Whether intense or even shy, suggestive or even more savage, spanking is the guarantee of a pleasure shared by two which finds its place in our sexual relations. It is even among what is most intimate in an enacted pleasure that wants to be both guilty and innocent. Guilty because we have sometimes earned it – when we play it and only when we play it – and innocent because in a good little spanking, there is nothing wrong with doing yourself good... hurting himself a bit.

Novice, amateur or completely lost in this practice, which is more sensual and erotic than it seems, we are talking to you about spanking. By putting the shapes in it.



First, one wonders where this love for spanking comes from, a soft practice of BDSM and widely popularized in recent years. If it is so included in our intimate relationships, it is firstly because it refers to punishment and education and then, to another extent, to the expression of infantile sexuality , the Freudian subject par excellence. . In other words, a woman or a man who takes pleasure in spanking becomes again the child he was: this little girl or this little boy who was surprised for a stupidity he had committed and who was irremediably punished by his father or his mother by drawing a strange satisfaction from it in his unconscious .

Thus, humiliation and eroticism often go hand in hand , both to satisfy the desire of the one who corrects, and to claim the satisfaction of the one who pleads almost guilty to deserve it. A pleasure that could not be taken away from Jean-Jacques Rousseau, who already in his Confessions evoked the spankings given to him by his governess Mademoiselle Lambercier at a very young age. He writes that this gesture awakened in him, despite the shame and the pain, a certain sensuality .

Very often, this principle of domination and submission comes into play in erotic spanking: one takes precedence over the other. Spanking pleases because it is daring , because it is pungent, stimulating , and offers satisfaction in the one who gives it as well as in the one who receives it.


Beyond its symbolic dimension and the psychoanalytical analyzes to which not everyone adheres, spanking in the middle of a sexual act generates physically demonstrated sensations of pleasure .

In a couple who already love each other strongly, who have reciprocal trust, mutual respect and who also feel fulfilled sexually, the desire to discover new things or try new practices can naturally be felt. We are looking for a new way to touch, to caress, to bump into each other , to feel again, to tell ourselves that we still love each other. Spanking is a new caress , rougher, more intense, more pronounced. The hand that meets the buttocks remains a skin-to-skin contact above all, but in a more characterful way. More demonstratively. A gesture to say yes stronger . And then what better than to surrender to the other , to indulge in pleasure in all its intimacy, in what is most fleeting. To receive this helping hand that comes from the heart, in the spontaneity of the action and its impulses.

If we want to find proven benefits, here is our good to know : well executed, spanking increases blood flow to the surface of the skin in this erogenous zone. Nerve receptors become more sensitive . Whether we indulge in a series of unrestrained spankings or give way to tender caresses, the buttocks find themselves capable of capturing all the most pleasant sensations . Small pleasure is up to her: spanking releases endorphin in the body , the hormone of well-being and relaxation that reduces pain and makes you want to ask for more.



The first thing to keep in mind is that erotic spanking doesn't have to be brutal . It's up to you to define the intensity . It can be a real slap like a fingertip slap. It is first of all what it represents that appeals to you. Then, any practice must be discussed and especially consented in the couple. Don't let the novelty alter what's most dear to you; be it desire, envy, gentleness, magic, love, respect. When you talk about it, it's not useful to try to convince either, but simply to suggest an idea that came to your mind, like that, while browsing our blog...

The urge to give

Tell him about your desires, your fantasies, without hiding anything from him. Talking is no less sexy than wildly surprising. If your partner is willing, then it's up to you to play and start slow. First take the time to contemplate them, approach them with the tips of your fingers, the palm of your hand which becomes more and more insistent, warm the skin by massaging it slowly, delicately. Show her that it's all love for her tender buttocks. The purpose of spanking is nothing more than to please the person who receives it , until they find pleasure in it.

The desire to receive it

Slip him the idea, before with a word on a paper or during the act with a whisper in the hollow of the ear. And if it's not always easy to talk openly about your fantasies when they've been buried for a while, find a way to let them know, to let them know. The art of suggestion has a thousand and one ways; put on your most beautiful lingerie that knows how to highlight your two beautiful well-shaped curves, and thus begin your parade. A voluptuous dance that leaves something to be desired, that makes you want to touch to see better. Lay your head on his shoulder, and slide down his body to lie on top of him, and give him a welcome view of your coveted buttocks. Welcome the slightest touch on your buttocks with a strong satisfaction that will encourage him to come back there, to linger there, then to find a malicious pleasure in playing a little music there, to the rhythm of his impulses, to the intensity of his desire.



Where? Aim well in the bullseye!

As long as there is fat and muscle , the skin is well enough protected to receive the spanking, then the field of pleasures is open to you. What satisfaction to see spread the wave of pleasure that releases the slap on the body of the other! The ideal place remains the sweet spot , this area between the buttocks and the thigh, "dangerously" close to the genitals. Each vibration produced by the slap delicately tickles the sex of the person receiving it; increased sensations and guaranteed pleasure.

How? A good, well-dosed spanking to take off in seventh heaven

The practice of spanking is meant to be delicate, so start gently, with little annoying slaps that set the tone and the foretaste. Choose the right time and pay attention to the rhythm ; alternate between caresses, small furtive slaps and exaggerate the gesture in the climb for a little more intense spanking. It's up to you to dose to increase the excitement . To reassure you, you can continue to exchange with your partner by the game like “Do you like that? You want more ? » and enter fully into the dimension of the game.

And after ? Aftercare to take care of yourself and others

After an intense moment when a feeling of floating and detachment can take over during the game, you come back down gently, to avoid some irritability or some other ailments related to this descent . This is an opportunity to take care of each other , and to return to a comforting sweetness. This moment that we call aftercare is very important; it allows the couple to find themselves individually in a peaceful psychic state and together in an almost new intimacy, where the little marks of love hugs, caresses and kisses overflow. We reassure each other, we say sweet nothings, we calm each other down.

For further...

To maximize the pleasure of erotic spanking and push the game even further, other variations may come your way. Accessories are invited there, borrowed from BDSM , such as the whip , the straps or the feather duster which offers a frenzied rhythm between blows and caresses. Or if you prefer to tell stories, erotic scenarios are ideal to further mark this detachment, completely open the game to leave a routine reality that the couple knows by heart and take them to an imaginary thought together. And there, room for improvisation, your fantasies, your desires. This exchange of roles (me the bad student, or you the doctor), is very effective in fueling games and fantasies of punishment. To your acting skills!

Ultimately, erotic spanking remains a fantasy in many couples who do not dare to do so, for fear of seeing in it too brutal, almost a sadomasochistic dimension. Its initiation requires gentleness, tenderness and above all communication in a couple who are looking for pleasure together. Once this new pleasure has been tamed, the couple takes full advantage of this game in intimacy, for even more fulfilled and more liberated relationships. Audacity is no longer to be feared!