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A soft, light, and sensual caressing feather made to torment your partner with sexual sensuality at the peak of their pleasure!

Go ahead and sweep their erotic body with our sensual feather duster, letting their skin shiver with pleasure as they endure your exciting torture and seductive tease

As you glide it across every centimeter of their body, watch as the erotic passion and hot intensity grows with their increasing desire.

This is an erotic accessory made to enhance your erotic foreplay and add more sweet sensations to your massage.

Rediscover your partner’s erotic beauty and sensitivities as you caress them.



Natural turkey feather without acrylic fiber.
Made in PRC.

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How to use the YESforLOV caressing feather ?

Soft tickles sending chills throughout your body… enjoy moments of lustful desires and adult pleasures at a low price with YESforLOV’s exquisitely soft feather duster.

Let yourself be taken on a journey with these delightful tickles.

No… don’t resist! Explore and tickle the most sensitive areas of your partners erotic body… gently sweeping over their curves.

And for even more hot intensity, feel free to intensify the game of desire with bondage BDSM toys, such as our black satin hand tie and blindfold for even more erotic foreplay.

Why choose the caressing feather as a sensual accessory?

Take a moment to caress every centimeter of your partners erotic body, and watch as they beg you for more, strengthening the hot intensity.

  • Allow the pressure and stress leave the room as you sink into one another, delivering a sensation of erotic beauty as you enjoy the light tickles with every stroke.
  • Regardless of whether you are shy, extroverted, romantic, or daring, this feather will be sure to be your go-to accessory in the bedroom. 
  • But what is it for? To put it simply, sexual sensuality. A sensual love that will help you to become more Intune with your partner’s erotic body so that you can find out where they’re sensitive, and what holds the magical keys to drive them crazy. This sensual form of irresistible torture will bring out your partners secret desires and allow for a little sensual eroticism in the bedroom. What better way to strengthen the games of desire that exists between you?

    Who is the YESforLOV feather duster for?

    For everyone! Regardless of whether you are shy, extroverted, romantic, or daring, this feather will be sure to be your go-to accessory in the bedroom.

    Why? Because love is about sensuality, not vulgarity.

    Bring a sense of sexual sensuality for an erotic tease that will strengthen the intesity of the moment. 

    Discreet and efficient, with extra soft and resistant feathers and a sensual handle to transform this game of desire into a moment of erotic beauty and seduction.


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