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MISS BI Double stimulation vibrator

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A sex toy that stimulates the clitoris and G-spot simultaneously, with gentle caresses for deep orgasms

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made in Germany

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French medical silicone

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Color – Pink / Rose
 <strong>Pay in installments</strong> with Klarna

Pay in installments with Klarna

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Free delivery from 60€ in mainland France and 100€ in Europe

MISS BI Double stimulation vibrator
MISS BI Double stimulation vibrator
MISS BI Double stimulation vibrator
MISS BI Double stimulation vibrator

The vibrator with a dual motor ...

The FUN FACTORY MISS BI rabbit toy is a vibrator for women that has been specifically designed to stimulate the clitoris and G-spot at the same time.

With its low frequency, smooth, and deep vibrations, it allows you to stimulate your beautiful vagina and clitoris without ever damaging your neve endings.

Effective both inside and out, its 6-speed motors work independently and simultaneously to offer you multiple and varied massive orgasms.  

This means that you can operate the clitoris and vaginal stimulators separately, depending on your secret desires.

Its shape has been specifically molded according to female anatomy.

The wide and flexible base allows MISS BI to delicately stimulate the clitoris while its curved body massages the G-spot, creating crazy orgasms from multiple outlets.

Regardless of what area(s) you are looking to stimulate, MISS BI is ready to deliver unmatched high-quality pleasure that’s filled with hot intensity.

We are proud to be selling a limited addition MANTA which has been customized in the YESforLOV colours.

    • Made in Germany in an ecological and ethical factory in accordance with European standards for safety, health, and environmental impact.
    • French medical grade silicone, safe for the body, non-porous, and hypoallergenic.

      • This reference is offered in limited edition by the brand YESforLOV.
      • 6 speeds, 6 vibration programs.
      • Waterproof for underwater fun and easy cleaning.
      • Sextoy rechargeable. Delivered with its charging cable.
      • Customized collection: 20 copies.
      • Charging time: Between 6 and 8 hours.
      • Autonomy: Between 30 and 60 minutes.
      • Dimensions: total length: 17 cm, internal diameter: 2,1 cm-4,2 cm.


        • Thoroughly clean your vibrator before and after each use with clear soapy water.
        • Always lubricate your toy with a water-based lubricant such as our moisturising lube.
        • Keep out of the reach of children.

        Whether you are using it with a partner or for solo pleasure, this women’s sex toy is ready to bring all your secret desires to life. With unmatched technical efficiency and vibrations, your pleasure is the only thing you’ll have to think about. A vaginal sextoy that’s dedicated to pleasuring the clitoris as well. With such expertise and precision, it can only come from one place: Germany.

        This women’s sextoy vibrates with love and is ready to become your partner in all your games of desire. She will be the first thing you reach for when you start to feel erotic passion. 



        According to your preferences and your criteria, we help you choose the intimate toy that best suits you to meet your most specific expectations.


        What makes this intimate toy for women so special?

        This toy is special because it has two motors that can interact with each other and be controlled separately for absolute control over your pleasure.

        - The first motor allows for soft and rhythmic silent vibrations on the submerged portion of the clitoris

        - The second motor has the ability to stimulate and massage the G-spot and the vaginal walls.

        The secret? Its low-frequency vibrations deliver sweet sensations on and around the clitoris without ever damaging your nerve endings.

        What is the point of a double stimulation vibrator? 

        This toy can bring you pleasure and massive orgasms from every direction!

        This revolutionary sex toy will simultaneously stimulate the G-spot and clitoris at the same time, taking you on a journey to discover a world of sweet sensations.

        Your erotic body is a source of pleasure, and you free to enjoy as you wish.

        It doesn’t matter whether you are sensitive to penetration, or if you don’t like stimulation directly on your clitoris, Miss B offers you full versatility to use the product anyway that you like.

        MISS BI will never let you down! You will experience intense pleasure and unexpected orgasms with very little effort, thanks to her perfect design and intense vibrations.

        Is MISS BI the best sex toy for the clitoris and the vagina? 

        Our product manager believes that it is one of the top 3 sex toys when it comes to quality and efficiency. FUN FACTORY’S MISS BI is one of the best sex toys for clitoral stimulation.

        Like all FUN FACTORY’S products, this toy is made in Germany with hypoallergenic French medical-grade silicone. FUN FACTORY has been designing and manufacturing toys in Europe for over 25 years, ensuring un-matched quality and optimal efficiency.

        Located in Bremen German, FUN FACTORY continues to assemble and mould products that encompass playful shapes, beautiful colours, and healthy ecologically safe materials.  

        In terms of its efficiency, we can say that this erotic beauty is waterproof, soft, and rechargeable. It allows you to enjoy single or double clitoral and G-spot stimulation while enjoying different speeds and vibrations at the same time. From the vulva to the vagina, this toy has the battery life of 1 hour.

        MISS B also has a little secret, you can save your preferred setting so that you can start right when you left off.

        This adult toy is also easily transportable. MISS BI comes equipped with an automatic lock so that she won’t come to life in a taxi, during a business meeting, or at your friend’s wedding. She’s a lady with class and knows when and where she’s not wanted.

        MISS BI’s dual engines offer low-frequency vibrations that are both slow and powerful on your erogenous zones. Once inserted into the vagina and placed on the vulva, the vibrations will spread throughout the clitoral nerves. This sextoy allows women to experience crazy orgasms from all directions. With powerful and massive orgasms right at your fingertips, what could be better! Go ahead and explore, discover, and vibrate with pleasure!

        Why buy this Double stimulation vibrator for women in the YESforLOV store? 

        Your sextoy is guaranteed for two years and you will not find it cheaper anywhere else.

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