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LOV'SPACE Perfume diffuser + refill of your choice

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A sensual and erotic mood creator to perfume your love sanctuary

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Pay in installments with Klarna

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Free delivery from 60€ in mainland France and 100€ in Europe

LOV'SPACE Perfume diffuser + refill of your choice

Create a sensual and fragrant atmosphere at home with the ultrasonic diffuser from YESforLOV. 

Practical, autonomous, silent, and chargeable through USB, its diffusion system delivers a mist with a fragrance, representative of your most secret desires.

This automatic home fragrance diffuser allows you to quickly perfume each corner of your home, from the bedroom to the bathroom. It can also transform into a car diffuser thanks to the fact that it’s automatic, autonomous, and transportable.  

With its powerful ultrasonic system, the home diffuser can cover a space of up to 20 m². Its super sophisticated design will fit perfectly into your home while its aphrodisiac perfume will set the atmosphere for sexual sensuality.

Its best kept secret? The LOV’space doubles as a nightlight, perfect for illuminating bodies in dark while you’re enjoying some adult pleasures. 

This automatic scent diffuser has 6 diffusion intensities and can go 8 hours between charges (on medium intensity.

Enjoy an atmosphere that sets the erotic scene for sensual love making.

Diffuser refills come free with this device; choose between our spicy titillating scent or our floral bewitching scent.

Our high-end diffuser offers a quality restoration of our perfumes while respecting your health and safety.

The best perfume diffusers invite themselves into places filled with love. The YESforLOV ultrasonic diffuser is healthy, safe, and environmentally friendly. 

It is the ultimate accessory for awakening your most secret desires.


Grade 1: 0.6ml/h
Grade 6: 3.0ml/h


Grade 1: Broadcast 1.5s - Off 60s
Grade 2: Broadcast 1.5s - Off 50s
Grade 3: Broadcast 1.5s - Off 40s
Grade 4: Broadcast 1.5s - Off 30s
Grade 5: Broadcast 1.5s - Off 20s
Grade 6: Broadcast 1.5s - Off 10s




  • To avoid electric shocks, do not paint or cover the device. 

  • Make sure the solution does not leak out of the container. 

  • Place the device on a flat, stable, and protected surface. 

  • After installation, please keep the diffuser upright. Tilting horizontally can cause leaks and affect the home diffusers performance.

  • Do not block the ventilation to avoid overheating.

  • Switch off the device before refilling it. 

  • Do not attempt to repair, modify, or disassemble the machine.

  • In the event of a problem, please contact us.


How to use the YESforLOV interior fragrance diffuser

  • Press 1 second to turn on the diffuser.
  • Press for 3 seconds to turn the pilot light on or off. 
  • Press 1 to 6 times to change the intensity levels.
  • Scroll through the levels to turn off the diffuser.

It's simple, fast and makes complete sense! Very easy to use, this perfume diffuser requires no flame or connection.



How to refill the YESforLOV scent diffuser?

To find out if your scent diffuser is finished charging, the 6 lights will flash. All you have to do is connect the diffuser to the USB cable to recharge the battery. It will take about 4 hours for the device to be fully charged.

To change the perfume diffuser refill, you just have to turn the head of the fragrance diffuser. Recover the old diffuser refill and replace it with the new one. Then, close the head of the diffuser to enjoy your atmosphere diffuser again.

When all 6 lights flash together, the diffuser is fully charged. 

For your information, the nightlight cannot be turned on when the diffuser is charging.

What is the autonomy of the YESforLOV home fragrance diffuser?

The LOV'space perfume diffuser has an autonomy of 8 hours (Intensity 3), enough to be taken with you anywhere.

And if you forget to turn it off, don't worry, it automatically shuts off after 3 hours of use.

How long do the diffuser refills last?

Of course everything depends on the number of uses and the intensity. Our diffuser refills contain 50ml of fragrance for a consumption of 0.6ml at minimum intensity and 3ml/h at maximum intensity, i.e. This is equivalent to 16 to 83 hours of use, depending on the power of diffusion. 

How does the electric aroma diffuser work?

The LOV'space diffuser works by emitting ultrasonic waves that send the scented mist into the air. Its cold mode of diffusion makes it so that it does not deteriorate the original fragrance of our perfumes. Its diffusion is optimal for surfaces of less than 50m2.

Ultrasonic waves do not pose any health risk.

How to refill the YESforLOV fragrance diffuser?

It's very simple, you just need to refill your diffuser with new refills available on or at our official retailers.

Which perfume refill should I choose? Titillating or bewitching?

You can choose between 2 aphrodisiac fragrances.
It's up to you to choose them according to your desires.

If you prefer sweeter scents that encompass notes that are floral and tropical, the Bewitching fragrance might be fore you. If you are someone who prefers a spicy aroma that's a bit more seductive and wild, we recommend the Titillating fragrance. 

The Bewitching Fragrance
A floral exotic heart with sensual notes of monoi, vanilla, and white tea.
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The fragrance Titillating
A spicy floral heart with notes of date, cinnamon, and rum.
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5 good reasons to buy the LOV'space aphrodisiac fragrance diffuser

  • Chic, elegant, and sophisticated with its nightlight.
  • A healthy, safe diffusion of up to 20m2
  • An aphrodisiac atmosphere dedicated to your intimate moments
  • An easy-to-use fragrance diffuser with 6 levels of diffusion
  • Rechargeable, transportable, and autonomous, what more could you ask for? 

Leave your home serenely and find a fragrant atmosphere when you return, thanks to our automatic fragrance diffuser!  

At YESforLOV, perfume diffusers are sold with diffuser refills of your choice. With the titillating diffuser refill, transform your interior into a place with a sensual atmosphere.



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