For her. For him. For them.
A modern series! Train yourself in the pleasures of video.

An educational series dedicated to female pleasure, based on science, for a maximized and shared pleasure.

Discover the best techniques for external and internal stimulation
and soar to the peak of pleasure and ecstasy.



A modern and unfiltered series to discover feminine pleasures.

The female pleasure revolution is underway... and YESforLOV, your intimate cosmetics brand, is proud to collaborate with CLIMAX to introduce you to more than 69 concrete stimulation techniques , filmed without filters, to practice on you or your partner.

A scientifically approved series.

Climax is based on science and top sex experts. Female pleasure is a serious subject that deserves the most rigorous approach. Therefore, the CLIMAX series is based on several recent researches and scientific studies .

A series dedicated to female sexual well-being, exclusively!

CLIMAX's mission: That female pleasure is no longer taboo and above all that everyone can reclaim their sexual pleasure and identity.

CLIMAX: An educational series to learn
to give and receive pleasure!

We invite you to discover CLIMAX and its concrete caressing techniques resulting from the collective experience of women.

The lack of scientific research on sexual pleasure in particular female pleasure has created a huge knowledge gap that only maintains certain myths.

The educational series has opted for a scientific approach to demystify all the ideas received around female pleasure. And it feels good, believe us!

In this series, you can find two seasons, one on "external pleasure" and the other on "internal pleasure".

All the techniques proposed come from more than 74 recent studies and research on health and sexual pleasures. To include the fact that pleasure and the ways to achieve it are unique to each person, CLIMAX relied on surveys and numerous testimonials from European women of all ages and sexual orientations.

Good news, pleasure has a common denominator. The vast majority of people use similar stroking techniques! CLIMAX wished to describe them to you and make you discover them through their training.

In 2019, CLIMAX conducted a study with 107 European women and this identified 27 groups of techniques that CLIAMX classified into 2 categories: internal techniques and external techniques.