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INTIMATE HIDE-AND-SEEK KIT and its felt for the skin

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A sensual and playful game to write on their body what you can’t say out loud

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designed and packed in France

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tested under dermatological control.

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does not stain

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vegan. not tested on animals.

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Pay in installments with Klarna

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Free delivery from 60€ in mainland France and 100€ in Europe

INTIMATE HIDE-AND-SEEK KIT and its felt for the skin

The YESforLOV intimate hide-and-seek kit is a game full of sexual sensuality that allows you to confess your secret desires to you partner!

This unusual box consists of an invisible ink pen and a fluorescent light so that you can write secret messages on their erotic body and then search for them using the light.

Go ahead and confess your deepest desires and naughtiest fantasies on their skin and see if they can find them. Let this exciting treasure hunt take you on a journey of rediscovering and cherishing your partner’s erotic beauty, inside and out.  

Are You ready for an intimate hide and seek? This game of desire is perfect for when you have a life changing and romantic announcement to declare! Whether it’s 3 special words, a proposal, or the arrival of a new baby, it is the perfect tool.  

Our suggestions for lovers using the hide-and-seek kit: 

A one-on-one evening. An exceptional announcement that should be a milestone in the couple's life. An new baby or the renewal of sex after a happy event. Or simply just a game of desire.  

Are you ready to turn up the hot intensity through a game of hide-and-seek!

The YESforLOV Hide and Seek kit contains: 

- 1 invisible felt pen, dermatologically tested,
- 1 black light and 3 LR927 batteries included.

The ink does not stain the sheets and can be rinsed off with clear soapy water.



The felt does not stain the sheets and is rinsed with soapy water.

Suitable for all skin types, even the most fragile.
100% VEGAN ink, tested under dermatological control.

  • Avoid contact with eyes and mucous 

Special storage conditions:

Store away from light and at room temperature.
Store carefully away from children.

Avoid contact with eyes and mucous 




How to use this sensual accessory for couple's?

Through a written conversation, the hide-and-seek kit invites you to explore the erotic body of the other under a dim light. Included in our hide-and-seek kit is a transparent and fluorescent marker as well as a black UV light.

Do you have a statement to make or a secret to tell? Do you want to share a story or divulge your secret desires? Write it to them on their skin and let them uncover the hidden message through sweeping the flashlight across their skin in a dark room.

Why choose the YESforLOV intimate hide-and-seek kit?

We have designed this naughty game to help erotic couples spice up their love lives, push them to express their fantasies, and verbalize their secret desires!

Do you have a statement to make or a story to tell? Write down the words that you’re dying to express on their erotic body, your body, the bathroom mirror, or even on paper.

You can even secretly draw pictures or arrows so that the other person can explore your body and turn the pages of your mind that now exist on your skin.

Let your souls and your bodies connect and become intertwined as you write secret messages in the dark, as if you are in the most thrilling spy novel filled with erotic passion and sexual sensuality.

Sexy and unusual anecdotes to tell with this YESforLOV erotic accessory?

Oh yes, a lot... between the marriage declaration perfectly prepared or totally improvised, the birth of a first childThe intimate hide-and-seek kit YESforLOV writes the most unusual love stories without any restraint, without blundering but not without cheek!

Would you like to read more about it?  @Lafilledemars, The famous literary pen tells us with sensuality and passion about her evening of 13 February with the hide-and-seek kit YESforLOV in her novella : A 13 February like no other.


Is this product safe to use during pregnancy or breastfeeding?

No scientific study has shown any particular risk to pregnant women and their fetus when using cosmetic products.

No scientific study has demonstrated a particular risk for pregnant women and their fetuses when using intimate lubricants. In addition, the international cosmetic regulations in force do not define specific measures different from those applicable to all consumers. 

When used as recommended, the YESforLOV Intimate hide-and-seek kit poses no danger or risk to pregnant or breastfeeding women, but we always advise consumers with specific questions about the use of our products during pregnancy to consult their doctor or gynaecologist who will be able to advise them accordingly.



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