It's high time to talk to you about the prostate, an erogenous zone that's a little devilish but which deserves a hell of a detour to anyone who wants to meet it. But, how to reach the prostate?

Located several centimeters from the anus, about 7cm to be more precise, the caress of a prostate which seems inaccessible to many is an option not to be neglected in your romantic relationships, as long as you put the right ingredients into it.

The prostate would also be called P-spot in men in reference to its G-spot counterpart in women. According to our sources, this erotic zone offers male orgasms that are very different from penis stimulation, they are much more powerful and diffuse. If most people have already heard of the prostate, a word that would lack a priori glamour, it is in particular because of diseases and problems likely to find their origin there.

In this article, we want to explain to you clearly the place that anal pleasure can claim in sexuality. Consent, trust, complicity and relaxation set up an ideal framework in this sexual practice that is still too little known, quite wrongly too overused since it came out of hell by interposed fake-news and which has nevertheless always concerned an area of ​​our body that is particularly well innervated and conducive to caresses.



The prostate is a gland that plays an important role in the urinary system and the male reproductive system . In particular, it allows the production of prostatic fluid that is found in semen. The latter becomes more fluid while protecting all the spermatozoa in the testicles and improving their mobility once in the uterus. It is also thanks to its contraction that ejaculation takes place.

This gland is located below the bladder and just in front of the rectum . Its location and its size, which increases with age, explain in particular that it is involved in certain male urinary problems that can occur from the age of fifty. More boring becomes an increasingly important hypertrophy of the prostate in seniors beyond 70 years, with the appearance of different types of prostate cancer which lead to more than 8,700 deaths per year in France.

For a very long time, scientists thought that the prostate was only present in men. Experiments in this field in Austria finally demonstrated that the woman also had a prostate, but in a vestigial state. Nothing to do with dimensions. These are Skène's glands according to Milan Zaviacic, an anatomy researcher specializing in the subject. These paraurethral glands are found inside the vagina . By analyzing the fluids secreted by the woman when she masturbates, the researchers found some samples containing prostatic fluid (or PSA). A Slovak researcher had also come to the same conclusion after performing female urethral autopsies in 2018. "This explains why women ejaculate" , underlines François Desgrandchamps , urologist surgeon. In his intervention inGrand bien vous faire , he nevertheless specifies that this phenomenon should not be confused with that of squirting women.

Did you know ? According to the book The prostate, we talk about it written by this same urological surgeon, the largest prostate in the world is Spanish and it weighs 4kgs.

Finding the P-Spot and the Secrets of Male Prostate Orgasm

What good was this little biology lesson for us? The first answer is that it allows you to get to know your body and that of your partners better. Even if we have just clarified that the prostate may not only concern men , what follows will mainly focus on male pleasure . We have not forgotten you gentlemen, quite the contrary. The male prostate is an extremely sensitive and stimulation-prone erogenous gland in men. All too often, for the heterosexual male and the active gay, their penis is the one and only source of pleasure.

In this article, we are not trying to set aside this particularly sought-after area, but perhaps to discover another one, which is also very powerful. The whole body is covered with terribly erogenous sensory zones that should not be neglected. And the prostate is definitely part of it. You certainly already know the G-spot (for Gräfenberg, name of the German gynecologist who discovered the sensitivity of this area in the 1950s). Point P is the equivalent, but for men. Very innervated and muscular , it is located about a finger deep from the anus (approximately 7 centimeters). This area is recognizable by a small bump and change in texture on the top wall of the rectum . If you avoid it, it's your intimate choice and we respect it, but in this case you take the risk of passing a fingertip of an intense, vibrant and much more powerful discharge of pleasure than what you already knew. Unlike penile stimulation , prostate stimulation does not necessarily trigger an erection. It is described as much more intense since it mobilizes the entire pelvic area. The P-spot orgasm does not require an erection and does not necessarily lead to ejaculation. Like a female orgasm , it has the ability to repeat itself and follow one another without a latency period .

Our methods to initiate and achieve prostate orgasm

Our methods to initiate and achieve prostate orgasm

First of all, be aware that prostatic pleasure does not necessarily rhyme with anal penetration . Although it is true that access is more direct through penetration, it is possible to stimulate the prostate in other ways. This short section aims to explain how to have fun while respecting everyone's limits.

For the more cautious , the prostate is subject to gentle stimulation (with the thumb for example), by external massage of the perineum, the area between the anus and the scrotum, the "root" of the penis and the testicles. To do this, simply press and maintain more or less light pressure on the perineum which by nature will exert pressure on the prostate .

For the more curious , the stimulation of the prostate can be done by anal penetration . Attention, if the prostate massage is done with the finger, be sure to turn it towards the inside of the body , so that it is the pulp of the finger which is in contact with the prostate. Indeed, this area is very sensitive, but above all very fragile, the nails could therefore scratch the walls of the rectum. Once this point P has been reached, it is possible to stimulate it by going very lightly back and forth, small circles, pressing or even slightly bending , as one might do when asking someone to approach with the index finger.

