LOV'SPACE Perfume diffuser + refill of your choice

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For your romantic dates and your moments of shared complicity, create a sensual and intimate atmosphere in your home with the YESforLOV aphrodisiac perfume diffuser. 

Practical, autonomous, silent, rechargeable by USB port, its diffusion system delivers a scented mist conducive to all naughty desires. 

This automatic perfume diffuser allows you to quickly perfume the corners of your home, the bedroom, the bathroom and why not the car since it is automatic, autonomous and transportable. 

Thanks to its power and its ultrasonic system, the diffuser can cover a space of up to 20 m² . Hyper sophisticated, this design perfume diffuser offers a contemporary look to your layout and a terribly sensual atmosphere. 

His secret? The LOV'space is also a fragrance diffuser lamp ! A little extra to illuminate bodies swaying in the dark. 

This automatic fragrance diffuser has 6 diffusion intensities and an autonomy of 8 hours (medium intensity).

For an atmosphere halfway between sensuality and the eroticism of the senses, choose between the maddening or intoxicating fragrance available to choose from and provided free of charge in this fragrance diffuser box. 

Our high-end diffuser offers a quality restitution of our perfumes while respecting your health and safety.

The best of perfume diffusers invites itself into places of lovemaking. This YESforLOV ultrasonic diffuser is healthy, safe and environmentally friendly .

It is the ultimate accessory for epicurean lovers and hedonistic lovers.


Grade 1: 0.6ml/h
Grade 6: 3.0ml/h


Grade 1: Diffusion 1.5s – Stop 60s
Grade 2: Diffusion 1.5s – Stop 50s
Grade 3: Broadcast 1.5s – Stop 40s
Grade 4: Broadcast 1.5s – Stop 30s
Grade 5: Broadcast 1.5s – Off 20s
Grade 6: Broadcast 1.5s – Off 10s




Usage precautions

  • Avoid shocks, do not paint or cover the device. 

  • Take care that the solution does not leak out of the container. 

  • Place the device on a flat, stable and protected surface. 

  • After installation, please keep the diffuser upright. Tilting horizontally can cause leaks and affect the effectiveness of the fragrance diffuser.

  • Do not block ventilation to avoid overheating.

  • Switch off the device before any handling such as filling operations. 

  • Do not attempt to arbitrarily repair, modify or disassemble the machine.

  • In the event of a fault, please contact your dealer. 

LOV'SPACE Perfume diffuser + refill of your choice

Un parfum sensuel s’immisce et vous invite, il affole vos sens.Tout est permis...

(YESforLOV s’invite dans votre intérieur.)

L'actif phare de ce produit


Mettre vos sens en éveil pour vous inspirer au quotidien, telle est notre mission...
Mais quelles sont les notes de ce parfum qui flotte comme un encens secret ?



How to use the YESforLOV interior fragrance diffuser?

  • Press 1 second to turn on the diffuser.
  • Press 3 seconds to turn the night light on or off.
  • Press 1-6 times to change intensity levels.
  • Scroll through the levels to turn off the diffuser.

It's simple, fast and completely logical! Very easy to use, this fragrance diffuser does not require a flame or a connection.

How to refill the YESforLOV interior fragrance diffuser?

If the 6 lights flash in turn, it means that the device is discharged. Then connect the diffuser with the USB cable to recharge the battery. The charging time of the device will be approximately 4 hours.

When all 6 lights flash together, the diffuser is fully charged. 

Note: The nightlight cannot be lit when the diffuser is charging.


What is the autonomy of the YESforLOV indoor fragrance diffuser?

The LOV'space fragrance diffuser has an autonomy of 8 hours (Intensity 3), enough to be taken with you, anywhere. 

And if you forgot to turn it off, don't worry, it has an automatic shut-off that stops the broadcast after 3 hours of use.

What is the lifespan of the perfume refill?

Of course everything depends on the number of uses and the intensity, our perfume refills for diffuser contain 50ml of fragrance for a consumption of 0.6ml at minimum intensity and 3ml/h at maximum intensity, i.e. the equivalent of 16 to 83 hours of use depending on the power of diffusion. 

How does the ultrasonic diffusion of the YESforLOV room diffuser work?

The LOV'space diffuser works by emitting ultrasonic waves which suspend the scented mist in the air. Its cold diffusion mode allows not to deteriorate the original fragrance of our perfumes. Its diffusion is optimal for surfaces less than 20m2.

Ultrasonic waves pose no health risk.

How to refill the YESforLOV fragrance diffuser?

For that, nothing could be simpler, you just need to refill your diffuser with new refills available on yesforlov.com or at our official retailers.

Which perfume refill to choose? Maddening or Intoxicating?

2 aphrodisiac fragrances are offered to you.
It's up to you to choose them according to your tastes.

If you are the classic and romance type, the intoxicating fragrance will have its effect. If you are more of the unpredictable, impulsive and wild type, we recommend the maddening fragrance.

The intoxicating fragrance
A floral and solar heart with sensual notes of monoi, vanilla and white tea.
Learn more

The maddening fragrance
A spicy floral heart with notes of date, cinnamon and rum.
Learn more

5 good reasons to buy the LOV'space aphrodisiac fragrance diffuser

  • Chic, elegant and sophisticated with its subdued light.
  • A healthy diffusion, without danger and up to 20m2
  • An aphrodisiac atmosphere dedicated to your moments of intimacy
  • An easy-to-use fragrance diffuser with 6 levels of diffusion
  • Rechargeable, transportable and autonomous, what more could you ask for?

The LOV'space perfume diffuser allows the couple to offer an intimate, romantic and full of meaning atmosphere, conducive to meeting, chills, vertigo and orgasm. 

This perfume diffuser invites you to a tactile dialogue, it intoxicates the senses, panics the body and answers yes to all your desires! It is a perfume diffuser box to offer yourself or to offer. Whatever the occasion, it's a daring nod full of common sense!
Have you ever been told that you have the nose to unearth the most original gift? 


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