Your intimacy needs softness and tenderness, so how do you clean and take care of this area that is so special, so intimate and so precious? A simple question but one that deserves to be asked because this part of our anatomy, so often neglected or disturbed, requires special attention.

In this article, we reveal the good practices of good intimate hygiene, which is the very essence of your sexual well-being.



When you want to clean the fragile area that is the vulva, a few rules must be followed. Here are 3 tips to cherish your privacy.

Do not wash excessively: Contrary to what one might think, excessive hygiene is harmful for the vulva. By cleaning it more than twice a day, you risk unbalancing its fragile flora and therefore creating a breeding ground for yeast infections and vaginosis. So keep in mind that a simple daily wash with soft, slightly soapy water is more than enough to take care of your sex.

Choosing the right products: When it comes to personal hygiene, choosing the right personal hygiene product is essential. By using cleansers and intimate soap with unsuitable or too abrasive PHs, you risk once again disrupting your flora. The PH of the vulva being acidic (between 4 and 6), it is important to use an intimate cleansing gel with a corresponding PH in order to respect its fragile balance. Avoid at the same time, perfume waters on the genitals which contain allergenic agents and alcohol.

Adopt the right gestures:

- The vagina is a self-cleaning organ . It eliminates its impurities daily via secretions. This is why it is not necessary (and even harmful for the flora) to wash it. Exit then the vaginal douches which could completely disturb your intimacy.

- The vulva needs to be cleaned but with extreme gentleness . Always wash only with your hands: washcloths and shower flowers are real breeding grounds for bacteria and should not be in contact with your privacy. Use lukewarm water and wash it with a little of your intimate soap, then rinse thoroughly with water. Once your intimate toilet is finished, dry your vulva gently with a clean towel, without rubbing. The vulva is a delicate organ requiring the greatest care. Diet, hormonal issues, sex and underwear regularly put a strain on his well-being. This is why it is important to adopt certain gestures to take care of this precious area.

Good toilet practices: When you go to the toilet, remember to always wipe from front to back (from the vulva to the anus). This will prevent the bacteria present around the anus from ending up in the fragile ecosystem of your vulva. Similarly, during romantic intercourse and if you practice anal sex, do not go from the anus to the vagina without changing condoms. After each report, whether you are alone or in pairs, whether there is penetration or not, remember to urinate. During sex, some germs can travel up the urethra. By going to urinate right after, you expel them before they have time to cause you any concern such as cystitis.

Choosing the right clothes and underwear: This choice is also important when it comes to the well-being of your vulva. Indeed, underwear made of synthetic material such as polyester or elastane does not allow the skin to breathe and therefore opens the way to infections. For clothes, it's the same thing: jeans or a pair of tights that are too tight compress the vulva and create an area conducive to the maceration of perspiration. So choose cotton underwear and favor clothes in which you feel comfortable. If you practice a sports activity during the day, take a few intimate wipes with you to feel comfortable.

Treat vulvar and vaginal dryness: If you are prone to vulvar dryness and intimate irritation, use a repairing intimate serum . Applied daily to the vulva, this moisturizing balm helps keep it hydrated, soft and comfortable. All cosmetics, even natural ones, are not always tolerated by your mucous membranes. When you use natural intimate care, massage oils and lubricants, make sure they have been tested under gynecological control. This guarantees you perfect tolerance and compatibility between your intimacy and the product.

4 good reasons to take care of your vulva and penis

Even if the answer "for hygienic reasons" may seem obvious, it is interesting to decipher in more detail the reasons why you should not neglect your vulva or your penis during your toilet.

To reduce irritation: Daily personal hygiene helps to avoid potential irritation. Indeed, the secretions emitted during the day, the fibers of the underwear, the particles of toilet paper are all factors that can cause discomfort in the private parts. By washing your vulva or penis daily, you get rid of these small waste products accumulated during the day and prevent them from irritating your fragile mucous membranes.

To avoid infections: A lack of hygiene in the penis or vulva can disrupt their fragile balance and cause some inconvenience such as fungal infections. In addition to being terribly uncomfortable, these infections are easily transmitted. Good hygiene will therefore help you to keep your sex and that of your partner healthy.

