My name is Myriam Braiki, I am a sexologist and couple therapist.
For several weeks, YESforLOV and I have been working together on themes dedicated to the art of loving. The idea is to bring you my skills and my experience in “sexology”. Videos, thematic articles, specific focuses will emerge. All will deal with sexuality and the pleasures of love.

This collaboration with the YESforLOV brand aims to accompany you, support you and help you achieve your goals in terms of intimacy: sexual fulfillment, a liberated love life, an erotic intimate life. Arouse enthusiasm and desire, discover new practices, move towards new pleasures. Together, we will be able to discover the art of loving and explore the field of possibilities. Want to know a little about me? It's normal. So here is my interview.

Myriam, why did you choose the “sex” course as a professional career?

The human relationship as a whole has always fascinated me. My professional career has always been in this direction: educator and then specialist educator for 15 years, I then trained in positive psycho-sexology and couple therapy . I have always been intrigued by the subject and convinced that a Satisfying intimacy was integral to a fulfilling mental, emotional, and physical life. I am very sensitive to the well-being of people.

Sexuality is still a difficult subject to discuss today. For many, the sources of information are the entourage, social networks and the Internet. Unfortunately, much of the information is approximate, devoid of benevolence, inappropriate, encouraging pure performance, guilt-ridden or simply incorrect.

My vision of the profession of sexologist is to offer a space for words, a benevolent listening, without judgment or critical look . This is focused on your uniqueness, your story and your individuality: expectations, needs, objectives, blocking points or difficulties; all at an adapted and personalized pace.

Myriam, what is your mission as a "Sexologist and Therapist for couples"?

At the practice, I invite each person accompanied to write their own sexual history : everyone is steeped in their upbringing (family, cultural, religious, etc.), with their share of prejudices and a priori ; in particular on the roles and behaviors that each other must have in matters of intimacy and sexuality. Moreover, everyone finds himself more or less influenced by the society in which he evolves, by its dictates, its norms which bind us and impose on us what this intimacy "should be".

My main mission is to deconstruct all of this to leave room for the freedom to choose and build one's own sexuality , according to one's needs, desires, fantasies, without any shame or guilt.

I like to unravel these dictates, these norms of society, with which we must evolve. Each person, each body is unique and no sexual and/or love story is identical. There are no norms when it comes to sexuality; I therefore accompany each person individually to discover, create, live their sexuality, and to assume it. Because it's what makes her happy.

Myriam, why did you choose to collaborate with YESforLOV?

YESforLOV is an interesting and trusted brand. The products offered are gynecologically tested, respectful of anatomy, allergen-free, but also very innovative.
And it's a French brand advocating a refined, playful, elegant art of loving. Terribly French, in short.

The quality of YESforLOV products is undeniable . I trust this brand. I use it for my own intimate life and do not hesitate to recommend it in my professional life, because it is THE brand of intimate well-being cosmetics.

Finally, I like its modernity, its seriousness and the quality of its range; this is what makes it unique.

Myriam, what are your principles and values for success in this profession?

Hmmm… I would say that there are 3 values that are important, even essential, and that I share with all my patients at each consultation:

  • Kindness and open-mindedness

Each person comes with their story, experiences, strengths and weaknesses. I therefore accompany each individual starting from where he is in order to walk with him, where he wants to go. There is no standard in sexuality , just the one that resonates with each of us. Neutrality and no judgment are my watchwords.

  • Respect and cordiality

I guarantee the confidentiality of the exchanges. I make sure to create a cordial, respectful and sufficiently intimate relationship to allow my patients to express themselves in all simplicity and in all transparency or frankness.

  • Trust

I aspire to forge bonds of trust with those I welcome to my office. For me, this is the essential basis for quality and profitable work that leads to the success of this therapeutic alliance.

Myriam, what is your greatest pride to date?

If we talk about professional pride, I would answer without hesitation the release of my Logbook of intimate travel , and the culmination of a particularly interesting and inspiring long project.

This is a sex education notebook for adults, an ultra-private introspection diary to note down one's fantasies, measure one's libido, verbalize one's desires, and lay down in black and white the little secrets of one's intimacy.

It is available for sale on the YESforLOV website. And the little extra is that I can dedicate it for you, and personalize it according to your personality!

Myriam, one last question: where can we find you?

You can find me, individually, at my sexology practice or contact me directly by phone.

You will find all the useful information and practical terms on my website .

See you soon. Myriam.