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A cosmetic Made in France

Christian Palix - YESforLOV

French high-end cosmetics exclusively
dedicated to the art of lovemaking.

The YESforLOV brand has created an exclusive, sophisticated range of products that are an invitation to lovemaking. These include unscented wipes, sensuous massage oil, lovers’ hide-and-seek kit, moisturising lubricants, couples elixir and more. All our products are associated with pleasure and the skin, including skincare, protection and intimate games.

Thanks to innovative packaging, candid advice and unparalleled quality, if you’re looking for a healthy, creative and fulfilling love life, there is only one name : YESforLOV, the experts in sensual well-being.

Christian Palix

Christian Palix - YESforLOV


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An invitation to lovemaking


50 EVIDENCE OF LOVE - An YESforLOV inspiration

Is there any place at home where you didn't make love yet? Yes? So that will be the place for tonight.

Make a way out of candles, from the front door to the bedroom. Switch the lights of and wait for your partner...

Buy the most unexpected sexy costume for tonight and wear it when your partner comes home. But pssst don't say a word.

This week you'll book a hotel room for one night, without telling your partner. Surprise, surpise!

While loving your partner, whisper dirty and naughty things in her ear.

Send your partner a cheeky message on his/her cell phone.

Shoppingafternoon for two: Please take the time and consider your achievements in every possible position in the locker room.

Start very gently on the earlobe and then bite your partner anywhere, get wild like animals.

Leave a post-it on the fridge with the message: Tonight, I'm going to eat you up!

Invent a very erotic dream and tell your partner about it the next morning. Do not forget gestures and facial expressions while explaining.

Wear your most daring lingerie tonight for a hot strip poker.

Goosebumps-night! Arm yourself with a feather… show your imagination and braveness.

Candles, music… create a romantic atmosphere and allow nice words and touches to have the upper hand.

Play with our naughty poker coin tonight. Time for the unexpected.

What if you would go into an elevator, push the emergency-button and let your phantasies come true?

Ask your partner to cook for you tonight and wearing nothing more than a kitchen apron.

When you meet your partner tonight, remember to compliment her first.

Wait until your partner takes a shower and sneak in with her.

How about leaving a nice message at her letterbox?

Send your partner an email with a picture of you where you… how can we explain? Strike a daring pose.

Nominate the top of the music of your love, since the date you first met.

Choose some music and massage your partner to the beat.

Start stripping at an unexpected moment, to make the thermometer rise.

Hide a message at a place, where you're sure your partner will find it: "coupon for a hot massage".

Buy her flowers and send them to her office.

Do you know the game of the master and his slave? Tonight you'll be the slave.

Remember that gift your partner wanted to have, but didn't dare to buy ? Go back to the shop and buy it for your partner.

Tonight a good spanking ... Any reason is good enough to be punished.

One person takes off a shirt, the other one the trousers. It's forbidden to touch the parts of the body which are still dressed.

Prepare your blindfold for tonight and discover your partner's body in the darkness.

Before you come home tonight, don't forget the champagne. What do you celebrate ? Life !

Oops! You do not have a passport? Customs are very strict? They also accused you of having something to hide?!

Tell your partner to concentrate on his desire and nothing else. Not even on yours.

Why should we be content with one honeymoon? Book some days at a place you both like.

Tonight dinner in bed: Your bodies serve as plates your hands as cutlery.

Take your partner to a lingerie shop and let her try something on you like.

Tonight you should concentrate on your feelings only, not on your partner.

A cheeky game with two dice: The first person decides the challenge. The second one must obey.

Tonight you'll risk to be seen at your window in dim light.

Making love with handcuffs, would that interest you? ... (Beware, however, that you do not lose the key).

Your task before going to bed:Arrange some flowers in front of the mirror and leave a lovely message on the mirror.

Make love tonight, don't use your hands. Only your lips…

Fill a basket with your partner's favourite foods and surprise him/her tonight after work.

Today you are going to invite people your partner appreciate a lot and you will take care of the whole evening.

Do you know the game of the master and his slave? Tonight you'll be the master

Take a taxi together tonight and ask the taxi driver to follow a car. You'll see where it will lead you.

Go, with your partner, to a Lovestore and choose products you would like to test together.

What about trying a new position tonight? Surprise each other (But please pay attention).

Go out tonight and don't wear any underwear. (Check repeatedly during the night)

Do it where you want tonight, but not at home.

One evening in the restaurant. Make sure your hands, feet and legs keep moving throughout the evening.