For the more adventurous , anal penetration which can be done with a finger, an anal plug or a sex toy . Know that there are anal stimulators specially designed for prostate stimulation to discover on our online store. They can be vibrating or not. The important thing to discover new pleasures is to respect everyone's desires and desires . And of course, a little curiosity...



Before venturing out to conquer new sensations, there are still two or three precautions to take in terms of safety, hygiene, comfort and state of mind.

1. First of all, how to prepare for anal sex ? Remember to wash your private parts as well as the erotic accessories that will penetrate the anus, such as your hands or your anal sex toy. On this subject, we wrote an article How to clean and maintain your intimate toy? Also remember to cut your nails, because the anal walls are very thin and fragile.

2. Always use a water-based or silicone-based intimate lubricant . Unlike the vagina, the anus is not naturally lubricated. An anal lubricant allows the sphincters to relax and the fingers or sex toy to slide more delicately. Penetration thus becomes more pleasant for the person receiving it. Don't go overboard with your anal lube. And the same goes with our relaxing anal lubricant specially enriched with jojoba to relax the anal cavity. Be careful, the pH of the anal area is different from that of the vaginal area. On the intimate and sexual well-being market, there are intimate lubricants specially developed to respect the anal area with a rigorously adapted pH. Our thick consistency silicone anal lubricant or our water-based, transparent and fragrance-free anal lubricant harmonize with all these pleasures with the greatest respect for your body. Discreet, they know how to be forgotten since our intimate gels do not stick and retain their wriggling lubricating effect for the longest time in the world. For the rest, it's simple, the golden rule is: the more, the better .

3. Get comfortable and relax. The apprehension of a new experience can cause partners to be a little more tense. Consent and communication are necessary beforehand and are steps that should not be overlooked. Relax ! A massage, gentle caresses and kisses can also help you get over it.

4. Use appropriate intimate toys. A butt plug can help relax the muscles around the anus. However, be sure to choose a small size to start with, like the bootie from the German brand F UN FACTORY . On the contrary, taking a too big one would risk contracting the muscles even more and could make penetration painful. Once it's in place, don't try to move it around, let your body get used to it at its own pace . Unlike vaginal penetration, back and forth movements are not necessary to induce pleasure .

5. To avoid excessively painful penetrations, the anus must be sufficiently dilated . It is important to minimize any risk of intimate discomfort. YESforLOV invites you in parallel to the use of an anal lubricating gel with a long-lasting preparation by alternating gestures and movements. Go gradually, it's a sexual relationship that requires gentleness and slowness . You have to find the right rhythm with your partner. If necessary, don't hesitate to take a few breaks by alternating foreplay, rimming, and analdigitus.

6. Protect yourself because the risk of transmission of a sexually transmitted disease such as HIV exists. Badly assumed anal penetration can cause micro lesions, favoring the passage of germs in the blood, hence the need to respect the points listed above and to use a condom.

7. Anal sex doesn't have to be dirty. Before the act, a good shower is more than enough. After sex, don't forget to wash all the parts that came into contact with the area before touching your partner's body again (sex, mouth, etc.). The goal is to minimize the risk of infectious contamination such as vaginitis.

The pleasures of the prostate: how to convince your partner?

Some people may be reluctant. The reasons can also be numerous since anal pleasure is subject to many clichés , social or religious beliefs. Among the stigmas that surround him, a very patriarchal vision of the virile man. It is he who penetrates and not the other way around. Equally topical is this phenomenon of sexual orientation, as if a sexual practice could only be reserved for one gender. Prostatic pleasure, an exclusivity for homosexuals? Absolutely not, the modern man must reinvent himself and show much more open-mindedness, a little erotic intelligence vis-à-vis his intimate pleasure.

It is essential before starting this practice to talk about it with your partner . However, if the urge suddenly takes you during a party, you are free to whisper your temptations in your partner's ear. Communication is the key to a healthy relationship . It makes it possible to ensure the consent of the other , but also to share one's fears in the face of new experiences and thus to circumvent apprehensions gently. A lack of communication or a wrong move could even put your partner off. Another reason for reluctance may be ignorance . Inform yourself on the subject and prepare your experiments , you will be all the more careful if you are two to know the precautions to take . You will be able to guide each other according to your pleasures.

On the one hand, anal pleasure has a bad image morally speaking and still carries heavy sexist prejudices on its shoulders. On the other hand, it still does not seem to interest the scientific community and the mysteries of prostatic pleasure thus remain one of the greatest mysteries of human sexuality. No worries for those who are not ready, the pleasure is not immediate and reluctance is normal. It takes time for this erogenous zone to awaken in your fantasies and become reality or not. Are you interested? Would anal pleasure no longer hold any secrets for you? It's up to you to indulge in the delights of her caresses and undergo the most tender, passionate or wild assaults.