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MASSAGE CANDLE with a bewitching fragrance

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A candle with a floral fragrance that melts into a warm oil for ultra-sensual massages

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Made in france

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Formulated with natural ingredients

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Dermatologically tested

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Pay in installments with Klarna

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Free delivery from 60€ in mainland France and 100€ in Europe

MASSAGE CANDLE with a bewitching fragrance
MASSAGE CANDLE with a bewitching fragrance
MASSAGE CANDLE with a bewitching fragrance
MASSAGE CANDLE with a bewitching fragrance
MASSAGE CANDLE with a bewitching fragrance
MASSAGE CANDLE with a bewitching fragrance

A natural massage candle specifically designed so that once it’s melted, the liquid turns into a creamy, silky smooth, and warming massage oil that won’t burn your skin.

The bewitching massage candle from YESforLOV is made with soy wax and beeswax and enriched with sesame oil, which is known for its ability to regenerate and soften the skin.

Made in France, this chic and luxurious massage candle sits in a beautiful black ceramic pot with a spout and lid. Formulated without paraffin, this massage candle offers a smooth and non-greasy touch while its paraben-free scent of frangipane flowers and white tea invite you to relax and share an intimate night filled with erotic passion.  

Our aphrodisiac aroma candles for couples were designed to allow you to experience 20 to 25 massages. It is the ideal accessory to help increase your sexual sensuality, relax your body, bring your secret desires to life, and boost your libido.

The YESforLOV beeswax candle can also be used as a home fragrance; allow it to intoxicate your senses while creating a relaxing and erotic scene.

120g - 4.25 oz
Made in FRANCE.

L'actif phare : SOY WAX

The skin and mucous membranes are a treasure that cannot be cheated. Discover the benefits of Aloe Vera on your intimate and sexual well-being.



  • The bewitching massage candle has been tested under dermatological control.
  • Does not stain sheets and fabric.
  • Suitable for all skin types: normal, oily, dry, or sensitive.
  • Cosmetovigilance: No adverse reactions have been reported to date.

  • Test on a small area of skin to avoid any risk of allergy. 
  • Rinse the product with water if redness or itching appears. 
  • Do not apply the product to mucous membranes and other sensitive areas (intimate mucous membranes, eyes, lesions...).
  • For an intimate massage both inside and out, use the YESforLOV all-over lubricating massage gel.
  • Do not swallow. 
  • Do not leave the cover on while the candle is in use. 
  • Extinguish the flame after use. 
  • Never leave the candle unattended. 
  • Keep out of reach of children. 
  • Do not place the candle on a flammable or fragile surface. 
  • Do not allow to burn for more than three consecutive hours. 
  • Special storage conditions:

    Store at room temperature away from the light
    Use by date: 12 months after opening.


    • Head note:
      Vanilla, white tea, thanaka wood, frangipani flower, Tiare flower.
    • Heart note:
      Vanilla, white tea, thanaka wood, frangipani flower, Tiare flower.
    • Base note:
      Vanilla, white tea, thanaka wood, frangipani flower, Tiare flower.


  • The bewitching fragrance is suitable for a very wide audience, of all sexes and all ages.
    The sweet floral and monoi notes bring an air of sexual sensuality while the vanilla will bring all your secret desires to life. The scents of white tea and thanaka wood will make you feel as though you are enjoying a warm summer evening outside with your feet in the sand. 

    A fragrance that captures you.
    A perfume imagined by one of the best noses in French perfumery. 




Which beautiful perfume should I choose for my massage candle? Bewitching or titillating?

At YESforLOV, our collection of massage candles consists of two fragrances; both of which are inclusive and were created by one of the best noses in French perfumery.

The titillating fragrance has a warm and spicy aroma with floral notes while the bewitching fragrance will take you on a tropical beach vacation. Tiara and frangipane flowers embody sensual love and voluptuousness through their harmonious and erotic collaboration with monoi and white tea.

If you prefer fragrances that are a bit more sensual, we recommend the bewitching scent, and if you prefer spicy aroma that’s unique and enticing, we recommend the titillating scent.

So, would you prefer a scent that’s spicy? Or sweet and floral? We will let you choose what suits you best.

Since 2007, YESforLOV has been creating whimsical and unique perfumes that are non-gendered and sure to please everyone, regardless of their preferences. 

The quality of its ingredients combined with the beauty of its packaging makes it the ideal gift for a friend, relative, or significant other.

