This carnal love so present in our lives is really involved in this beautiful adventure of the human being on earth, at sea and in the air. Taking into account the particularities and differences of each and every one of us, these crazy desires for sex manifest themselves as they can throughout the successive ages of life. The balance sheet of all these moments of love does not turn out to be as exceptional as one might imagine, since our fleeting joys and our too contained sorrows, our harshest frustrations are found jumbled together.

In this somewhat sad pattern that too often weighs on the physical as much as on the mental, you all have an essential weapon ready to draw and that you tend to abandon: the game!

A festive, recreational panoply of quality accessories and sex toys, carnal love games of all levels of intensity awaits you: from games of chance and role-playing to the hottest games and more "hard", be at the daring rendezvous of the pleasures of sex!

The best games for making love

The best games for making love

Playing at making love under the duvet as out of bed, with two or even more, whatever! It is up to everyone to create the space-time kings of a sexuality that only asks to be fulfilled. Throw away all the taboos in the world, forget marital duty and let your most intimate desires and pleasures come to light.

Did you know the fundamental role of play in our adult lives and within the couple's relationship? To learn more about what makes gambling essential in our love and sex lives, dive into our article The Importance of Gambling in Romantic Relationships .

From naughty games to sexy games

Devoid of any ambiguity, playful games are a new way for real happiness in the intimacy of the couple, a real breath of fresh air to boost sexuality. This carnal pleasure through play, which does not lack romance and smells full of eroticism, comes straight out of your imagination and your wildest fantasies.

Originally, the fantasies of the human being are the base of the most secret dreams. Today, the game in all its power of persuasion and destabilization is the trump card . It is not nothing for the human being to bring someone else into his own imagination of the pleasures of life and sex!

There is no ambiguity to be feared in all these games, only a pleasant letting go that is looming. Let all these amusing, unusual, disturbing but so exciting scenarios take place in their unfolding and their outcome acquired in advance! Reproduce your fantasies and relive them together in new scenes that have been trotting for far too long in the corner of your head and your heart.

Role-playing games

Frankly geared towards sex, role-playing games are a great idea for boosting your libido . You will test them in couple which will be to widen according to suitability and if the desire is there. For an extended evening, imagine from scratch one of your favorite scenarios full of audacity and sass. It will of course be beautifully tied, well targeted too! Accomplices, you will be at least two to fix the outlines and detours, the more or less controlled skids.

To spice up your sexual relationship, here are our scenario ideas:

  • Do you thus dream, dear friend, of finally being able to taste without having to ask for it, the delights of the body of your beloved? No time to waste ! Become this super pastry chef on the spot and make in a jiffy this appetizing charlotte with red fruits, beautifully molded and with such suggestive shapes, which you will mischievously spread on this dreamy nudity. To accompany you on this extraordinary journey of sexy-fooding, we offer you the delicious YESforLOV brushes which will come with great delicacy to the limit of annoyance to touch the beautiful skin of your favorite partner. Hello passing by the pastry chef on leave!
  • Become in another register this spy who surely does not come from the cold but so elegant in his appearance, so refined in his ways of subduing the pretty face opposite! Since your curiosity is the strongest, help him and therefore go in search of all these hidden messages to better decipher them! Undoubtedly, there will be some big surprises in this unusual treasure hunt! You will need to arm yourself with our intimate hide-and-seek kit to explore the smallest corners of these tender curves that hide so many secrets...
  • You are back home but very late and your masseur with such wandering hands is pawing impatiently! Play the game of the disarticulated patient who really needs to be put back on her feet as soon as possible. We put on beautiful living room music and we bring out the big game: a great moment of timeless well-being awaits you at the end of the session. A full body massage is a must! Available to your favorite masseur, YESforLOV softening creams.
  • It's dramatic, you are between life and death! Your "guardian angel" finally wakes up and will have to finally decide your unenviable fate: hell or paradise. Your challenge is a priori quite simple to take up, but a lot of traps await you. You will therefore resist as best as possible the vicious temptations of this angel who has become a demon! To light up your extinguished lantern, YESforLOV candles will sparkle with beautiful glimmers of sincerity that will get you out of trouble. Light often comes to us from where we least expect it!
  • Your fantasies are finally coming true dear sir: you have become the great scientist you dreamed of being when you were little and you really don't know what to do with this guinea pig in a short skirt who is quite destabilizing your lab! For sure, you won't be able to resist his intense glances for very long and you will go without a hitch to explore masterfully all these still too little-visited areas of this body that seems so familiar to you after all! This is a great opportunity to successfully test YESforLOV magic potions .

best practices for playing lovemaking

Slow Sex

No more “Quick Sex” and its so conventional debates! Since you dream of an intense, fulfilling, totally fulfilled sexuality, opt for “Slow-Sex”. In slow motion, in the extreme slowness of the words and especially of the movements, both play at making love as if time had suspended its flight . Farewell to this mechanical sex that still too often pollutes these privileged moments of shared intimacy.

