Omnipresent until the quarantine, love becomes with time, a formidable realism. A pivotal moment rather critical than this living environment faced by our seniors. In this inevitable advance of life towards a smooth aging and a more distant old age, it is now or never to rhyme love and always, to maintain or rekindle the flame of feelings and desires which waver; it's still time to recognize a certain discrepancy in our sexual appetites and to reinvent new desires and pleasures, new love relationships that are more complicit and more playful. It is finally the strong moment to throw to the nettles the obligation and the performance and in particular among the seniors who claim a second sexual youth .


Fifty, sixty years or even more... and 20 years in the head! Seniors all have lots of plans, desires and intend to take advantage of the years they have left to live to satisfy them. It's even better to say that nearly 75% of them would maintain a satisfactory and fulfilling sexuality despite the vagaries of life. The danger of ill-being lurks, however, because the libido is a whole story not to be missed.

In their forties , a large number of women say they are sexually fulfilled and much more so than at age 20. As you approach fifty , the whims of human nature begin to take their toll: hormonal imbalances multiply with the resulting mechanical and psychological consequences. If you add a big pinch of routine and stress to the pot of everyday life, the account is good and then the big lack of desires and the absence of pleasures settle. Fortunately, our elders do not allow themselves to be overwhelmed. Since life requires them to push the limits of age, might as well make the wise choice to adapt to the constraints: less hormones? Never mind, it will be more eroticism! To be more comfortable, let's say serenely and affectionately that seniors have the necessary maturity to know what they like and that they give their sexuality the boost it needs when the time is right.

After fifty, the threat of feeling bad about yourself and of aging badly is not to be neglected and it is indeed the fault of the hormones that disturb the routine or the comfort of our sex life: testosterone, estrogen and progesterone, DHEA produced by the adrenal glands. However, it would be simplistic to justify the sexual behavior of seniors by the hormonal secretions of their organism alone. Sexuality is much more complex with the lack of communication within the couple, the poor self-image due to the inevitable changes in the silhouette. All these annoyances are more than enough to reduce the desire to please and to cut off any desire for sex in both of them. Regaining self-confidence , giving time to your partner are so many little everyday things that greatly help to reconnect sensually with the other .

While at 20, desire takes its essence in the wildest fantasies, 50s are in a new intimate world that sees sexual stimulation skilfully take over. It is then up to everyone to get a new, more precise, positive, pleasant and fulfilling idea of new and innovative amorous pleasures . The reward will be commensurate with the interest you have shown in your quest for love: some couples have not made love for a long time, while others continue to do so until they no longer thirst. All the studies show it: the greater the sexual activity , the longer it lasts. A word of advice to sex lovers who value their happiness: never stop making love, no matter what your worries.


Composed of glands scattered throughout the body, the endocrine system fulfills a wide variety of functions through the hormones that act on our cells. Sexual activity, stress, the rhythm between wakefulness and sleep are directly affected. During our natural aging, the system slows down and inevitably has repercussions: the decline of sex hormones is inevitable, but the ravages of time are not tragic for all that. The drop in secretion of female hormones during menopause is well known, but other hormones are also involved, such as testosterone in men. The greatest endocrine consequence of this onset of aging concerns the menopause , which signals the cessation of menstruation and fertility for Madame. The vast majority of women go through menopause between the ages of 48 and 56 and this is a normal and physiological evolution. The drop in female hormones is the result of symptoms of very variable intensity: unnoticed for some and a source of discomfort for others.

At the heart of these symptoms linked to hormonal imbalance, hot flashes in the face, neck and chest with the added bonus of redness of the skin and often very profuse sweating are very unpleasant to experience for the majority of women in this condition. mechanism of menopause. Genital and urinary disorders , linked to the drop in estrogen levels, also lead to shrinkage of the tissues of the vulva and vagina as well as a decrease in vaginal lubrication leading to dryness and possible pain during sexual intercourse. This vaginal dryness unfortunately promotes a significant loss of female libido . What to do?

Discomfort, burning, pain spoil the pleasure of making love. To fight against this, you can try local treatments like our intimate serum which relieves vulvar dryness and helps alleviate all these intimate discomforts. Moisturizing intimate lubricants can also be applied at the entrance to the vagina and at the level of the vulva. Do not hesitate, ladies and gentlemen, to integrate our erotic cosmetics into your beauty ritual and intimate comfort.



Until the quarantine, the question of well-being in love does not really arise. With the knowledge of our body and our needs , we know where we are going on the path to happiness and sexual desire. We still know how to please ourselves and to please the other by calling on our qualities to better erase our faults. We are then at the maximum of our capacities to give and to receive.

