August 2019, Havana, Cuba.

Emmanuelle spends her last evening of vacation on a trip with friends. These friends are tired and resting at the hotel, but Emmanuelle intends to take advantage of these last moments in the crazy heat of Cuba. And a very hot encounter that awaits her at the end of the street is likely to leave memories in her...

A very private immersion in the life of Emmanuelle, to be read on the beach.

August 2019: heading to Cuba with friends

August 2019: heading to Cuba with friends

What a chance to discover Havana! It was shortly before the world stopped, taken aback since by a Covid-19 pandemic which upsets us all, on a daily basis and much more in the middle of the holiday period.

That summer, there was no need for a health pass, no barrier gestures or any restrictions to bear. What a waking dream! It was no limit for 10 days: a five-star all-inclusive hotel to treat yourself to the pleasure of doing nothing and sipping cocktails and island delicacies at will. During the day, excursions galore: sunbathing and snorkeling in the turquoise waters of Cayo Coco beach, hikes in Vinales to meet the "mogotes" these famous round mountains, surprise discovery of colonial architecture in Trinidad, with as HQ, the Capitol and its multicolored streets. A beautiful mess of colors!

During our last evening in Cuba, Sophie, Caroline and Lucie were rather tired, let's even say exhausted from this busy week. I decided to do everything to convince them to take advantage of these last moments of magic. But, it was a waste of time... Tomorrow, we're going home!

Disappointed, I suppressed my frustration and went for a walk alone like a grown-up to appreciate the last rays of a day that never stopped playing hide and seek with the warm night that was approaching but which presaged for the moment, at this blessed hour, a sunset that would turn out to be spectacular. In a small square, I stopped in front of a food truck that offered delicious chichis, Cuban churros. Right next to the stand, a group was playing traditional Cuban music that certainly made us want to wiggle our hips so much the percussion took you to heart. An indescribable atmosphere, downright “Caliente” !

Proportionally to its surface, Cuba is certainly, musically speaking, the most prolific country in the Americas. Here music and dance are queens and leave no room for "sleepy scenes". Moreover, just in front of me, a few local couples were having fun dancing the Cuban salsa “rueda”. Salsa is of Cuban origin but what made me laugh the most is that "salsa" means "sauce" but just as well "sensual" in Cuba!

"I immediately recognized a handsome guy I had met at the hotel"

Within this group, I immediately recognized a handsome guy whom I had met the day before at the hotel. Yes, it was our French receptionist who was now dancing with this pretty Cuban. He looked like he really knew what he was doing. His pelvis moved to the rhythm of the percussion, he swayed with such flexibility that I was not at all indifferent. On the contrary, it really excited me. He guided his dance partner with great skill and complicity and exuded such sensuality that he seemed to be listening to the body of the other. To be frank with you, at that moment, the mad desire to be his "salsera" crossed me intensely up and down and even more up and down. His movements of the pelvis were of perfect fluidity, of incomparable sensuality. Our eyes met and a not very innocent smile appeared on my lips.

Oh dear, what a jug, I got spotted by the kid, no doubt about it! Taken aback by this young patrolman and falsely sheepish, I piqued my makeup as I had to, a little ashamed I suppose in my heart of hearts to have laid my gaze on a man who was probably ten years younger than me. If not maybe more. To hell with avarice, after all, in love it does not exist!

In the food truck queue, it was finally time to pick up my churros, that was good, I was starving.

“Cinquento pesos por favor,” the young woman in the food truck asked me.

I really didn't have time to open my wallet, since a soft male voice behind me was already whispering “Invito yo” in my ear. My legs went numb all of a sudden, a big shiver suddenly went through my whole body, no sound came out of my mouth. There was probably an emergency since he abruptly dragged me out of line to the middle of the dance floor. One hand on his shoulder, the other holding my cone of churros and that's how I took my first steps towards an accelerated learning of salsa.

The songs followed one another without my realizing it. Our bodies swayed, touched and reveled in each other. His hands took hold of my hips, and as my body did not shrink, quite the contrary, he accentuated the pressures and mischievously slid his thighs inside mine. The tip of my breasts were soon heralds of mad desires of all kinds, I felt rising in both of us an unknown fever. How good it was to play this unpredictable dance with him! His hands were wandering and our faces brushed without touching. Our mouths fled to better meet over the music.

