Who else than YESforLOV, spearhead of the contemporary sexual revolution could incorporate CBD into the most intimate pleasures? It's done, our 100% French laboratories have pushed the limits of pleasure further by developing a compound with a high cannabidiol content: it's a discreet naughty pleasure serum to be applied directly to erogenous zones or as an additive to YESorLOV products. .

Discover now our new sensuality booster rich in CBD, a revolution in intimacy that we are deliciously proud to present to you.

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Focus on YESforLOV CBD Concentrate


"An orgasmic intimate gel based on CBD as an additive to your cosmetics for a soaring and liberated sexuality."

A "shoot" of pure, completely uninhibited sensuality.

YESforLOV's Concentrated CBD sensuality booster is revolutionizing erotic cosmetics by integrating a unique product rich in cannabidiol and L-Arginine. Its patented, natural, guaranteed GMO-free formula contains more than 99.49% ingredients of natural origin and 63.20% ingredients of organic origin.

A few drops of our concentrate are enough to provide a wonderful and lasting feeling of letting go , to increase your tactile sensitivity , to amplify your sexual pleasure and to relieve your intimate discomfort . Our CBD-rich serum can be used alone or as an additive in our range of erotic cosmetics.

How and why to use it? A drop of CBD in your massage oil for an even more relaxing moment of relaxation , a drop in your intimate lubricant to hydrate and soothe your heated mucous membranes , a drop in your orgasmic gel to say yes louder than usual. You have understood it, our concentrated CBD booster invites itself with a lot of sensuality into your intimate well-being routine. It can be used solo or in pairs by applying it directly to the erogenous zones : the effects of CBD are then immediate, tenfold, and of unparalleled intensity!

Compatible with condoms and sex toys , vegan and entirely made in France , our YESforLOV CBD concentrate has been tested under gynecological supervision : It is guaranteed paraben-free, allergen-free, mineral oil-free and silicone-free . There is no doubt that this 100% YESforLOV novelty will take our lovers of a day or always to new heights of pleasure and will provide them with a unique experience, conducive to a flight towards totally unbridled but perfectly controlled corners of love.

CBD, does it still seem a little vague to you? On the blog, we have dedicated many articles to explaining cannabidiol, its effects and its benefits for intimacy.

"CBD or cannabidiol, what is it?"

"The History and Discovery of CBD"

"CBD, how does it work in our body?"

"CBD to relieve symptoms of menopause"

"CBD, an advanced weapon against cancer"


1. It amplifies sensory pleasure by increasing your tactile sensitivity.

2. It intensifies and facilitates orgasm by encouraging the vascularization of the erectile bodies.

3. It promotes a state of relaxation, of letting go conducive to an accomplice sex life.

4. It moisturizes, helps heal your mucous membranes and soothes your pain and any other intimate discomfort, for super comfortable sex.

5. It is the most precious ally of your YESforLOV cosmetics, the little extra that changes everything.


Anxiety and stress , directly linked to sexual performance alone, spoil their beautiful complicity within romantic relationships, however solid it may be.

Whether it is to help solve some delicate problems under the duvet or simply to increase the sensory pleasure in your antics, the CBD concentrate has all the assets to please you and thus become your best ally for well-being. be . With its formula rich in cannabidiol , our intimate serum is ideal for those who suffer from emotional stress, sexual anxiety, erectile disorders or a decrease in desire and libido . It is also recommended for people who suffer from post-coital dysphoria , that frustrating feeling of blues, sadness, or melancholy that follows sexual intercourse without warning.

If the orgasm is not systematic and seems extremely rare for some, the fear of enjoying without shared orgasm is completely normal and requires a lot of confidence in oneself and in the other, which is far from easy in this world where we are all in hyper self-control. In this eventuality, CBD proves to be magnificently effective and very useful for the relaxation and letting go that we all aspire to! In addition to offering you a feeling of relaxation and putting you in a posture conducive to sensuality "in the mood for love", the YESforLOV sensuality booster enriched with L-arginine, a vasodilating active ingredient, promotes blood flow to the erectile organs and the sexual tissues responsible for your orgasms . Coupled with cannabidiol which will reduce blood pressure and make circulation more fluid both in the brain and in the genitals, it makes its own the excitement it claims, the increasingly more intense sensations it provides. This vasodilation effect on sensory sensors and cannabinoid receptors promotes natural lubrication , amplifies sensory pleasures and facilitates access to orgasm .

For those who are tired of suffering from intimate discomfort, one of the most recognized properties of cannabidiol is its anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect , thus offering users undeniable relief. The CBD Concentrate based on hemp oil enriched with tocopherol aims to make sexual intercourse much more comfortable: by favoring and provoking natural lubrication, it promotes muscle relaxation , and the significant reduction of the inflammatory phenomenon. Moisturizing, calming, healing, the YESforLOV CBD concentrate is a real cosmetological innovation without being medical: general well-being guaranteed and that's already a lot!


We dedicate this sensuality booster to all women, to all men, to all couples, legitimate or improvised, permanent or temporary, exclusive or sharing, who are looking for this exceptional alchemy of bodies in these moments of intimacy, conducive to a free, joyful, serene and always renewed sexuality.

100% of volunteers agree that CBD Concentrate

    • Moisturizes the intimate areas while respecting them.
    • Soothes and calms tightness.
    • Has a particularly original texture and offers a pleasant fragrance to your desire.
    • Applies easily and does not stick.

Based on a clinical test conducted on 21 volunteers by an independent laboratory.