A healthy and balanced diet connected to an unbridled and carefree libido are the major pillars of our health. Our life energy and our dynamism are really in close correlation with our sexuality! On the other hand, a diet that is not very consistent in its combinations is far too negative due to its excess of sugars and industrial transformations and it considerably harms our vitality and our hormones. Eating as correctly as possible does not mean depriving yourself of all pleasure and even less of that of making love...
Foods to boost libido, mirage or not?

Foods to boost libido, mirage or not?

What wouldn't we do to stimulate our sexuality which we find rightly or wrongly too often at half mast. And it is better not to talk about failures that turn into disaster when they are repeated.

Historically, sexuality and sexual performance have aroused the interest of men and women (especially men!) around the world. For millennia, plants have been the only more or less effective therapeutic remedy for the dysfunctions of our sexuality . In this batch of ancient or more recent phytotherapy, Korean red ginseng , by its “electrogenic” effect attributed to its saponin content, is one of the rare foods to have been evaluated in several studies. He seems to us the champion in all categories. It has been shown to be effective in terms of both libido stimulation and erectile “mechanics” .

Identify plants and foods likely to improve sexual function, what a program! So what about all those so-called aphrodisiac foods that are said to improve penis stiffness in men and ignite the flame of sexual desire in women? The wizards of Antiquity are no longer there to convince us of all the virtues they attributed to wild plants. Today, the professionals responsible for our health have taken over. Add to the pot a few charlatans of all calibers and the cup is full...

The tradition therefore persists for these too many foods reputed to be aphrodisiacs : some would act by stimulating sexual desire, others would have the property of palliating sexual breakdowns. Where would all these “sex” foods, a little diabolical but effective enough to boost our libido, awaken our desires and increase our pleasure tenfold, hide?

Studies on women's sexuality, unlike studies on their male counterparts, are too few and insufficiently substantiated to draw very imprudent conclusions today. Let's be nice, classy and in good faith: if it is relatively easy to measure a man's arousal by the quality of his erection, it is much less obvious to transform into objective reality all the parameters likely to measure female excitement. A global overview is in order.


“As long as there is libido, there is life.”


Let's go back to basics: a term invented by Freud, the libido is in everyday language considered as the intuitive search for sexual pleasure. By opening wide the somewhat complicated doors of psychoanalysis, it is more precisely a psychic energy implying in Freud the life drives and especially the sexual drives; it is any form of psychic energy and whatever its object in Jung. The circle is complete and let's take rather good care of our crazy desires to love and be loved.



Libido booster foods
  • Fenugreek extract : this herbaceous plant is said to boost libido and help maintain testosterone levels (81% of people questioned noticed an increase in their libido, an improvement in their well-being and a marked boost in energy according to a Australian study from the University of Queensland).
  • Ginkgo biloba : its extract would be effective on all phases of the sexual response (desire, excitement, lubrication, orgasm).
  • Ginseng : It would have a possible action on the central nervous system involving vasodilation. Notably present in our clitoral stimulation gel.
  • Ginger : Rich in magnesium, its flavor is warm. Like oysters, it would have a positive vasodilator effect on blood circulation. A ginger juice would significantly increase blood flow to the genitals and stimulate the adrenal glands, thus promoting the production of testosterone. It can also be used as a medicinal plant. At YESforLOV, our intoxicating massage oil contains ginger.
  • Cocoa-rich chocolate : It raises serotonin levels. Rich in magnesium and renowned for its anxiolytic effect, it would have a euphoric and slightly anti-depressant effect.
  • Maca (“Peruvian ginseng”) : It is a hormonal stimulant without caffeine (a teaspoon in a compote or yogurt). Its root is a vasodilator tonic. Its active ingredients (macamides and macaenes) would give it energizing properties. It would stimulate desire, envy and improve sexual performance in both men and women.
  • Arginine : This amino acid found in legumes and certain cereals would be particularly beneficial for women. It is also found in watermelon. So sir, watermelon at the table for Madame! And for those who don't like watermelon, discover our G-spot stimulation gel containing arginine.
  • Oysters : They contain zinc which would stimulate the secretion of testosterone (at the origin of sexual desire in men but also in women!), the production of spermatozoa, potassium, also beneficial for spermatogenesis. The oyster also contains histidine, an amino acid which would warm the erogenous zones during sexual intercourse as well as dopamine, a neurotransmitter which plays a certain role in brain activity and which would therefore favorably impact sexual desire. , whether male or female.
  • Red pepper : This is the “hot” food par excellence which has not stolen its reputation either, with its negative action on the blood flow which is in question. It would tend to accelerate the heart rate and increase sweating. It would also release endorphins, a group of hormones that play an important role in the sensation of pleasure.
  • Almonds : they are concentrates of zinc, magnesium and vitamins E and F. They would therefore have a “boosting” effect on vaginal lubrication, on the production of sperm and hormones, on mood.
  • Garlic : It has a stimulating effect on the blood but also on spermatogenesis, and therefore on the volume and quality of sperm. It should not be abused because of its smell which can be inconvenient.
  • Rosemary : it is an extraordinary aromatic plant for your health and it is much more than a simple condiment and medicinal plant. Its “aphrodisiac” virtues have been recognized for a very long time if they are not proven. One of the main stimulating substances of this plant, safranin, would have a particularly beneficial action on the adrenocortical glands and would therefore increase the secretion of sex hormones. This is why our maddening massage oil contains a small note of rosemary.
  • Champagne : The bubbles go to your head, that's for sure, so be careful with the glasses. Champagne would have a disinhibiting action that would promote romantic rapprochement
  • Red wine : A “disinhibiting” drink in small doses, it is also a “cardioprotective” drink and always in small doses even if this is not always obvious.

