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A soft, light, furiously caressing feather to climb, shiver after shiver, to the peak of pleasure and make it endure the most exquisite of tortures.

Our caressing feather will make you slip into a moment of timeless sensuality.

From zones to zones, each more erogenous than the next, bring up all the desires in the world in your partner, with the most refined arabesques.

It is the ideal erotic accessory to enhance your sensual foreplay and give even more relief to your massages overflowing with eroticism.

From caresses to caresses, rediscover your partner's body and explore what is still unknown to you!


Natural turkey feather without acrylic fiber.
Made in PRC.


Faites-lui endurer le plus exquis des supplices …

(Avec une plume furieusement caressante.)



How to use the YESforLOV caress pen?

Caresses, tickling, shivers... experience moments of rare sensuality at a low price and treat your body to the softness and sensuality of the YESforLOV caressing pen.

Let yourself be taken without restraint by all the delights of caresses. No... don't resist! Explore each other's body or openly accept the other's endless exploration of the most sensitive areas of your own body. Touch with delicacy the curves of her body which is offered to you and which does not ask to vibrate.

Step it up with bondage accessories like handcuffs.

Alternate the caresses of your expert hands with the lighter ones of the feather. And for even more thrills and fun, hide her eyes with our satin blindfold.

Why choose the caressing feather as a sensual accessory?

The caressing feather is a super sensual accessory to offer time to each other but also softness and tenderness to do good to the body and the heart.

  • Because there is no sexual issue: no pressure or performance, it's just caresses.

  • Because it's terribly exciting to deliver your body to caresses.

  • Because it will allow you to get to know each other better in a new way of meeting the other.

Who is the YESforLOV caress pen for?

To everybody ! The extroverts, the shy, the romantics, the daring and daring will undoubtedly elect the caressing pen as the erotic accessory of the year.

Why ? Because it's about sensuality, not vulgarity.

A sensuality that can be sexual, a sensuality that is even more intense when in love.

Discreet and effective, these extra soft and resistant feathers and its hyper sensual little stick transform this game of delicious torture into a moment of tenderness full of eroticism.


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