"Slow sex" in our language or "slow sex" among our English-speaking friends, this sexual practice is considered an art of living one's sexuality according to the principles and lessons drawn from Tantrism. Slow sex is a gateway to a gentle happiness for the pleasure of each and everyone. The choice will never be difficult: the hectic life that we impose on ourselves in a modern world that is racing all the time has its own limits. There is no So it's not surprising that, in the movement of a life that we would like to be more "soft", slow sex has found a place of choice in our sexuality.Slow sex is much more than an approach to sexual relations, it's a philosophy that will help you break the codes of your most ingrained habits and fully experience love in the moment.

And if we went to meet this concept without ego and very enriching to make love differently, to do it in all conscience? 



It's beautiful, it's wonderful to be able to love gently , without stress and with such a slowness that it would become almost exasperating. This is slow sex and it invites you to the party as long as you put a lot of yourself into it. Slow sex is the anti-car of physical love .

We all have deep inside us a mute metronome that looks like the “work-metro-sleep” of our big cities but which always ticks as much, regardless of where our moments of love are. The things of life are not simple, and those of sex probably more complicated: routine, fatigue or weariness. The “fast-life” , in other words our hectic life that we assume, has its own limits with its meals on the sly and social networks that are too often overwhelmed. Be careful though, the human being is not a robot and the alternatives to this race against the clock that is our earthly life impose themselves: in this lot of multiple choices, slow sex has is today at the heart of our sexuality a place of choice. This way of making love in full consciousness induced by slow sex is there in all discretion and without making noise to help you turn slowly and like a clock, the hands of your five senses in the right direction: the touch of course but also the smell accepted by oneself and the other, listening, taste and gaze .

Slow sex does not prolong the pleasure of making love, it builds it step by step and opens the path that leads gently and slowly and in full awareness to the best of sensations if not to the ultimate orgasm. In the approach that slow sex imposes and which must be accepted in all humility, human beings are invited to rid themselves without a crash of their beliefs cemented by their education and of their feelings of obligation which they wrongly endow themselves with. vis-à-vis this excessively demanding sexuality.



Make way for the practice of slow sex for a sexuality assumed in full consciousness much less conventional and so much more fulfilling by its sweetness. For starters, you're going to have to say goodbye to performance , which frankly is far from dramatic. In the same way, try to refocus on the only present moment which wants to be without past or future and appreciate the slowing down of these caresses . This present moment so prodigious to live and which has fun playing the extensions can only exist in total osmosis between the partners and in a reciprocal complicity. Emotions, sensations can only be at the rendezvous of renewed desires and pleasures multiplied tenfold.

Nothing is richer in detailed information than the book by American sex therapist Diana Richardson Slow sex, making love in conscience , a real guide written by an expert in the field from her personal experience of Osho Tantra and the teachings of Barry Long.

On the menu, exercises based on meditation - very elaborate for addicts of the discipline, simpler for non-fans and many other exercises to do, directly related to sex for everyone, with the aim of finding two (and why not solo) the happy path to the liberation of your sex life.

Some essential benchmarks to target in this guidebook
  • The complete change of state of mind which is essential , in relation to your experience of sexuality in its global dimension and which you will have to bring back to your own sexuality. In fact, it will be impossible for you to throw away all of your sexual education accused of rigidity and prohibitions of all kinds in one fell swoop. What is on the other hand perfectly possible (and desired), is the new look that you will have with more kindness and tenderness on yourself and on the other. The urgency of having to make love right away and at full speed will really no longer be relevant.
  • Accessible meditation and adapted breathing : they will be your allies on your new path to sexual life. A little “Western-style” Tibetan meditation will bring you an inner peace that you may not suspect. It will help you break the codes of your over-supervised childhood education and gradually chase away bad preconceived ideas and other injunctions. You will find in these moments of relaxation and silence to renew at regular intervals the parade in the face of your internal conflicts.
  • Meditation will naturally be associated with deep and well-adapted breathing . The latter, all slowly and in depth, will increase your level of endorphins, essential and vital constituents of the pleasure hormone as everyone knows. Better yet, it will make you aware of yourself, your body, your desires for well-being and love. It is through this deep and regular breathing that your perineum will build muscle to better support you at the right time.
  • You will no longer close your eyes, no matter what the moment of your relationship may be. On the contrary, you will keep them wide open to live fully and intensely all these magical moments of slow sex which will only seek to prolong the lovemaking . You will take full advantage and very often in pairs of your bodies seeking caresses and even more subtle kisses, you will enthusiastically meet smiles that you have never seen before on the lips of your partner and all these new words of love from the vaunted devil. You will play with him and a lot of mischief at the key to the game of cat and mouse to tickle him with or without caress feather as you will hear his most sensitive and sensual erogenous zones.
  • You will become a true and close couple who will make people envious and you will have to protect and constantly strengthen them . You will remain attentive to your own feelings as well as those of your partner and you will then bring a lot of attention to the comfort of your privileged relationship. No haste in cravings, in gestures of tenderness, in words, in the most intimate sex movements and even less in the non-essential but delicate final phase for the woman of penetration which must be gentle infinite.

