Sensual discovery of oneself, sexual exploration and solitary recognition of one's own sensory pleasures, male masturbation has long been considered a temptation that should not be succumbed to. That time is long gone even if the art of masturbating still does not have this perfectly golden image that we would like to give it. Rest assured, venture into these new sensations has no chance of driving you crazy like have it yet long led to believe our Western beliefs. Since the end of the 1930s, this other approach to sexuality has nevertheless gradually made its way within our society, which is so finicky, to the point of finally finding its place there and being fully accepted.

For you alone or as a couple, well-controlled masturbation will bring you moments of pleasure that you are far from suspecting. Onanism, which includes all the individual practices of penis stimulation, is very often involved in our first orgasm, it is an easy, fast and accessible way to pleasure. Better still: it proves to be a sacred companion of pleasure throughout the sexual life of the human being, in his pleasures alone as in his shared pleasures and this at least 3 times a week according to a Womanizer survey carried out with 6,000 people.

If many studies lift the veil on the real frequency of masturbation, it is just as important to understand its benefits and the associated risks. YESforLOV introduces you to male pleasure, to the discovery of the benefits of masturbation, to the art of "taking control" of your pleasure where it is found most naturally in the world. And it was high time to fix it.

Masturbation, a pleasure and benefits

Masturbation, a pleasure and benefits

Male masturbation concerns more or less any individual endowed with a penis, from the bibs of childhood to the torments of delayed old age. Infant masturbation would allow the child to relax, to reassure himself , to provide him with pleasant sensations. Masturbation can be shared, in pairs or more, in the bathroom, in the bedroom, out of sight, regardless of sexual orientation and family situation. Whether alone or as a couple, masturbation is available to everyone without exception or at least to those who are willing to learn about this practice of sex that is off the beaten track. Here, there is no room for taboos and prohibitions, no shame to feel, no embarrassment to have, it's all natural . Let it be said loud and clear! Regular masturbation does not present any danger , it is only there to satisfy desires , to give pleasure alone or in pairs, to comfort the human being in his well-being and his sexual fulfillment always in search of new pleasures .

In adulthood, masturbation is obviously an erotic practice whose main purpose is this famous ejaculation which sometimes triggers the orgasm so desired and sought after! What beautiful surprises, what beautiful virtues in this masturbation for men and it's really time to take an interest in it!

The 5 unsuspected benefits of male masturbation

1. It promotes the release of endorphins . In the rest of the warrior after orgasm, it brings a real feeling of maximum physical and mental well-being .

2. It is a powerful anxiolytic , the most natural muscle relaxant and antidepressant.

3. It fights the stress and anxiety of an oppressive daily life. Source of such a welcome letting go !

4. It allows you to discover and explore your body to know it better both in its limits and in its desires. She guides you and takes you to new pleasures for intense and constantly renewed orgasms.

5. Masturbation can also remedy a decrease in libido in the couple , it helps to balance the reciprocity of desires and desires of each . If consent is essential in any romantic relationship, you are indeed the only master of your pleasures alone!

When vice and calculated risks mingle with the pleasure of male masturbation

When vice and calculated risks mingle with the pleasure of male masturbation

Very urgent physical need? This is indeed the only vice with which masturbation can possibly be decked out and with it so that the package is complete, the state of mind and its morality locked. Nothing more to negative about masturbation. To top it off, let's say that it is a practice that can easily be implemented with impunity, and even more so during health crises. Unusual anecdote: the New York public health agency (NY-DOH) has recommended that Americans masturbate to avoid the spread of Sras-Cov-2! You are your safest partner and, let it be said everywhere, masturbation does not spread Covid-19. It is even strongly recommended since it seems to help boost the production of immunoglobulins 1 , a natural defense that fights the flu and colds. If you didn't know, now remember that masturbation reduces the risk of developing prostate cancer . Many studies on this subject confirm this.

Long considered a substitute for common sexual relations, masturbation builds above all a vector of independence and autonomy , of well-being also for all those who suffer from loneliness, for all those who are curious enough to discover of their own body and awaken their sexual awareness. At the other end of the line of reasoning, however, nothing has been proven to date regarding the potential risks of repeated masturbation.

Your imagination, your main danger in the face of masturbation?

It may be true! First of all, make sure that you do not harm yourself in all that you carry of morals and principles in relation to your sexuality, and the sexuality of your partner if you are in a relationship. Satisfying a sexual need alone is not illegal and it is perfectly healthy in body and mind, but in a couple you are two to live and love; then, sharing your intimacy and the erotic moments that you give each other is essential for the ambient vitality of your couple if not for its long-term survival. Everything must be done without getting rid of a perfect agreement. Your partner deserves all these pleasures of sex just as much, whether or not they happen alone or in pairs, whatever. What is essential is to seek the perfect balance for two for the best of pleasures under the duvet. So yes, solo masturbation can be great, as long as it doesn't harm the other person in any way . It's out of the question to play on your own and put your couple in difficulty: when it comes to sex, pleasure must be shared, complicit and not one-sided, to preserve all this wonderful sensual dimension of the pleasures of body and mind.

In masturbation, it is the mechanical act in its great natural banality that could pose a problem when it should automatically impose itself as the superb means of exploring all the erogenous zones of man: the testicles , the glans or the P-spot, all ready to accompany us in the rise of sensations, to tell us everything about our own caresses, to identify those we adore in order to better eliminate those we like less. Attention, too repeated, masturbation can become dangerous for the health of the couple , creating a certain imbalance, a loss of connection with the body of the other, imposing too much distance in the reports and the exchanges in love. So it's a massive "Yes" to male and female masturbation, but under conditions. And how about a real package joyfully combining the erotic jousts of male and female masturbation , solitary masturbation... that we share?

Unlike the fairer sex, the visual experience is very often the key to male enjoyment : erotic video, porn magazine of all kinds, walks on the Web, there is really something to work and fantasize about. Be careful, however, not to develop obsessive compulsive disorder, an addiction that is mechanically repeated again and again.

Excess porn is not safe with masturbation

In high doses, the latter implicitly encourages you to seek something that will excite us even more, and without warning, the routine in your sexuality settles in slyly , without making noise. Your imagination is extinguished , and curiously, your desires and the excitement that goes with them vanish, everything is at half mast. Beyond the risks of addiction , orgasm can become very mechanical to finally lose power and this can have a real impact on sexual relations . If you feel unwell while practicing masturbation or a feeling of shame and guilt that becomes too much to bear, do not hesitate to talk about it in confidence with a sex therapist who will be of great help to you.

Did you know ? In 2019, according to a study conducted by IFOP and ELLE magazine, 95% of men have already masturbated at least once in their life. Never before have so many French women succumbed to the joys of onanism; 76% admit to having already masturbated during their life, against barely 19% in 1970 (Simon Report). Are women in the lead in this regard? Not yet since only 14% of them today admit to masturbating “often”, against 28% of men .

It's acquired: masturbation is good in solo as in duo. Each in turn or in sync if it does not harm the couple's self-esteem and sustainable development. The man has every interest in masturbating to relieve his sexual urges: he thus learns to control himself to better play with his desires, his sensations and his excitement. Over time, he feels more confident in his real abilities.

At YESforLOV, everything that can help to increase and prolong the excitement are avenues explored with curiosity and perseverance. Nothing is more traumatic than not knowing how to control yourself. Exercising alone to make the pleasure last longer for two, for the best of one's own sexuality and the sexuality of the other, for the great happiness of the couple in vogue or in the making, this may prove to be the real reason to exist from a masturbation - masculine as well as feminine - doomed to beautiful promises!