In our love life, sexuality is experienced in many ways and everyone has their own approaches to the pleasure of loving and being loved; however, our five senses are often at the rendezvous of our sexual desires, our wildest desires, our impossible fantasies. They are a gateway to all the sensations that assail us and drive us crazy.

The five senses are a single entity that happily mixes the desires of each other and links them together. In this great erotic game of lovemaking off the beaten path, touch and smell are the masters of ceremonies: the skin with natural aromas, not neutral however, and the smells of the bodies so characteristic and so intimate open up the real path of love. On this path, the perfume, powerful or discreet but tenacious, with a wild, fruity or woody fragrance, superbly boosts the natural smell of both and thus traces its irresistible and sumptuous wake towards the search for pleasure. .

In the intoxication of perfumes with fragrances so compatible when they are judiciously chosen, how not to fly away to other horizons? At the crossroads of sexual desire and emotion, isn't perfume the most faithful and formidable ally?



Smelling good is the beginning of great happiness. This is a strong sign sent by each of us on any occasion. And for good reason, aromatic plants with beautiful scents are at the center of our lives in the same way as plants to drink, eat and treat. The intoxication and power of plants are boundless.

Aromatic plants, unlike others less fortunate in their existence, have never written terrible pages in the history of humanity as coffee, cocoa and cane have been able to do despite themselves for centuries. sugar. The essences drawn from these all these aromatic plants are essential oils and outside the therapeutic paths, the perfume responds present at your side to diffuse at your will and your goodwill pleasant smells, there and when you want it the most. Just for fun, or even more if you like.

For this great olfactory journey, flowers, leaves, seeds and fruits, spices, woods and resins are given for our well-being. The perfume therefore raises some very cute questions, and even better, this very human and very French desire to "know a little more". It is synonymous with pleasure, relaxation, it is an anti-stress that comforts and stimulates but it is above all a great seducer . Poetized or sung, it has never departed from its aura of mystery and fascination. Perfume sublimates our intimate chemistry but to maintain this beautiful olfactory harmony that guarantees your personality, a few essential golden rules must be respected .


  1. Use perfume at the right time and not at any time so as not to inconvenience: there is a time for everything and perfume is one of them.
  2. Perfume yourself in the right place : the olfactory notes of a fragrance generally smell strong on the first spray and for about fifteen minutes maximum. Douse yourself early enough so that any “heady” scents have time to evaporate. The best place to spray yourself is the skin : the heat -loving perfume, the aromatic notes will go straight to the pulsating zones, where your blood “moves” most obviously. Focus on your wrists, the crook of your elbows, the back of your ears, the base of your neck and your neck .
  3. Perfume yourself with a good perfume : you will have checked the compatibility beforehand, and your skin will have no problem. A few hints of scents in the right place will allow you to keep this secret and complicit agreement between you and him.
  4. In the event of a characterized allergy, opt for a vaporization of your clothes and in this alternative, favor natural fibers . Cotton, wool and cashmere perfectly know how to capture aromas and gradually restore them.
  5. Last precaution to take: ignore it in case of too prolonged exposure to the sun.


Eau de Parfum, Eau de Toilette and Eau de Cologne

Perfume is a mixture of more or less concentrated natural and synthetic odorous substances and hydroalcoholic solutions. It is therefore the percentage of odorous molecules and alcohol that determines the type of perfume . On the shelves of major perfumeries, you will find different types of perfumes more or less rich in "juice", the name given to the fragrant concentrate in the jargon of perfumers. Many of us do not know the difference between an eau de toilette , an eau de Cologne or an eau de parfum and yet knowing all their particularities would allow you to choose the right product wisely according to your tastes, your personality and your lifestyle.

  • Perfume extract or absolute : around 20% fragrant substances in 95% alcohol. It is the perfume with the highest concentration and therefore the least volatile. To be used for special occasions, it is very heady. A few drops are enough.
  • Eau de parfum : approximately 15% of fragrant substances in an 85% alcohol. It is the daily perfume and the most sold on the market.
  • Eau de toilette : approximately 10% of fragrant substances in an 85% alcohol. It is the perfume of the morning after shower or bedtime, it is generally a good choice for sensitive people.
  • Eau de Cologne : approximately 5% of fragrant substances in 70% alcohol.
  • Scented water : This fresh water brings up the rear with a maximum of 4% of fragrant substances in very little alcohol, or even without alcohol, replaced by floral waters. In our YESforLOV range , you will find the intoxicating intimate mist , the first perfume for the body and sensitive skin.

To sum up, the higher the content of odorous substances, the less volatile the perfume will be, but the more expensive the product will be.

The notes of the perfume

The perfume also has a body which is a matter of notes : top notes, heart notes, base notes . The notes of a perfume correspond to the composition of fragrant substances . Depending on the olfactory pyramid of each perfume, the fragrance can be fresh and evanescent or richer and lingering. Just like when choosing a grand cru wine, it is important to know this pyramid to make an informed choice of its flavor and find the one that suits you best.

