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YESforLOV integral massage lubricant is the first intimate lubricant designed for massage, masturbation and penetration.

And, for more thrills, we have bewitched it with an allergen-free aphrodisiac fragrance specially developed for the intimate area.

This exquisite lubricating, subtle, airy and delicately scented massage oil can be applied to the entire body, including the private parts, with the greatest respect for your intimate mucous membranes. 

This intimate lubricating massage gel offers a whole host of possible combinations to satisfy your sexual desires of the moment and offer you everything your romantic relationship demands: a mixed and sensual fragrance, a soft and non-sticky texture, a long-lasting glide and a healthy composition compatible with condoms.

You have understood it, all wishes are granted with this massage oil whose divine secret is to also be an intimate lubricant. Responding YES to your wildest fantasies is her promise! This lubricating massage gel has been tested under gynecological supervision.

The YESforLOV integral lubricating massage has been acclaimed in France by the biggest influencers and sexologists. Over 200,000 vials have been sold to date with no negative feedback regarding any allergic reaction. 

Add a pinch of crazy desires to spice it all up and let the YESforLOV lubricating full body massage invite you to each other, from thrill to ecstasy! An ultra-private cocktail, to drink until drunk.

Tube 100ml - 3.4 fl.oz
Made in France
Tested under gynecological control
Compatible with condoms



  • Tested under gynecological control and on reconstituted mucous membranes.
  • Compatible with condoms and sex toys except for those made of silicone.
  • Suitable for all types of skin or mucous membranes, even the most fragile.
  • VEGAN formula.
  • Respect of the physiological pH.
  • Cosmeotovigilance: No adverse effects have been reported to date.

Olfactory pyramid

  • Top note: Vanilla, white tea, Tanaka wood, frangipane flower and tiare flower.
  • Heart note: Vanilla, white tea, Tanaka wood, frangipane flower and tiare flower.
  • Base note: Vanilla, white tea, Tanaka wood, frangipane flower and tiare flower.

One of the secrets of this aphrodisiac perfume lies in the warm fragrance of the frangipani flower and in its subtly combined powdery and vanilla accents that exalt the senses and magnify your gestures, in total harmony, even in the most secret intimacy. .

The sweet and floral notes of this intoxicating perfume will appeal to a very wide audience, of all sexes and all ages.

The intoxicating perfume is a journey, it's a great desire to fully experience an innovative sensuality in the pleasures of golden bodies under the sun: it is solar, dazzling and invites itself everywhere to awaken your senses. Playful, tenacious, ethereal, he is a real ode to the freedom to love! 

Sensual and exotic, this allergen-free aphrodisiac fragrance takes us to distant lands and islands, full of sun, love and sex.

Usage precautions

  • The integral lubricating massage is not a contraceptive.
  • Should not be used in case of skin lesion.
  • In the event of a skin reaction, it is recommended to interrupt the treatment and consult a doctor.
  • Should not be applied in combination with other products on the same area without medical advice.
  • In case of contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly with water.

Special storage conditions:

Store away from light and at room temperature.
Use-by date: 12 months after opening.


Deux peaux nues sont offertes : le massage est un prétexte délicieux, le lubrifiant, une folle incitation.

(… Du préambule au corps à corps, sans repasser par la case départ.)

L'actif phare de ce produit


Mettre vos sens en éveil pour que vous ayez toujours dans votre jardin secret l’envie de faire l’amour, telle est notre mission. Mais quelles sont les notes de ce parfum qui se sont discrètement invitées sur vos muqueuses si précieuses ?

Efficacité prouvée

Evaluation clinique et gynécologique sur 21 jours et sur 24 volontaires réalisée par un laboratoire indépendant. (03/08/2020)
achéteriez-vous ce produit ?






Where do you manufacture the integral massage lubricant?

YESforLOV is a French brand and all our cosmetic products are made in France according to very strict specifications concerning good manufacturing practices. We are committed to producing high quality products to meet your needs with the greatest respect for the skin and mucous membranes.

Would you like to know more about the current clinical tests carried out by our laboratories to guarantee the safety and well-being of your privacy? Visit our blog to read our article: How YESforLOV intimate lubricants are tested to prove their safety  ? 

Why choose the YESforLOV integral lubricating massage?

Massage is very often a delicious pretext for more intimate, even warmer lovemaking.  And yes, it's no secret, when you start a massage, when two bare skins are offered in the sheets, it seems very difficult not to prolong the moment with more elaborate and more sensual lovemaking. . 

So that you avoid unduly putting unsuitable products on your intimate mucous membranes, so that you do not suffer any discomfort or quite simply so that you do not have to suffer a tear in the middle of the act of the condom, we have imagined for you a massage oil that can also be used as an intimate lubricant.