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Understanding slow sex and the spirit that drives it requires a little commitment, perspective and humility in the face of our Western culture. The bet is far from won if we do not make the necessary efforts, if our investment in this new challenge is insufficient. No cheating and pretence in slow sex, it's a win-win.

Slow sex is the opposite of rushing and quickly seeking pleasure and orgasm . This requires a lot of time, complicity between the partners and, icing on the cake, a ritualization of the rendezvous of love which is counted according to the tastes of each other, in maddening candles , accomplice perfumes and more according to affinities. Sexuality remains a personal matter in which each of us finds our way to the heart of our intimate life. “No sex” is heresy but it is a possibility that we must respect. Exit the “Sex performance”. It's up to all of you to settle into the sexuality that suits you and it is certain that slow sex will bring you joy and happiness if you put all your heart and all that is good and loyal into it.

Slow sex favors a tender gaze towards the other, gentle caressing, slowness in gestures and the softness of words and words ; it naturally imposes deep breathing which is perfect for you to find this balance and this inner wisdom that you need. Slow sex, well assimilated and therefore well understood, frees your mind, it helps you to forget in the moment the sources that pollute your existence to finally indulge in the simple pleasure of love.

Experiencing a different relationship to time in meditative sitting, listening to one's body, one's emotions, one's sensations in yoga postures, are all avenues that help to channel this often crazy mind, to direct it towards the present moment, to live in full consciousness the “mindfulness” coming from the USA and already well recognized in France by the voice of Christophe André, Matthieu Ricard and other mediators of these precious techniques. The path to be fully happy in this discipline is long but it is a challenge that is in no way utopian! To help you, why not add break times, slow and meditative walking to your sports activities, or discover new sciences such as relaxation, sophrology or yoga? You are the only guarantor of your libido and we invite you to give the floor back to the body. To be conscious is to welcome the new, never to reproduce what one already knows, to be present at the moment and not to go straight to the point, to discover new sensations, to be as close as possible to the right act. This path to take, more than a goal to achieve, is a step-by-step journey.

“What is right is easy”

Once well assimilated, slow sex then becomes the ace of aces of physical love when it lives up to its legitimate aspirations. This sexual practice offers us the opportunity to really become aware of our own personality and our immediate availability or not in the face of our most modest and wildest desires. The bestial ardor is now swinging at the top of the gallows but rest assured, dear readers, the ardor aware of all the dangers lurking responds just as present in the slowing down of desires to make love. Respectful and loving sex opens up unknown horizons to us that we have neglected for too long and slow sex is ringing at our door to better remind us of it. Without libido, we would be invulnerable. Thank the Universe that this is really not the case. Let our sexual appetites be reassured: there is no witchcraft in our words. We only ask for sublime and supreme slowness in our bulimic desires (or not) to make love, in all modesty but with a lot of optimism for the pleasure of natural, simple and shared sex. Making love should remain a pleasure to share and nothing more.

YESforLOV accompanies you in this movement that praises slowness

In the slow sex approach, the sensory dimension plays a key role because the body is like a temple and everything is to be savored with our 5 senses. To indulge in this practice YESforLOV invites you to caresses with the cashmere-textured massage lubricant , to play lovemaking with the intimate hide-and-seek kit , to explore the body of the other with the massage candles , to discover tantric massages with our oils recommended by Karmatantric magazine, to titillate your senses and to cajole to meet her with the water of sheets . And for unlimited foreplay, a few touches of our rejoicing perfume will get the ball rolling. You are now free to enjoy at your own pace and according to your desires.

Lowering the curtain assured for guilt and neuroses, for short-circuited desires and pleasures. Place now in full awareness of oneself and of the other , with rediscovered gaiety and intimate frivolity devoid of any obsession. Clear space is now made for constancy in the effort to love with respect for oneself and for the other . Put your own desires in an equation with the desires of your partner in all simplicity and without fuss and to conclude on a magnificent note, make them live together in a relationship to time that you will now master.

In this intimate relationship of the body and sexuality with well-being and spirituality, Orientals have always led the dance. So, it's up to us Westerners of all persuasions to catch up… Cap?