MISS BI Double stimulation vibrator

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The dual motor vibrator ...

The MISS BI is an intimate toy for the clitoris and the G-fist manufactured by the German brand FUN FACTORY. Its shape has been specifically molded to adapt precisely to a woman's anatomy. Its wide and supple bass delicately envelops the clitoris and its curved appearance massages the G-spot.

The MISS BI is a vibrator for women specifically developed to simultaneously stimulate the clitoris and the G-spot. It is made of French medical silicone, in Germany by the FUN FACTORY brand.

The so-called "low frequency" vibrations of this new look stimulator act gently and deeply on your clitoris and vagina without ever damaging your sensory sensors.

As effective inside as outside , the MISS BI contains 2 motors with 6 speeds which work independently and simultaneously, to offer you intense and powerful orgasms, multiple and varied.

Its shape has been specifically molded to adapt precisely to the anatomy of women :

the wide and flexible base of the MISS BI delicately envelops the clitoris and its curved appearance massages the G-spot for increased orgasms and pleasure.

No matter which erogenous zone(s ) you are looking to stimulate, the MISS BI offers itself to you like a reverberation of intimate caresses, for ever-renewed pleasures.

This reference is personalized in the colors of YESforLOV. It is offered to you in a limited edition.


    • Made in Germany, in an ecological and ethical factory in accordance with European standards for safety, health and environmental impact.
    • French medical grade silicone, safe for the body, non-porous and hypoallergenic.


      • This reference is offered to you in a limited edition by the brand YESforLOV.
      • 6 speeds, 6 vibration programs.
      • Waterproof for underwater fun and easy cleaning.
      • Rechargeable sex toy. Comes with its charging cable.
      • Personalized collection: 20 copies.
      • Charging time: Between 6 and 8 hours.
      • Autonomy: Between 30 and 60 minutes.
      • Dimensions: total length: 17 cm, internal diameter: 2.1 cm-4.2 cm.

        Usage precautions

          • Thoroughly clean your vibrator before and after each use with clear soapy water.
          • Always lubricate your toy deliciously with a water-based lubricant such as Moisturizing Mixed Lubricant.
          • Keep out of the reach of children.


        For invigorating lovemaking or more selfish desires, this female sex toy has been making us dream for many years. Efficiency and technical prowess are at the rendezvous! A vaginal sex toy dedicated to the entire clitoris. 

        This sex toy for women vibrating with love purrs silently at the idea of ​​becoming the partner of your favorite intimate games.

        MISS BI Double stimulation vibrator

        Une couleur vive et des formes pulpeuses inspirées des années 50.

        (Célébrez tous les plaisirs dans un esprit rebelle et Rock&Roll.)



        What makes this intimate toy for women so special?

        The MANTA has two motors which can interact with each other and which you can control separately. 

        - Its first engine offers you soft and rhythmic vibrations on the submerged part of the clitoris.

        - The second has the role of massaging and stimulating in depth the G-spot area and the vaginal walls.

        Its secret: it's a low-frequency sex toy that delivers deep vibrations all around your clitoris without ever damaging your sensory sensors. 

        What is the interest of a double external internal stimulation for the woman? 

        Pleasure and multiple orgasms , this is the reason for this new generation sex toy!

        Simultaneous stimulation of the G-spot and the clitoris will take you straight to new pleasures. Your body is your source of pleasure.

        Do you want to know about these erogenous organs? Pleasure as if it were raining, find our blog article on the sources of female pleasure.

        So you are free to enjoy as you wish. It doesn't matter if you are more or less sensitive to penetration, or if, on the contrary, it is the stimulation of the glans of the clitoris that excites you the most.

        The MISS BI is ideal and powerful enough to make you come in the allotted time and according to your desires of the moment. 

        Is the MISS BI the best sex toy for the clitoris and the vagina? 

        In terms of quality and effectiveness , our product managers think it's in the top 3. The MISS BI is one of the best sex toys for the clitoris. 

        This sex toy is made in Germany with hypoallergenic French medical silicone . It was designed by the German leader FUN Factory, a sex toy brand that has been innovating for 25 years in the service of romantic fulfillment while swearing only by a production of high-end sex toys assembled and molded in their factories in Bremen, Germany. Germany.  They are the precursors of high quality toys, in healthy materials, with playful shapes and colors without ever being vulgar.

        From an efficiency point of view, this sex toy is waterproof, soft, siliceous and rechargeable. It offers single or double stimulation of the clitoris internally, externally, from the vulva to the vagina, and this on demand for a lifespan of approximately 1 hour.

        The MISS BI from FUN FCTORY is very easy to use . The little extra of this adult toy: you can save your favorite setting , so that it starts where it left off . 

        This sex toy is transportable: it has an automatic lock so you can travel and move about discreetly, without any risk of discomfort.

        The double motors of the MISS BI offer "low-frequency" vibrations , both slow and powerful on your erogenous zones. Once inserted into the vagina or placed on the vulva, the vibrations produced by this sex toy will spread throughout the clitoris to the end of these roots. The MISS BI sex toy gives you deeper, less diffused orgasms than usual.

        Orgasms less accessible, therefore more unique and rarer are available to you. Isn't that the reason for your purchase? Explore, discover, enjoy and vibrate with pleasure!

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