At 50, it's less in our ropes and faced with the observation of a nascent decline, we only have one happy outcome, and that is our steel will to want to stay young at all costs. which outweighs any other hassle. To stay young in our head, in our skin and in our life, is to cheerfully pass the milestone of fifty without noticing it.

Life is far from being a calm river, it is punctuated with great joys and heavy sorrows. So, in this fifties which opens up a new path of life and sex for us, the best thing is to play down what can be, to live intensely the present and to fill up with all the positive emotions that circulate in us and around us. from U.S. La vie en rose is a lure but yes, a thousand times yes to the small and great pleasures of existence for our personal balance, both physical and mental.

Since our sexuality is a circle that wants to be virtuous, let's spare it and give it every chance to be rich and happy. We recommend that you make love with patience and slowly , obviously in slow sex mode. To slow down aging, it is important to stay in good physical and mental shape. Physically, because making love is real sport, and sport practiced regularly and reasonably, can only do good for our cardiovascular system. Even better, it would delay, but without supporting evidence, the appearance of dreaded neurological diseases! Psychologically, the feeling of love, the tenderness associated with it and orgasm provide a great deal of pleasure. A single watchword therefore: never give up sex , make love at any age, even the oldest. Without falling into an unhealthy obsession to the contrary. Making love is the best medicine.

Small downside to these beautiful prospects: do not tempt the devil and do not try to make love like at 20 years old. With age, you have to adapt: we all gain in knowledge what we have necessarily lost in physical capacity. Pleasure can only succeed if there is full participation in the couple: it is up to the latter to break the codes of lost youth, to change roles, to move from active to receptive according to affinities. It's up to you to agree on the moments of caresses and the initiatives to take. At 50 and over, love reinvents itself in the coolest and most “slow” attitude possible.



Sensuality and complicity in romantic relationships are the keys to happiness for two.

For each other

  1. Encourage two by interposed massages and caresses , the erection of one and the lubrication of the other which require with age a little more time. Do not hesitate to take a look at our range of intimate lubricants .
  2. Extend the foreplay together and rediscover the pleasure of caresses and kisses, moments of relaxation, tenderness and intimacy. For you, “Mammy boomers” and “Papy boomers”, still young in your mind, we invite you to discover our massage candles and our lu brifiant integral massage .
  3. Reinvent your sexual relationship. Sexuality cannot be reduced to penetration and age in no way prohibits discoveries and innovations with regard to sex.
  4. Vary the pleasures for two, with fellatio, cunnilingus, masturbation of your partner.
  5. So test with two people, out of curiosity if you haven't already done so and for fun, the sex toys , stimulating gels and pleasure extenders that will catch your eye and elsewhere. They will get you out of the routine very quickly and take you to new sensations.
  6. Discuss as a couple: communication in the couple is a promise of lasting happiness . Let each confide in the other their joys but also their sorrows and their frustrations.

To take care of yourself

  1. Facing the mirror, accept yourself as you are, whatever the mirror sends back to you. Don't belittle yourself.
  2. Try to manage your daily stress. Smile at life instead of laughing out loud.
  3. Maintain good physical and mental shape . It's the best way to stay desirable.
  4. Always believe in love: sex at 50 and over is tenderness, self-esteem, confidence, respect and attachment to others. With a little patience, the rest will come naturally. Don't give up on sex. Kill your worries and troubles by making love!

One last push

Eat better and of quality . Make an effort to regularly prepare an anti-aging plate. Healthy and rich in antioxidant compounds, it is a weighty ally. An article written by a nutritionist and devoted to food is available on our blog.

“Everyone wants to live long but no one wants to get old”
(Jonathan Swift 1667-1745)

Seniors, elders, old or old? No need to flatter egos and hand out top prizes. We are all in the same bath of life and we have our dreams and worries there. What greater happiness could we wish everyone than to love as long as possible? Live, love, age happily and in good health, what more could you ask for? There is no age to make love. Let's not make the mistake of giving up sex which is our survival of happiness. Our sexuality does not end with aging. At any age, one is perfectly capable of desiring and arousing desire. For many couples, at the dawn of their fifties or a little later and it is all to their benefit, the time has come for an intimate reunion for two. Disagreement and wear and tear are not allowed, the long lived in common, the reciprocal trust, the mutual attachment and the knowledge of the other make it possible to reconnect with the desire despite the passage of time. It is the indestructible rock of a sexuality that always wants to be fulfilled.

It's up to everyone to do everything to preserve until the end of the night of time that we live the autonomy that leads us so joyfully straight to love.