The Kamasutra

The Kamasutra, at the very beginning of his beautiful love story, is essentially nuances of pleasure in sex and better still, an overall vision of sexuality which both complement and oppose each other in a beautiful harmony of senses and sensations . The multiple positions of the Kamasutra are not discussed, we take them or we do not take them! It is strictly a matter of intimate well-being and personal convenience. They are incredibly open-minded and offer themselves to you with ease. Whatever the chosen position, everything is fascination in the Kamasutra! Between the softest embraces and the nastiest “scratch-bites”, the room for maneuver is still wide enough not to panic.

In addition to hard, BDSM

Between sadism and masochism, BDSM is a game of domination and submission that should not be taken too lightly! Consciously take a step back before embarking on this particular path of a sex apart. It is in full awareness of the punishment to come, of the future pain to be endured, of the erotic humiliation, of the suffering in your pride that you will have to fully assume when the time comes, whether you go or not, but in all freedom of thought towards these pleasures of a sexuality beyond borders. These pleasures require an impressive character and open-mindedness: they have their followers but also their detractors. So be careful not to go too fast and start this new adventure with a fairly gentle BDM.

You will satisfy, for sure, your wildest fantasies. It's up to you to decide on the spot and to draw up the barriers not to be crossed to live in full complicity the intimate relationship you want to live.

Preferred accessories for the (almost) complete range according to your practices, we offer our black maze whip , our caressing feather and our satin headband . Would you be tempted by our box specially designed for BDSM practices ?

Love games in soft version

Love games in soft version

You will easily find on the Internet an astonishing panoply of board games that can only fully satisfy your first desires for sex and without taking the plunge. Playful, most often erotic, these games are there to play with great elegance and opportunity for one-night arsonists to put an end to your slightly unhealthy shyness and show you with an open heart the right direction to take. Here are our suggestions.

Games of chance (for adults)

Do you really want chance alone to do the things of love very well and decide for you? Carefree ! The naughty and low-cost YESforLOV dice send you a big yes to your kind invitation and will immediately roll on the game mat with a lot of mischief and ingenuity. Real love and sex encounters, these naughty YESforLOV dice ! They have this subtle art of hilariously raising the temperature in the midst of giggles and variable geometry moods! All you have to do is rely on your lucky star of chance, on the fate that the dice on the carpet will have in store for you… and fulfill your mission with a big smile. A variant of this game: the heads or tails of fantasies! Stack, it's me who decides! Face, it's you! The situation is getting seriously worse...

Board games (for adults)

If you have bet on gentleness and great tenderness in your approach to sex, now is the time to test your knowledge of the burning issues in life that concern each other's intimacy. . In all of these challenges that lie ahead, sexuality takes pride of place. Enjoy this new pleasure of entering for good into the private domain of intimacy that you will have to share as a couple. Dare! Mutually confess the unmentionable and go for it!

Card games (for adults)

If it's going too fast, we slow down the pace, no need more if you already have the irresistible desire: we take out the card game! To create a diversion and not lose too much face, download the excellent card game imagined by Elodie Wilms who speaks with great vista, accuracy, elegance in the words of love and everything that surrounds it. . Take your boldness up a notch to quickly choose “Club Box” card games and enjoyment. As a second equally judicious choice: the Kamasutra card game which revisits in its own way the multiple positions of the Kama.

Games of skill and reflection (for adults)

Are you drawn to these pretty cool games? In this case, start a game of "Jenga"! Divide the number of pieces by the number of players and write on each piece in pencil a naughty pledge, a risky question that obviously requires an answer, a burning challenge to be met. Once the “Tower of Pleasure” is built, really start the game by gradually removing the pieces from the Tower. Once the part is removed, you will know precisely what awaits you. And to spice up your game a little more, consider a special token (a token of thunder, of course) for whoever brought down the Tower!