Do not change any more products during your romantic relationships, do not go back to square one with products that are unsuitable and harmful to your body health. Choose our intimate 2-in-1 massage oil for the maximum comfort of your body and its sensitive intimate areas. 

Stronger than a foreplay, crazier than a simple preamble which would have its irremediable end , YESforLOV lubricating massage oil offers the very moment when your bodies discover each other, the possibility of confusing them in a torrid body-to-body . 

Enjoy an accomplice massage, just to get to know you better in order to relax! Add a little sensuality to your love rituals since the bodies also have to discover each other slowly, offer each other with the tips of their fingers, caress after caress, to finally get along for the longest time in the world. 

The integral massage lubricant is a versatile lubricant for all love games. This innovation from YESforLOV offers long-lasting lubrication, facilitates and brings comfort to long and intense sex sessions. $

The little extra? Its pump bottle which offers a perfect dosage and its formula is compatible with condoms. 

How to use a YESforLOV lubricating massage oil?

YESforLOV invites you to explore all facets of your sexuality. Whether it praises slow sex , submission or domination, sensuality or tantrism , and is part of experience or routine, solitary pleasures or shared pleasures. From the apprenticeship in the games of carnal love to this solid experience acquired over the course of romantic relationships, your romantic desires belong to you and come from your secret garden.

In the massage, its satin touch gives softness to the skin which takes on a divinely silky appearance. And when the foreplay increases in intensity, the YESforLOV all-over lubricating massage magically becomes your highly lubricating intimate gel. 

  • Apply the desired amount then let your skin take on an ultra-soft film, naturally smooth, divinely silky, ideal for massage. 
  • And only when the invitations are launched, the bets are open, the taboos ousted then let the integral lubricating massage with the intoxicating perfume transform into a formidable lubricating gel where all the combinations are possible, all the wishes granted for your greatest happiness.

Do you want to know more about tantric massage or sensual massage? Are you looking for advice on choosing the best massage oils and information on massage techniques adapted to your personality? Find our advice in our blog dedicated to the art of loving .

Our lubricating massage oil brings invaluable comfort to your sexual relations. Quietly, it accompanies you in your frantic pleasures. She is the No. 1 opponent of inappropriate and unwelcome frictions which are at the origin of very disagreeable irritations. On a daily basis, it is perfectly possible for you to use our lubricating oil to detangle your hair, put on your tightest outfits more easily or protect your skin from friction and overheating caused by certain rather muscular sports activities.

Is this massage lubricant respectful of the body and the environment?

Silicone is a synthetic polymer derived from a natural material that is found abundantly in nature in the form of silica, the main constituent of sand. Silicones are synthetic ingredients. Should silicones be banned from intimate lubricants? The answer is NO, but the question deserves to be asked and transparent explanations must be provided on this subject, as closely as possible to current and future scientific research. The silicones that go into the composition of this lubricating massage gel - including the essential Dimethicone - are inert substances and devoid of any toxicity for the skin and mucous membranes.

As a result, the YESforLOV integral lubricating massage does not penetrate the skin in any way and is absolutely not considered dangerous. Our massage lubricant has been formulated to minimize or even greatly reduce the risk of allergies.
Unlike coconut oil which has a high risk of clogging skin pores, letting in STDs and disrupting the pH balance in your vagina, our non-comedogenic intimate massage lubricant is a size of much higher health, since none of these disadvantages concern him.

Silicones in lubricants, what can we blame them for?
Silicones are non-biodegradable compounds. Not using them would therefore be good for the planet, but it is important to mention that they are still degradable. European regulations do not limit the silicone concentration to any percentage except for rinse-off products. As for the other recognized international authorities (Canada, United States, Australia, etc.), they ensure that silicones are not a problem for the environment.

At YESforLOV, we favor the use of silicones which have a lower environmental impact . The silicones used in our lubricants are often of European origin and all have been transformed in compliance with the rules for the transformation of cosmetic ingredients in force. In environmental matters and internally at YESforLOV, efforts are continuously made to improve the biodegradability of our formulas. In the longer term, we are working on a screening of active ingredients to replace our silicones with equal effectiveness. No ingredient is currently able to dethrone it.

Silicone is a star ingredient that is very lubricating, terribly sensory and has good protective properties against external aggressions. Even if the latter is classified as synthetic, let's not forget that an unnatural compound is not necessarily dangerous and that conversely a natural compound is not necessarily good for the skin.
If this ingredient is debated in traditional cosmetics, it is under the duvet and in the darkness of love games, the ideal intermediary for your most naughty pleasures.

Can I use the all-over lubricating massage with an intoxicating scent with a sex toy? 

