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SMART BALL DUO - Geisha balls

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An intimate accessory to strengthen your perineum, confidence, and well-being

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made in Germany

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French medical silicone

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Color – Rose
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Pay in installments with Klarna

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Free delivery from 60€ in mainland France and 100€ in Europe

SMART BALL DUO - Geisha balls
SMART BALL DUO - Geisha balls
SMART BALL DUO - Geisha balls

Your perineal education begins now! Discover the FUN FACTORY SMART BALL DUO!

Go ahead and strengthen your perineum, as well as the walls of your beautiful vagina, with our German-made phthalate-free geisha balls.

This workout accessory for your intimate area will help you to sensitize the muscles of your vaginal wall, activate the musculature of your pelvic floor, and help you tone your perineum!

Rotating the Kegel balls for women deep inside your vagina allow for a deep, natural, and regular internal vibration that will help you to progressively strengthen the muscles of your perineum.

These geisha balls are exceptionally soft and flexible.

The FUN FACTORY SMART BALL DUO comes in the form of two balls coated in French medical-grade silicone connected by a cord.

Our hypoallergenic geisha balls are recommended to use after childbirth and are beneficial to women of all ages who suffer from disorders such as urinary leakages, losses in sensitivity, pelvic heaviness, and more.

    • Made in Germany in an ecological and ethical factory in accordance with European standards for safety, health, and environmental impact.
    • French medical grade silicone, safe for the body, non-porous, and hypoallergenic.

      • Pelvic floor toning training accessory with heavy duty pull cord
      • Total dimension: Length: 16,8cm - 9,5cm - Width: 3,2cm - 3,6cm.
      • Balls equipped with the impression system for easy insertion.
      • Total weight: 72g

        • Carefully clean your intimate toy before and after each use with clear soapy water.
        • Relaxing the muscles is an exercise in itself! The time to relax is 3 to 5 times longer than the time to contract. Remember to respect this time between each exercise before moving on to the next. The total session should not exceed 25 minutes.
        • Keep out of the reach of children.

        1, 2, 3, go! Take back control of your sexuality, strengthen your perineum, and increase your sexual pleasure tenfold with our geisha balls for women from FUN Factory.

        They have been developed by a sexologist to help you master your sexual energy. For more effectiveness, YESforLOV recommends short and regular training sessions.


        According to your preferences and your criteria, we help you choose the intimate toy that best suits you to meet your most specific expectations.


        How to insert geisha balls?

        To use your Kegel balls correctly and get the most out of them, simply insert them inside your vagina and use your muscles to hold them in.

        Geisha balls can be introduced in different ways:

        You can do it standing with one foot on a chair or lying down. The important thing is to find a pleasant position where you feel relaxed.

        To facilitate the insertion of the geisha balls, make sure they are generously lubricated, we recommend one of our water-based intimate lubes.

        From there, you can start tightening and relaxing the muscles of your vagina around the balls.

        Geisha balls should be placed deep inside, so make sure the removal cord is located outside the vagina.

        FUN FACTORY also offers a training program which can be tailored according to your goals; it is available online and 100% personalized. You can also discover the best Kegel exercises in our blog post titled "How to use geisha balls and build up your perineum".

        What are geisha balls used for? How do they work?

        The use of geisha balls should not be associated with the notion of immediate pleasure. This perineum accessory does not provide any pleasure at all! Geisha balls are not a sex toy! They are an intimate workout accessory for the rehabilitation of the perineum.

        The SMARTBALLS DUO will help you to strengthen your muscles and sensitize the vaginal walls. Our geisha balls are used to increase your pleasure through toning your perineum to intensify your sweet sensations the next time you enjoy sensual love making. That being said, they are not a source of immediate pleasure.

        Vaginal orgasm is only possible through the contraction of the perineum and uterus. That being said, if you want to experience massive orgasms, you need to have stronger contractions, which is why it’s important to have better control over your vaginal muscles.

        Geisha balls will be your best ally when it comes to strengthening your pelvic floor. 

        Once inside the vagina, the balls will collide, move, and create internal vibrations which will stimulate the muscle fibres so that you can tone your inner perineum without a tremendous amount of effort.

        Who can use geisha balls?

        All women without exception!

        Those who wish to maintain the strength of their interior vaginal walls and prevent muscle weakness.

        Those with vaginal hernias or those with the beginnings of organ descent. Those who suffer from urinary incontinence.

        Mothers in the postpartum period (at least 6 months after childbirth). 

        And all the others who want to increase their libido and improve their sex life through increased lubrication and better intimate sensations.

        Be careful, it is strongly discouraged to use Geisha balls if you are experiencing a prolapse, while it may be benign, it is very frequent in women.

        Why buy the Smart Ball Duo geisha balls?

        Whether you are an expert or not, these Kegel balls are easy and fun to use.

        Our geisha balls are well proportioned, they are neither too big nor too light .

        The tapered tip makes them comfortable to insert, especially if you use YESforLOV intimate lubricant as a supplement.

        The grooves at the bottom make them easy to move and their weight is perfectly adapted to perineal rehabilitation.

        As for the material, the silicone is medical, French and certified without phthalates

        Our geisha balls are completely waterproof and will quickly become, with a little motivation, an essential accessory to your sexual fulfillment.

        What are the benefits of geisha balls after pregnancy and childbirth?

        Geisha balls are highly useful for new moms and those in the making.

        Why? Because strengthening the pelvic floor prevents urinary leakage, increases blood circulation, prepares you for childbirth, and helps to strengthen your body after giving birth.

        After childbirth, the perineum greatly weakens and prevents the woman from maintaining control over her vaginal contractions.

        Perineum rehabilitation is essential to avoid muscle weakening, which can harm the intimate well-being of a new mom.

        So go ahead and train your perineum, with this intimate wellness accessory, you can fully enjoy motherhood without worrying about your intimate health.



        At YESforLOV, your toy is guaranteed for two years, and you will not find it cheaper anywhere else.

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