The best games to play between couples or several

The best games to play between couples or several

The bottle game

The beloved kissing game, famous in young parties where we kiss at all costs. This simple starting kiss seems to have a good back to hide other sexual interactions between players, much more ambiguous, much more incisive! It is therefore up to each of you to set your own limits as precisely as possible because it spins, spins this bottle hard! A variant of this game exists with "Seven minutes in paradise": a risky head-to-head because skin to skin awaits you in a corner dark to occupy two. Mistrust !

Truth or Dare ? (Super hot!)

Among trusted friends, it is one of the most popular games in the world with the famous "Cap or not Cap"! The path of desires and desires, senses and sensations is wide open, so you might as well rush into it to have nothing to regret! Nothing better therefore to rush into it to have nothing to regret later! In the teasing and mischievous questions about sex from one and the very suggestive answers from the other, the space of intimacy is full!

Some suggested questions?

  • Which movie star or singer would you like to play make love with? (the fantasy of a lifetime will have to come out of hiding!)
  • What would you really like to do as an unprecedented sexual experience if you had in front of you the partner that suits you? (not easy to get naked at this point!)
  • What are the pleasures of sex that make you go to the curtains? (precise answer required and we join the action to the word!

Cap or no cap?

It's time to bring out the great game of carnal love in its truest form: we start Cap or not Cap with an enigmatic look, nothing more, strange in the long run, sulphurous when he decides to leave his room for the most equivocal poses. It's full-blown eroticism at the heart of each other's intimacy and this osmosis between two beings who only want to love each other is a tremendous success!

Just like "Truth or Dare", "Cap ou pas Cap" offers increasingly "hot" applications, intended for couples looking for adventures between the sexes which are still quite unknown but just as much to be discovered!

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the best "sex" apps to test


You send, you the young man or the more mature man, from a distance, more or less teasing or naughty challenges to your beloved. Unless it is she in person who takes the initiative… Beware, beautiful boy that you are, of water that is too dormant. Will your pretty face take up the challenge? And you the male, wouldn't a certain anxiety suddenly come to calm your most frenzied ardor.

The application offers 6 different levels of intensity for a challenge that can be hellish.

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happy couple

It is a free application that is as fun as it is user-friendly! Play with a certain bravery as a couple to go with a lot of complicity to meet the hidden secrets of each other.

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Snake Love

Another application which is a very erotic variant of the goose game. We play as a couple and why not after all in multi-player mode! The die is rolled in turn and each player advances the indicated number of spaces. Carefully follow the instructions associated with each box during the game. It is a real awakening of the senses that awaits you! This game destabilizes both of them wonderfully, especially since, as if by magic, on the finish straight, an exceptional box 69 of dream!

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Clit me

It's a mobile game that automatically takes you on an exploration of your partner's body, without restraint or taboo. In your horny male viewfinder, the clitoris is nothing but the clitoris.

Play clit me

In our world so magnificent of modernity but weakened by a nature that has finally become patroness again, time is however short for us. So yes ! Dare to take the best of this precious time to definitively release your most amorous desires, to live intensely, in the new and the unusual, exceptional moments of carnal love that have no equivalent anywhere else.

Through play, allow yourself this freedom to love with respect, esteem for yourself and for others. Send to hell forever this sacrosanct shyness of educational origin that paralyzes you so much and finally let your natural audacity take your truest feelings to much more exciting horizons! Spontaneity and the unexpected go hand in hand! In beautiful sex stories, it's a formidable shock duo! So, when will this big step towards the unknown of the pleasure of the senses be? In laughter and tears of physical and mental happiness like no other! Carnal love is demanding of frankness in its approach but so delicious when it harmoniously rolls out the carpet of its strongest feelings and its craziest desires. He doesn't have time to question himself, he simply plays at making love because he stupidly doesn't want to die out of nonchalance or blatant insufficiency.

End clap with this quote from David E. Kelley: “Love is the only game in which, when you refuse to play it, you risk losing everything. »

Everything is won in fact in carnal love as long as you put all the ingredients in it, that you have self-esteem and respect for others. What a beautiful mutual complicity in an exceptional festive atmosphere of the senses and sensations! Dear readers, cross this gateway to the pleasure of making love well, of playing with each other or with each other, which you have dreamed of for a long time.