What an exceptional moment to live to have one day to declare your flame to the loved one. To all the budding lovers and the cupids of tomorrow: what if we invented from scratch the best way to express your feelings to him?

It's never too late for "I love you" when they come from the heart. A declaration of love can only be superb and fantastic if it is sincere, if it expresses this overflow of feelings which jostle each other deep down. Magical and full of audacity is this avalanche of words, each more explosive than the other, which sprinkles a hand-sewn love letter. Nerdy, the declaration of love of yesteryear? Probable, given its age, but the handwritten love letter of today really has nothing to envy to that of yesteryear. Being able to cry out one's emotions freely, write them down and say them elegantly to the loved one is a superb opportunity. to spice up and tighten the ties that unite you to each other.

The gluttony of feelings should not make us forget the wisdom of the heart and the mind, this letter of love “handmade” by writing  (and why not "sound" by the voice message that could possibly accompany it), by its sincerity will never be erased and will remain as much for the author as for the recipient the unique testimony of a nascent love in perpetual renewal. It's not nothing and it's so heartwarming that we decided to help you write it. To celebrate Valentine's Day with dignity (or not), you can send it as you wish and at the time that seems most favorable to you: before February 14 if you feel like it, unless you concoct at your partner a surprise size for this beautiful Valentine's Day weekend which promises to be much warmer this year?


The main rule: stay authentic and put words to the truth of your feelings

Ah, that love that thuds inside of you… Not easy to describe, is it? Not easy for each of you to declare your love for the one you love so much. Not easy to write black on white this blaze of feelings which jostle you and animate you.

Valentine's Day is really the time to empty your head of clutter and send doubts and the fear of not being up to the event to hell. True love is a separate feeling because it can only be born and live if it is grandiose in its authenticity and in its sharing. So be careful in the process before rushing head and heart forward: be authentic and true in your feelings. True love is not eternal far from it and that's fine that way, but if it turns out to be deep and sincere, it can only play for lovers all the extensions that will be asked of it.

A message of love is tender words and fair words

Too bad for Victor Hugo who dared to affirm in his time that to love was to know how to say I love you without speaking . Times are changing: words like words have a real place in the declaration or the message of love to be imagined for the loved one. Poet, you are… or not. What does it matter! You the lover, you will necessarily become one by the strength and the intoxication of this love which transports you. To write a love letter straight from the heart, you need to put time and love into it .

What will make your declaration of love on unstamped paper a messenger with crazy charm with all these imperfections in which you will humanly fall, is the tenderness of your words and the power of your words . It is really time to take up the quill of the schoolboy of yesteryear or the “in” pen of modern times. The depth of your feelings is in your heart and you will first have to write it down in black and white. Be convinced: there will be nothing more successful in the content of your message than this unpredictable, non-computerized, humanly fragile side that we advise you to give it. Warm must indeed be this high-risk approach towards the loved one and you will have to put your little shoes in bigger ones if you really want to convince.

Have no illusions, however, your statement will not be sufficient on its own and it was never intended to be. It is obvious that you will not have said everything in this letter, it is mission impossible but the words that you will have put there constitute in themselves a unique treasure of authenticity and truth . This challenge is also a challenge, it is an exercise in finding words that are easy to find since they come from the heart but out of modesty are more difficult to put down on paper.

Between lyricism, poetry and the more down-to-earth reality of everyday life, it is up to each person to find the right balance to put the best of their life ingredients into their love letter : at the other end of the chain of love, the loved one will fully appreciate the message intended for him.


There's nothing like a pretty paper with a fine texture and discreetly scented to put later in a personalized surprise envelope, to start the first steps of this warm building site of love.

The bathroom mirror is also a great medium for conveying your most secret words. You can use a lipstick or our cherry-flavored body pencil to write on it whatever you want. Be careful, however, to handle the lipstick with elegance and dexterity at the risk of clumsiness launching hostilities not planned in the program and declaring war on it, which is far from being our goal, quite the contrary.

A handwritten declaration of love is a plunge into the unknown. It's the freedom and the courage to say in words all the love that one has for the other, so you might as well do it without a filter, without the possibility of erasing, in handwritten mode so that it's gross of authenticity . True words, only true words, the rest is just poetry.

These words, so tender and so sweet are for some so difficult to put down on paper that the voice message can be a solution to make the unique testimony of a magical love . These words that are there in your head as in your heart, say them to him by voice or video messages. This retro and digital mix may win you the day. It's up to you to play the precursors of tomorrow, it's up to you to make this declaration the expression of your wildest feelings!



