Within the couple, touch is a marvelous way to develop one's sensitivity and to open up to one's sensuality. It is one of the most beautiful human languages, in addition to being one of the most important. Body contact is an essential means of communication to get to know the other. This privileged contact in the greatest intimacy, this particular attention paid to the body of one's partner not only makes it possible to re-tame one's body, but also to discover that of the other.

Sensual massage is a form enriched by touch: it encourages listening to your partner, their needs and participates fully in their well-being. A true moment of relaxation and calming – for the person giving the massage as well as for the person receiving it – it allows a special connection between the two partners and establishes an unbreakable bond, even strengthening the couple for a long time!

To offer a sensual massage to your partner, you don't need to be an expert. But how to prepare this intimate bubble to take full advantage of this special moment of complicity? How to choose the right massage oil? And how do you know which are the right gestures and the right areas to massage? Here are some tips to guide you and help you perform your massage in all sensuality.



To begin a massage, make sure your partner is fully available and willing to receive it. Offer to relax with a hot water bath to share with two, in order to gently open an intimate bubble in which there is only her/him and you.

Choose an intimate and quiet place where you cannot be disturbed: the bedroom, the living room, the bathroom. The room must be warm enough (22-23°C) so that you can take off your clothes without your partner feeling cold. Soft, subdued lighting invites you to relax and helps create a warm atmosphere conducive to relaxation .

Now that the place is well chosen, the preparation of your partner is just as important; so that he enters gently into this intimate moment, it is necessary to start the awakening of his senses and particularly hearing and smell. For this, the choice of a musical atmosphere must be found: a calm and soft musical playlist that invites romance, or simply a playlist that your partner appreciates to relax.

Also remember to perfume the room with a smell that your partner is not necessarily used to; this will encourage him to enter a new atmosphere that he does not know, and therefore a new moment of discovery. At YESforLOV, our LOV'space aphrodisiac Perfume Diffuser is ideal for creating a sensual and intimate atmosphere during your moments of shared complicity. For an atmosphere halfway between sensuality and the eroticism of the senses, choose between the maddening or enveloping fragrance available and provided free of charge in this perfume diffuser box. And its little extra is that it also acts as a lamp to illuminate the bodies with their sensuality.

If you prefer an even more romantic atmosphere, YESforLOV has imagined massage candles for you with maddening and intoxicating scents , ideal for perfuming the room, titillating your partner's sense of smell, illuminating your tender movements with their vibrant lights and then transforming themselves. in contact with the skin into a massage oil deliciously heated by the flame you have lit.

Between atmosphere diffuser and massage candle, all you have to do is choose the one that will invite itself into the sanctuary of your moments shared in all sensuality!


The choice of a good massage oil is essential for a successful massage. This reinforces the effects of the massage and increases its benefits tenfold. Its touch must be pleasant and its texture must also allow the massaging fingers to glide while being able to "catch" the skin to perform rolling and pressure on the muscles. On the market, many massage oils are offered to you, with sometimes dubious compositions and ineffective virtues. It is therefore sometimes difficult to find your way around. This is why at YESforLOV we have a wide range of products dedicated to massage , all respectful of your skin and specially designed for its hydration, regeneration and of course the pleasure of massage. Let us guide you in your choice!

- We have imagined and developed for you the best Massage Oil , both sensual and effective . Its texture is light, non-greasy and its huge plus: it does not stain clothes or sheets , enough to take full advantage of this moment together without worrying about getting it everywhere. It is enriched with vegetable oils chosen with care for their softening and electrifying virtues , but also for their toning and aphrodisiac powers .

- We told you about it a little earlier, the YESforLOV massage candle has been designed to be a real massage oil. Formulated with vegetable waxes and essentially composed of natural oils , it softens and regenerates the skin . Its delicate texture with a non-greasy touch does not burn and transforms into a warm and creamy body oil , ideal for a magical, naughty and revitalizing massage. Its little extra is its spout for easy use and its lid for easy and safe extinguishing of your candle, thus guaranteeing perfect preservation of the fragrance and complete protection against dust.

- For the greediest, if you want to add taste and flavor to your special tasting, we offer our Gourmet Massage Lubricant which easily adapts to the practice of intimate massage, oral sex or penetration. Soft, soothing and kissable , this vaginal massage lubricant is an absolute must that will only be available to the most desirous of you. Between peach-apricot or pineapple-green tea , you just have to choose!



Once the invitation to the massage has been accepted, before starting the massage and in order not to take the risk of tensing your partner during the first contact on his skin, it is essential to warm your hands . Pass them under hot water for a few seconds, take the opportunity to wash them if you haven't already done so and dry them with a clean towel. The contact with your warm hands will make your partner's muscles relax much more easily . And it's so nice to receive a warm, comforting touch from each other!

If your partner is relaxed and their body perfectly relaxed, their muscles will be much better able to receive the massage and fully benefit from it . To help your partner relax, a warm shower or a relaxing bath can be very effective. You can also run a washcloth soaked in hot water over his back , tapping slowly to give the muscles time to relax.