It was almost midnight when he whispered in my ear: “kiss me” . I approached smiling, I brushed his lips and nothing more... Determined to deny him the pleasure he was asking for without saying so, I kept the tension at its peak, the first warning signs for sure. a much warmer eroticism to come. The young man made me feel his frustration by hugging me even tighter against him. My blood did a turn before I answered him "come on, we're leaving" . He didn't need to be asked and we left our dancing paradise without too many regrets.

"the flame of desire was already burning in our eyes"

The ride back to the hotel in our coco taxi seemed to take forever. The tension was very palpable as the driver smiled knowingly in his complicit rear-view mirror. Needless to add to understand that the flame of desire was already burning in our eyes.

Before returning to the hotel, we decided to go for a walk on the beach. I don't know exactly what kept us from going straight to my room: perhaps a real desire to prolong our ongoing conversation, which was a matter of cat and mouse, or perhaps a somewhat masochistic desire to see how long we could "hold on" without jumping on each other. We sat on a deckchair to listen to the sound of the waves breaking at our feet. The heat was enough that we didn't need a jacket. Everything was incredibly calm. To break the silence, there were only vague accomplices of our meeting and our bursts of laughter which went in all directions.

His life in the south of France was very different from mine in Paris. He was still a student while on my side, I was already well established in my professional life and closer to retirement than to my baccalaureate. He explained to me that he had always had a fondness for older women without ever having taken the plunge. I didn't answer him, but God knows it had a strange effect on me to learn that I was some kind of fantasy for him. It would be a lie if I told you that flirting with a much younger man did not have a little "kinky" side for me too!

So there was a big age gap between us, but our faces had never been so close. His arms surrounded me and enveloped me in his spicy perfume which could only be "Rejoicing", a YESforLOV perfume which was far from being unknown to me. His eyes bore into mine: how much longer was I going to resist him?

A loud voice rose: “I want you” .

"I let myself go like in a waltz to the rhythm of her hips and the slapping of our bodies"

From shivers to expert kisses, her soft lips made every square inch of my skin vibrate. As our excitement grew, less and less under control, he took the initiative: "What do you want?" » - « You, I want you. »

His response was immediate: he kissed me passionately, gripping me even more. Going up without restraint but with a certain delicacy my somewhat crumpled dress, he flooded me with his caresses, his kisses moved away from my mouth to get closer to my neck and then to my breasts. I felt his jerky breath on my skin, I had goosebumps. The more he descended lower, towards my belly and my lower abdomen, the more I felt my back arch, which allowed him to pass an expert hand under my loins. His hands became lighter, his caresses more and more insistent inside my thighs. Her lips too. When his tongue slid gently over my private lips, an extraordinary wave of heat ran through my whole body. His tongue movements were infinitely tender but superbly rhythmic. I loved feeling motionless between those magic fingers! "Now," I tell him in agreement.

While undressing, I saw him take a small black sprayer out of the pocket of his shorts and then discreetly spray his erect member. No doubt he was ready. Intrigued, I asked him about this product. He explained to me that it was a pleasure extender . That with me, he wanted it to last as long as possible: this sexual delay which allowed him to help him control his ejaculation was therefore welcome. While kissing me, he whispered to me that he only wanted to come inside me when I came.

Ambitious, this youth, and always in the performance I said to myself! On the one hand, it made me smile and on the other, I liked men who got involved sexually to better share the pleasures. This short break in no way slowed the momentum we had taken. On the contrary, it only increased the tension and the concentration that we had in common. Excited to see that he took our mutual pleasure to heart, I decided to take matters into my own hands and slip the condom I had grabbed in my bag over her sex. He smiles at me.

Our bodies mingled and tangled, our skins stuck to each other and peeled off, I felt his comings and goings deep inside me. I let myself go as in a waltz to the rhythm of her hips and the slapping of our bodies.

We continued to make love as the first light of day dawned. The rest of the night belongs to us but know that we never saw each other again, or even wrote. We simply have in us, each on our side, this incredible, unpredictable, so human memory, anchored for a long time in our hearts and in our heads.

A big thank you to Cuba for this unexpected meeting and to YESforLOV for having accompanied us so well in this shared enjoyment.