For both women and men, sexuality is an exciting and inexhaustible adventure, offering an unlimited playground for exploring the most intense desires and unfulfilled pleasures. This week, we decided to dwell on “the G-spot” a female erogenous zone so mysterious, so coveted and at the heart of many fantasies. If we often talk about it as a little magic button on which it is enough to exert a few pressures to feel the most fabulous orgasms, it is actually quite different. This famous G-spot or Gräfenberg point (name given in homage to the German gynecologist, Ernst Gräfenberg) does exist, but its stimulation requires time and above all a lot of training, although it is very easily accessible and within reach of fingers.

In this article, we give you the keys to explore all its secrets and get the most pleasure out of it: What is the G-spot? Where is he? And how to stimulate it?

Immediate boarding, point G in sight! We answer your questions with all our expertise and according to a positive approach to allow you to compose a symphony of enjoyment and orgasms just for you, only and only for you.



Our body, this temple where sensations are queens, is full of pleasure zones, of which the G-spot is an integral part, just like the A, T or K-spot. The G-spot corresponds to a very erogenous zone located inside of the vagina . Unlike the glans of the clitoris, the G - spot is not visible because it is actually hidden in our intimacy and this is what gives it all its magic and mystery.

In reality, the G-spot is an area made up of a mixture of thick erectile tissue that swells during the excitement phase as well as sensory sensors . If its stimulation offers incredible sensations, it is because it is located at the junction of the tissues of the vaginal wall, the urethra, and the internal roots of the clitoris.

It is therefore once again the clitoris , the organ of pleasure par excellence, which is in action when this pleasure zone is stimulated.


The G-spot is the point of contact between the inner part of the clitoris and the wall of the vagina. It is an area arousing a lot of curiosity and interest . So much so that you think it's hidden, like a jewel of pleasure that you have to earn hard to enjoy. However, the G zone is located only 3-4 centimeters from the entrance to the vagina , on its anterior wall. It is therefore completely accessible for all women and their partners.

The G-zone is easily recognizable by touch. Indeed, this part of the vaginal wall is rough and ridged , while the rest of the wall is rather smooth and soft.

To locate it, it's up to you to explore your privacy until you find it. This erogenous zone is on average the diameter of a €1 or €2 coin. To do this, nothing could be simpler: make yourself comfortable, on all fours, squatting or lying on your stomach and introduce a finger inside you, following the anterior wall of your vagina (on the stomach side, i.e. the front), until you feel this rough area. Once found, apply light pressure on it to analyze your body's reactions . Vaginal stimulation is less direct than external stimulation, so learn to voluntarily explore this area that needs to be tamed from the inside.

STIMULATION, how to caress, excite and inflate the G-spot?

STIMULATION, how to caress, excite and inflate the G-spot?

Clitoral or vaginal orgasm, the G-spot is at the heart of the debate on the existence of clitoral pleasure which would be opposed to vaginal pleasure. At YESforLOV, we naturally associate it with a source of pleasure that we would be wrong to deprive ourselves of . Because yes, it is the search for ecstasy and the pleasure procured that interests us, whatever name we give it. Do you want to discover the joys of vaginal pleasure? Discover our solutions below to ride faster and stronger by stimulating your G-spot.

Arm yourself with patience

If the G-spot is easily accessible to everyone, its stimulation requires training, a lot of practice and a bit of patience. You have to take the time to explore it, discover it and tame it before making it vibrate, sing, throb and cry with joy. First of all, this erogenous zone is rarely stimulated, you may have just learned of its existence today. So your sensory sensors need time to wake up and get going. So be indulgent during your first pleasure sessions. Then, as the pleasure zone is made up of several layers of tissue, it also requires firm and repeated pressure to be able to provide enjoyment and pleasure. The more the area will be stimulated during your lovemaking or alone, the more pleasure will arise there. It is therefore necessary to be patient and include the stimulation of the G-zone during several sexual intercourses before being able to draw all the enjoyment it has to offer you.

The sensations and pleasure that the stimulation of the G-zone provides are deep and at the same time deliciously volatile. With a little patience and well stimulated, the G-spot can lead you to orgasm and much more, because its stimulation is partly responsible for the squirt commonly called fountain emission .

The two basic rules

To effectively stimulate the G-spot and know all the delights it can give you, two rules are in order.

  • First of all, you have to be in a strong state of excitement . Indeed, this will allow the erectile tissues to gorge themselves with blood and therefore become much, much more sensitive to caresses.
  • Then, if you want to increase your pleasure tenfold by avoiding friction, the use of a vaginal lubricant is highly recommended . The intimate lubricating gel will give your caresses an incomparable softness and will lead you faster to orgasm . If you want to intensify your sensations or need a little help reaching ecstasy, you might consider using a female arousal gel .

Our orgasmic G-spot gel is designed to maximize your pleasure by acting directly on your G-spot. By stimulating the tissues that make up this area, the hot-cold effect of the gel promotes blood flow and increases G-spot sensitivity and the vaginal wall. The result ? Deeper and more intense orgasms.




To dare to explore your G-spot alone is to treat yourself to an intimate and sensual adventure at the same time, allowing you to tame new sensations.

Lying on your back, gently insert one or two fingers inside you up to the second knuckle and rock your belly. You should very quickly feel a wave of pleasure emerging and an exquisite softness overwhelm you. Although close to the entrance to the vagina, the G-zone can be quite difficult to access when you want to stimulate it alone. In this case, G-spot vibrators are wonderful tools and they will give your sensual point all the attention it deserves. For this, favor curved and rigid toys like the Sundaze from Fun Factory .

By coupling this stimulation with that of the glans of the clitoris, you will surely have the chance to experience a more intense, explosive and divine orgasm! Suffice to say that the Miss Bi double stimulation vibrator   has what it takes to claim one of the best G-spot sex toys in the world. Made in Germany with medical silicone, it is perfect for both external and internal stimulation.

With his or her partner

Going to explore the G-spot with your loved one is a quest full of promise and enjoyment. Indeed, the pendulum movement to be exercised is much more convenient to perform on someone else rather than on oneself. Certain sexual positions like those of the amazon or the anvil can also favor the stimulation of the G-spot. By sharing this unique moment as a fusion duo, the stimulation of this point will be more intense, deeper and more precise, leading you to to exquisite and shared apotheosis .

Education in pleasure for two is essential for the happiness of your intimate life, we also recommend season II of Climax   to discover in video new techniques of internal masturbation.

The G-spot, this source of pleasure no longer has any mysteries for you. With intimate cosmetics and orgasmic gels for women, YESforLOV accompanies you to know your body and its secrets and experience hitherto unsuspected sensations. Ready for the next discovery? New horizons remain to be explored in our blog dedicated to sexuality and intimate well-being.