Many rumors circulate about so-called aphrodisiac foods, but very few scientific reviews are available to date. Some foods do have a false reputation and some herbal teas that are certified are not always safe to swallow. To date, other than ginseng , no other food has been thoroughly studied that could prove its effectiveness in stimulating the reproductive organs. It is wiser to admit that some of the foods mentioned above can naturally have a positive effect on our libido and ultimately it is up to each person to see or not see noon at their own doorstep. The placebo effect, proven on multiple occasions, still has a bright future.

What seems to us on the other hand and by experience really aphrodisiac , it is the great happiness that quality food gets to their sight and their so particular taste. What an asset for the libido to sit down in front of festive dishes carefully prepared, beautifully invented and with such pleasant smells! Essentially, it is the positive image or not that we have of our food that will boost our libido or not; pleasure at the table and without adrenaline.

Foods to avoid for a good libido

Junk food is the sworn enemy of our libido : we might as well drive off the plate all these foods and all these preparations that are too rich in fat and sugar which can only slow down or kill our desire to make love.

There is not really a list of “forbidden” foods, but rather some suggestions of dishes to avoid or not to renew too frequently:

  • Stews, fried foods and other fatty and processed foods that burden digestion. It must be admitted that this series of repeated burps is not very pleasant for cuddling and I will not prolong the debate.
  • Dishes that are too high in carbohydrates, such as single dishes of high-fat pasta and cheese. They cause heavy pumping in the hours following the meal. Siesta or love, the choice is yours... before sitting down to eat.
  • Alcohol : A glass of alcohol is fine… Several glasses, hello damage. A glass disinhibits but no more… it becomes an unparalleled love killer. At high doses, it's a disaster. Alcohol tends to significantly disrupt erection in men and decrease pleasure in women.


A targeted “ pleasure diet ” that is particularly well adapted to everyone's needs and desires offers the prodigious possibility of nourishing oneself and regenerating oneself in the most pleasant of ways. Run your probation diet properly and stress-free and it will - guaranteed - no longer be a source of endless trouble. By becoming an expert in your own diet in a good mood, you will give yourself the chance to live healthily without overloading your body and without making your diet, which you can control as best you can, a sad chore devoid of any gastronomic pleasure.

The key to success is there and not elsewhere: it is in this fragile but so precious balance for our physical and mental health , between a friendly and non-aggressive diet, a much-cherished libido and a sexuality that we would like to be eternal. We all long to experience love and quality intimate relationships, but human beings are not just physical bodies, they are also emotional bodies , mental bodies and spiritual bodies . For his well-being, for his good health, he must be as aware as possible if not the most sovereign in his choices.

The sexuality of human beings is indeed confronted with a large number of factors that they cannot entirely control: hormones, age, a testosterone level which inexorably decreases over time, inevitably leading to a drop in libido and by extension a decrease in the intensity of pleasure. On the other hand, the human being is absolute master of his lifestyle on all levels. A body intoxicated, intoxicated or even deficient by an overly negative lifestyle and a "Western-style" diet that accumulates a lot of errors will only have the libido it deserves.

Health “on the plate and elsewhere”, and love are not the result of fate or chance. We build our health over the years; let's not endanger it too often by our excesses! We jointly have the wonderful opportunity and ability to love and be loved. Then, happiness is there very close. May each of us be truly positive in the implementation of this personal balance which harmoniously reconciles the pleasure of eating with the pleasure of loving!