YESforLOV's heady-scented full-body lubricating massager is compatible with sex toys (wooden, glass, jelly, metal, plastic or hypoallergenic rubber) except for those made from silicone . 

Do you want to know the consequences of its use and find out more about the compatibility of sex toys with lubricants? We have dedicated an article to this subject: WHICH LUBRICANT TO USE WITH A SEXTOY? 

Does the YESforLOV all-over lubricating massager stain textiles, lingerie or bedding?

Unlike water-based lubes, full-massaging silicone-based lubes are a little less bedding-friendly .
Do not panic, however, if you have accidentally spilled lubricant on your clothes, here are some tips for removing unwelcome lubricant stains from your textiles:

  • If the circumstances in this moment of privileged love allow it, do what is necessary on the spot. All you have to do is pour a little hot water on the fabric and soap it up. Rub by hand before having the laundry in question go through the washing machine the same evening.
  • If you've waited too long and your fabric has dried out, don't panic, we have the solution. When the heat has subsided, pour additional silicone lubricant on the stained fabric and wait 30 minutes. Soak everything with a mixture of dishwashing liquid and degreaser. Dab several times and let the fabric soak for another ten minutes. Rinse and then machine wash.
  • A little tip from our product manager: to remove the most encrusted stains, use a sex toy cleaner, the very one that ensures the proper cleaning and maintenance of your favorite toy.

Attention ! These personal recommendations are absolutely not guaranteed and some stains may persist. If you really insist on keeping your sheets constantly clean and protected for life from any lustful activity, silicone lubricant was probably not imagined for you.
We therefore recommend our range of water-based lubricants.

Is this 100% silicone massage lubricant edible? 

The integral massage lubricant just like its silicone-based colleagues is not edible.

If in the unbridled ardor of the kisses deposited on the body of your partner, you have ingested a certain quantity of the lubricant, do not panic.
The risk of serious damage to your health remains minimal or even non-existent. 

Are you looking for an edible lubricating gel? Choose a water-based lubricant. As for lovers of successful oral sex looking for a high quality product perfectly suited to all these sexual practices that break the routine, YESforLOV strongly recommends erotic delicacies such as gourmet full body massage or gourmet oils for oral sex . 

Does this scented massage lubricant contain estrogen or promestriene? 

The integral lubricating massage has no impact on the hydration of your mucous membranes. Its sole function is to effectively reduce all friction . This massage lubricating gel is not considered as hormone replacement therapy (HRT). It does not contain any estrogen or promestriene.

If you suffer from intimate dryness, do not neglect foreplay and make the most of these moments of love and tenderness.  For those who still don't know, arousal is a key factor in producing the vagina's natural lubrication.

If the problem persists, do not hesitate to undertake a trial-test of our mixed moisturizing lubricant based on hyaluronic acid and our intimate serum for the vulva.
In case of intimate discomfort, we strongly recommend that you consult a gynecologist who can guide you towards a more adequate solution, taking into account your personal problems.

Is this YESforLOV perfumed intimate lubricant spermicidal? 

To date, no study has been conducted on the impact of silicone-based lubricants on fertility , but be aware that our silicone-based lubricants do not contain any endocrine disruptors, controversial ingredients or cosmetic active ingredients that are harmful to mobility and sperm survival.

This massage lubricating gel is not a contraceptive whose function would be to destroy spermatozoa, reduce or even accelerate the mobility of sperm to promote pregnancy.

Is the all-over lubricating massage with an intoxicating scent vegan? Has this silicone-based massage lubricant been tested on animals?

We confirm that this lubricating massage product is vegan and has not been tested on animals. Consumer health, environment and safety have always been an absolute priority for YESforLOV. The defense of the animal cause is just as important. Since the birth of our brand, no animal testing has been carried out by YESforLOV. 

Furthermore, in order to analyze the safety and harmlessness of our intimate products, we favor clinical tests on reconstituted human vaginal epithelium.


No scientific study has demonstrated any risk for pregnant women and their fetus in the use of cosmetic products. Moreover, the international cosmetic regulations in force do not define specific measures, different from those applicable to all consumers.

When used as indicated, the YESforLOV full massage perfumed lubricant does not present any danger or risk for pregnant or breastfeeding women, but we always advise our consumers who have specific questions relating to the use of our products during their pregnancy. , to consult their doctor or gynecologist who can guide them. 

We recommend breastfeeding women to avoid the use of silicone-based products if possible, as they are likely to leave traces on your skin which could be ingested by the child at some point.

The darling of mums: the moisturizing intimate lubricant based on water and ingredients of natural origin.

You can also consult our blog article "Which lubricant to use during maternity?" » . You will thus collect as much information as possible and make the right choice to experience a maternity full of sensuality without endangering the health of your child.


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