In the hubbub of text messages, social networks and Snapchat, the love letter does not want to become a relic of a bygone past. Otherwise, it will have to be considered from now on as a fantastic and marvelous relic because it has sacred resources for the future, this champion of feelings! The amorous missive is still today a fantastic mountain of emotions. It takes effort to reach the top. Avoid text messages, answering machine messages, emojis; there is better and much more tender to write and to say to the loved one , no varnish to put or whatever in the decor to shout his love, no digital or computer synthesis to do for the feelings of the most heart true. These feelings are demanding but unique and you will have to carry them, transfer them where they belong, as close as possible to the loved one: no matter the jerky or shaky writing, no matter if it is scribbled, Doesn't matter if it's decorated with a few spelling mistakes. In the age of everything connected, the love letter has nothing formatted and doesn't care much about conventions of use .

Your love letter, your romantic audio or your love missive is finished and ready to be sent? Phew, the hard part is done. But before his surprise arrival, there is still a step to win: How are you going to send him this beautiful declaration of love and how do you get it to the one you love so much? It's up to you to play gently, with finesse and originality so that the sending of your love letter, which you have courageously undertaken, does not turn into a fiasco. The recipient is well-known but the way to send it is still vague. Here are some classic ideas for getting your return to the right destination:

  • Accomplice but without surprise, you can slip your love letter into a box of chocolate or into a magnificent bouquet of "themed" flowers that you will have carefully prepared with your florist. We automatically forget the bouquets ready to offer and we concoct on the other hand our personal bouquet halfway between our own feelings and the favorite flowers of the loved one.
  • You can just as well put your little declaration of love in the bedroom , under the pillow that is patiently waiting for its mistress, in the handbag at your own risk and peril if it's a forbidden zone... It's really the moment to turn the neurons in the right direction and to create the buzz at its best.
  • Likely to approach the loved one nicely, we take the liberty, without any particular ambition, of launching you on a few tracks likely to hold his attention: the personal vehicle is one of the richest to dig into because it is a bit like his second home, his another refuge of daily intimacy between personal life and professional life. Manage to retrieve the keys to his car and tastefully place your letter in the driver's seat. Nothing also prevents you from delivering a YESforLOV package containing our best erotic cosmetics, accompanied by a personalized message that you can write when validating your basket . At our offices, Pauline will take great care of your declaration of love to transcribe on embossed paper the best of what you want!
The YESforLOV intimate hide-and-seek kit to write your most beautiful statements on the body in invisible ink

The YESforLOV intimate hide-and-seek kit to write your most beautiful statements on the body in invisible ink

Hello, YESforLOV? Ideas for naughty products to write my love letter?

Of course we have YESforLOV intimate hide-and-seek kit ! The hide-and-seek kit is a steamy and naughty game that contains a marker with fluorescent but invisible ink and a black light torch . As a duo, this naughty game full of subtleties opens up to you, according to your affinities, all the opportunities and complicity to write (and why not write yourself solo) on your skin the most secret words that come to mind.
Inch by inch, the torch sweeps across skin, lifting limbs, turning pages and revealing words. The love treasure hunt is on. The message is hidden anywhere, it's up to you to find it! The game is on and the candles are flickering! Two shadows intertwined in the darkness of an accomplice bed play the hottest, most thrilling of love scenes in an undertone. This 100% YESforLOV declaration of love defies digital technology without making it an enemy! It simply wants to be humanly modern, original, sensual without being excessive.

The paper darkens over time, it ages but it resists beautifully to the passage of time. So yes, the very first love letter you decide to send to your loved one is unique, irreplaceable over time, indestructible if you take great care of it.

She remains for life the privileged witness of an exceptional love. Over time and by force of life events that we cannot control, the declaration of love of happy days becomes the nanny who remembers your good memories. Contrary to computer files and express messages from smartphones which disappear without qualms, the love letter is called upon to live its life according to the boss more often than not, and the boss more rarely: for the better as for the less good, rich in memories of yesteryear, nostalgic for a youth that fled far too quickly. It is the richness of the heart that rules, even if it were tinged with melancholy. It's a precious treasure to keep in this world that seems as ephemeral as an “Instagram Story” with no great future. Much later, the love letter will find the place it deserves in the little museum you will have, smiles and melancholy mixed together, open to all the winds of a bygone past. Memories memories.

To conclude on a high note, isn't it easier to say like Georges Sand, “that happiness in life is to love and be loved” whatever the moment!