Install your partner comfortably, place a thin cushion under his neck, and plan a few towels to place under the hips, knees and ankles.

Everything is now ready for the massage to begin. Above all, keep in mind that the massage is a moment of exchange and sharing: therefore maintain the connection between you regularly , communicate, speak to him calmly and gently – whisper for example – to make sure that everything is fine. Listen to him and do not hesitate to ask him his preferences . If you hesitate in your first steps, ask him to guide you . Always give in to your cravings for what is right and good for your partner. It is in this sense that he will be able to really take advantage of this moment which is dedicated to him. Of course, getting a massage does not mean consenting to sexual intercourse: do not touch your partner's private parts without first obtaining their consent.



Here we get to the heart of the matter. If you have never performed a massage before or if you are not a very manual or very tactile person and your hands are not recognized for their talent as masseuses, then here is a short guide to the good practices of sensual massage and body that should fix it.

What areas can be massaged? Just about anywhere there is muscle, tendons and nerves just waiting to be relaxed. The shoulders and the back are the rather "easy" areas to massage, but do not neglect the neck, the arms, the belly - if your partner agrees -, the thighs, the calves and especially the feet, vectors of all the global nervous balance of our body. Avoid massaging the spine, stay around, along the bones. Position yourself close to your partner's head, or at his side. You can also sit on his butt if he doesn't mind. Here we go !

1. Start at the shoulders and neck

These are the best areas to gradually bring your partner into a moment of relaxation. Begin slowly and gently massaging the top of the spine , just below the neck. Then go up towards the neck and massage the area with small circular movements. Focus on where the neck and shoulders connect, paying particular attention to the outline of the shoulder blade . Gently, slowly massage the base of the skull, often a source of tension, with your thumb and your fingertips.

2. Then massage the back

Hands in a triangle (palms open, index and thumbs together), go up from the lower back to the neck. Go through the shoulders, slide up to the arms, then back down along the sides to the base of the back. Repeat this movement 3 times, very light at first, then more and more supported. Then repeat this movement, this time one hand after the other: the left hand starts alone then once the shoulders are reached, the right hand enters the dance and follows the movement of the left hand. Using the fingertips with the open hand, follow the outline of the shoulder blade. Finish by lightly pressing your lower back and buttocks with your palms open.

3. Massage the back of the legs down to the feet

Start with a kneading motion, going down the leg with medium pressure, up and down and down, repeating it two or three times. Exert good pressure on the feet to avoid tickling sensitivity on the base of the heel by following the outer edge of the foot to the base of the big toe, and this for each toe. Finish by pressing down on each of the toes. For the feet, use the oil in abundance to allow a better glide and avoid the discomfort that your partner could feel in this rather sensitive area.

4. Finish with the areas that your partner wants or those that you want to dwell on

Then gradually slow down the rubbing movements. Make long, uniform and very slow movements with the palms of your hands and go over all the points you have just massaged again to end the massage session gently.


Depending on the intensity of your sensual massage and the tension you create between you and your partner, the session can quickly drift into a much more intimate relationship, from foreplay to lovemaking. At that point, why not introduce the game to push the massage a little further ? Because yes, at YESforLOV, we like to play! And for that we have everything planned.

- If we had to name only one product to continue your massage towards the most intimate and erogenous zones, it would be the Integral Lubricant Massage , a 3-in-1 massage oil specially designed for your naughtiest caresses and your foreplay. It is both edible, ideal for massaging erogenous zones and also turns into a lubricant! The perfect massage oil to introduce you to tantric massage. To learn more about the practice of tantric massage, read our blog article “Getting started with tantra: sex and tantric massages” .

- To keep body contact established, we suggest our Naughty Dice Box which will give a more fun and playful dimension to your massage session. Two dice are ready to be rolled: one defines the action, and the other the part of the body on which to perform the action. So, heading or not heading?

- Our Hide & Seek Kit is a great way to continue exploring and discovering each other's bodies in the most perfect of intimate moments. With the pen, write a curiosity on the body of the other, a secret that cannot be read until your partner deciphers it using the lamp provided. A beautiful invitation to travel for explorers in love who are just waiting to discover themselves, again and again!

- To awaken the senses even more to the point of maddening them, our black satin-effect Headband and our Caressing Feather are our two favorite accessories. One to deprive yourself of a sense and upset the others, and the other to administer to your partner the most torrid of caresses and awaken all his sensory sensors.

The sensual massage is all good! The body massage in all its sensuality is a real moment of sharing and complicity between two partners. As beneficial for one as for the other, it helps to ease tensions, open up dialogue and solidify the couple. It is the gateway to a more serene and intimate relationship, strengthened over time.

To all those who dare not or no longer dare to say how much they love their partner, who lack ideas for surprising the other, who want to renew the moments and pleasures of their couple; invite you to live this exquisite moment out of time that you will only share between yourselves, just between you, for your greatest happiness. Let your sensuality play, awaken your senses and fly away towards the pleasure of feeling and making others feel. Up to you !