foam. Online voting for the “People's Favorite” category will be launched on November 3 and will last until November 28. We are counting on your support and until then, have fun and do not hesitate to share your opinion on this new product.