To remove bad intimate odors: Each sex is unique and has a different taste and scent. It is therefore quite possible that yours has a more powerful smell than another. However, it may happen that your private parts give off a stronger odor than usual, after a workout or a long day for example. In this case, an intimate toilet will help you regain your usual freshness and comfort. Exit, therefore, perfumes for women's intimate parts that have not been tested on reconstituted mucous membranes.

To be more comfortable in your sexuality: Being sure to be up to date with your intimate hygiene routine allows you to be ready when the tension rises between you and your partner... feeling clean and fresh, you will be prepared for any eventuality without feeling stuck. Healthy sex likes to be caressed… think about it!



Like the vulva, the penis is a fragile area requiring gentleness and attention. A daily toilet is therefore essential to keep it healthy. But the penis being a sensitive organ, a few simple gestures are to be respected in terms of cleaning.

Choose the right products: First, choose mild soaps, without too aggressive perfumes. No more shower gels containing exfoliating microbeads: the skin of your penis is fine and needs to be cleaned with extreme gentleness. So bet on mild soaps with a neutral pH .

Remember to retract: If you are not circumcised and your foreskin is intact, remember to retract to uncover and clean the glans of the penis. This area is particularly prone to the accumulation of secretions and impurities. Without toilet, fungi called Candida can lodge by excess of comfort in the space between the glans and the foreskin. In excess, they can cause genital mycosis resulting in itching of the glans or burning sensations in the foreskin and during lovemaking. The scalping is therefore an essential step for a complete cleaning of the penis. Also, don't forget your testicles and wash them very gently.

Be delicate: Always proceed with delicacy: a few back and forth movements with a soapy hand are enough. It is useless to rub energetically, you risk attacking and irritating the skin of your penis. Once soaped, take the time to rinse your penis well. Traces of unrinsed soap could cause some small irritations.

Dry without rubbing: When it comes to drying, also avoid rubbing. Dry your private parts with a towel by exerting pressure rather than rubbing as you would on the rest of your body. Remember, your delicate skin needs softness.

Choosing the right underwear: Your family jewels deserve your full attention. If there's one thing your private parts need, it's freshness . The male reproductive organs have a lower temperature than the rest of the body (between 34 and 36 degrees). It is important to respect this temperature difference, especially for fertility. So bet on natural materials for your underwear, such as cotton, which will keep you cool. If you're a fan of nights spent in Adam's outfit, enjoy! Sleeping naked is beneficial for your penis and your libido.

Clothes that are too tight are also harmful for the well-being of your testicles and for the quality of your sperm. So be careful not to wear clothes in which you feel cramped.

Intimate hygiene: our advice for feeling good in your briefs or panties

Intimate hygiene: our advice for feeling good in your briefs or panties

Even taking care and washing your private parts daily, you may have some insecurities about your smell, or simply the desire to surprise the other. For this, intimate cosmetics are wonderful allies!

Feeling naughty? Do you like to feel delicious in all circumstances? Why not surprise the loved one with an intimate mist ? Spray this perfume on your neck, your chest, in the hollow of the groin, up to your vulva or your penis. This vaginal perfume has been tested under gynecological supervision to avoid any risks in the event of misuse. This exquisite invitation won't leave your other half unmoved, and you can fully enjoy the moment without worrying about the smell of your intimacy.

Do you want to be devoured by your partner? A gourmet lubricant will get the message across perfectly. A small amount of flavored intimate lubricant applied directly to the vulva or penis at the beginning of your carnal relationship will invite your other half to revel in your intimacy. The fruity taste of the gel paired with yours will drive your other half crazy or mad about you.

Because a fulfilling sexuality also goes through hygiene and well-being, our intimacy deserves to be cherished and pampered. Satisfy her and she will reward you. Moisturizing serum for vulva and penis, natural intimate wipes, perfume for the intimate area and intimate lubricants, YESforLOV accompanies you in this new selflove routine.