  • The top notes are the very first scents but for a relatively short time (a quarter of an hour max) and only concern the first vaporization. It is the introduction, the invitation to a journey of the senses.
  • The heart notes will quickly take over and “last” for several hours. They are the heart, the character, the signature of your perfume.
  • The base notes will prolong the pleasure and persist over time, you will feel them at their peak later in the evening or tomorrow on your scarf.

The seven fragrance families

With a palette of more than 1,500 ingredients , the perfumery has distinguished seven major families of perfumes , from floral to fruity, from woody to amber with very different characteristics.

  • The citrus fruits which designate citrus fruits composed of fruit zest: orange, lemon, mandarin...
  • The florals that designate these fragrant flowers such as jasmine, rose, lily of the valley.
  • Ferns : lavender, oak moss, this is an accord around citrus, lavender, woody and coumarin notes.
  • The chypresses are very often intoxicating, relatively elegant, rich and striking, they denote and call out like patchouli, oak moss.
  • The woody notes are built around woody notes such as sandalwood and cedar.
  • The ambers , fragrances of the Orient, they are generally warm and deep.
  • Leathery : they do not exist in their natural state, this family is therefore synthetic with often acrid, powerful and smoky notes such as tobacco or burnt wood.

The first classification of perfumery was born in the early 1900s but with the overflowing imagination of our perfumers, these large families have never ceased to evolve and overlap in the profile of sub-categories. Generally speaking, don't worry, perfume users seem quite loyal to one or even two olfactory families. It's up to you to find your favorite essences, reflections of the personality and emotions of those who wear them. Before going to explore the shelves of the great French perfumeries, do not forget that before pleasing or not the other, the perfume must first please yourself . The ideal is therefore to "imagine" it for yourself and then choose it together with infinite nose, skill and delicacy.

Réjouissance, the first perfume of love and attraction.

Réjouissance, the first perfume of love and attraction.

To meet our most legitimate desires for sex and our emotions that move us, a few perfumes come to our rescue. But where is this perfume that will reveal so much your personality?

What if it was ultimately the Réjouissance perfume by YESforLOV ? The first perfume of love , available in men's or women's versions.

Imagined by Mathilde Bijaoui as a vibrant crescendo of a romantic date, the Réjouissance perfume makes its appearance on tangy notes of kaffir lime . The fragrance removes all hesitation and resistance, in the duo of saffron and chilli . The committed encounter blossoms languidly in the conversation of the lily and the candied nuances of the plum . The incandescent spirituality of amber combines with the voluptuous interplay of vanilla and date for a loving melody made of claps of thunder, each more sensual than the next.

Too late, the cork is removed. The show can begin, and it is the soul that capsizes. A thousand rounds of applause crackle in the blink of an eye. The Réjouissance perfume is everything we have imagined for your romantic dates. It has the age of its desires with its spicy fragrance while offering a fresh and generous approach . There is no doubt that this ally will accompany you with refinement and elegance in your exchanges and in your most complicit relationships. Maddening, irresistible, dazzling... and yet so fragile. His name is the promise that his nature fulfills: Rejoicing .


Smell connects us to each other, helps us find ourselves, and fully contributes to orchestrating all of our sexual and social dances that we so love to indulge in.

And if the perfume was quite simply the paroxysm of eroticism ? Smells put the bodies on alert and the senses in turmoil and seem to have a very positive or negative influence on our emotions. For many of us, eau de parfum is a superb weapon of seduction . The smell of a well-chosen fragrance stirs up desires, awakens our most locked emotions, sometimes going so far as to bring back more and more distant memories to us.

The perfume, invisible and mute, omnipresent, is our spokesperson without noise: it speaks in our place and much better than we could do it ourselves. The perfume, the scents, the aromas, the fragrances take the path of discreet charm, of often shared pleasure and of an emotion that is not always contained. Nothing is more memorable than the smell of a perfume for oneself, just as there is nothing more exciting than the carnal smell of body to body. Our attraction is instantaneous, animal in nature.

In our sexuality we know perfectly how to interpret the smells that titillate or obsess us and it is thanks to our limbic system which is the part of our brain responsible for our emotions. The odors are analyzed by the hypothalamus which is in a way the control tower of functions such as that of desire, reproductive functions and sexual urges.

At the same time pleasant for some or unpleasant for others, even if the perfume can stir up your desires, it will never completely mask the smell of skin: it is therefore impossible to cheat. It is the smell of the partner's skin that is the essential component necessary for the continuation of the encounter, for sexual attraction and for amorous attachment. Not the perfume.

To create a romantic or sensual, intoxicating or maddening olfactory atmosphere without affecting the smell of your skin, YESforLOV recommends the LOVspace perfume diffuser available in two fragrances that are so irresistible and terribly aphrodisiac.

We have seen it: a perfume begins somewhere with a flower, a fruit, a fragrant bark and ends in the sexiest of bottles right down to the sheets. Green, fresh, peppery, woody, dark or naughty fragrances, what a joy to travel on the flowery and fruity paths of your skin!