There is no doubt that YESforLOV perfumes will take you on and exhilarating journey full of erotic passion and sexual sensuality.

Where do you make the massage candle with a bewitching scent?

YESforLOV is a 100% French brand. Our massage candle bewitching has been tested under dermatological control to avoid any type of skin reaction.

It was created in the south of France by French formulators and perfumers from Grasse.

It is made mostly with beeswax and natural body oils that are soft and creamy .

Natural, ecological, and respectful of the environment, our scented massage candle does not give off toxic smoke and does not contain any mineral wax from petrochemicals.

What is the temperature of the wax once melted? 

You want to enjoy a warm seductive massage, but you’re worried about the temperature of the wax? Don’t panic, soy wax and beeswax burn much cleaner than chemical candles. They produce virtually no soot during combustion and have an incredibly long burning time. 

Our massage candles have been specifically designed not to burn the skin. 

They are always warm and at room temperature with a burning point of 22° Celsius or 71° Fahrenheit,   

Are massage candles edible? 

In Europe, regulations specify that a "substance or mixture intended to be ingested [...] is not considered a cosmetic product, but in fact, a food product.” However, this rule does not make the massage candle less edible.  

While it is possible for our candles to be ingested, they do not have any nutrients or a taste that is pleasant, in fact, quite the opposite. 

Even though its intoxicating smell might entice you to want to taste it, we do not recommend that you ingest this product. If you want to practice oral sex that is both delicious and flavourful, we recommend our delicious body brushes and our delicious all over massage gels.

Is it safe to use a massage candle during pregnancy and breastfeeding?

According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, a relaxing massage can improve blood circulation and be very beneficial for pregnant women. Just be sure to consult your doctor before using your massage candle or make an appointment with your massage therapist. No scientific studies have shown that the use of our cosmetic products present any risk to pregnant women and their fetuses. The international cosmetics regulations do not require specific safety measures tailored for women that are pregnant.  

When used as indicated, the YESforLOV massage candle with a titillating scent does not present any danger or risk to women that are pregnant or lactating. 

As always, we advise consumers with specific concerns to consult their doctors or gynaecologists, especially when it comes to questions that are related to your pregnancy.

How do hot wax massages benefit couples? 

Do you want to be able to reveal your feelings through your physical gestures?

The benefits an intimate massage has to offer a couple no longer need to be proven. 

Massages allow the couple to communicate without words, and allow senses such as touch, sight, and smell to take the lead. A daily, or even weekly massage will help to nurture your relationship and protect the sacred connection that exists far beyond your words. Massages also help to relieve anxiety and stress, stretch the muscles, and release the points of tension and pressure. Go ahead and reserve certain evenings during the week for a healing massage to help regain confidence and cohesion as a couple. 

An erotic body massage allows you to get closer to your other half so that your bodies can regain their connection and live out unforgettable sensory experiences forever. If you’ve never tried it, now is the perfect time!

What is our candles secret? They double as a body oil, perfect for hydrating and pampering your skin if you’re spending a relaxing day at home. 

How to perform a seductive massage with the massage candle? 

Go ahead and prepare the erotic scene in advance: dim the lights, put on some relaxing or sexy music, and light the candle 10 minutes before the message. 

The bewitching and sensual scent of our candle will quickly surround the room with its beautiful perfume. 

It allows you to light a flame that will awaken your secret desires and raise the hot intensity to its climax.  

Be patient, your introduction to performing a seductive massage has only just begun.  

Once the wax has melted, gently pour it into the palm of your hands and then apply it to the skin. 

Continue by running the wax over the legs, back, arms, and neck ... 

Once the drops of wax have touched their skin, sweep their erotic body while also pressing lightly with your fingers.  

From the first caresses of the massage, you will experience what it’s like to reach a relaxation so deep that it allows you to escape. With a natural beauty formula rich in plant-based oils, it is able to relieve muscle tension and take care of your skin like an unparalleled body oil. Allow yourself to experience and deep sense of relaxation and sensuality through a physical connection with your partner.

With its aroma candles, YESforLOV invites you to safely play with fire, explore the erotic beauty of your partners body through its warmth, and play the game of desire with your partner through its sexual sensuality. Go ahead and allow yourselves some much-needed fun!

Once the seductive massage is over, don’t forget the extinguish the candle with its lid; this will also protect it from dust while preserving its heavenly scent, which shouldn’t be openly exposed to air, heat, and moisture.

15 years of experience in the service of intimate well-being

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