Yes, sex and food are only a matter of taste and personal desires, but together they form a real winning combo. Lovers, lovers of a night or of a life like, both male and female, all these treats that can gently resolve many conflicts and wisely spice up amorous lovemaking that is a little at half mast, thus breaking up and the routine and monotony of everyday life in a beautiful way.

Licking, biting, salivating, sucking, kissing, it's a subtle and refined art that we don't always master but which must remain, whatever happens, a personal choice or a two in complete complicity. With or without accessories, oral sex can however be a moment of sharing and enjoyment and of incomparable taste when it is the most intimate of kisses.

So, for this spring full of promises and new sensations, which part of your body will you decide to offer in total abandon to your partner? And above all, how are you going to solve this loving question?

Oral sex: an incomparable taste for some, a form of disgust for others

Oral sex: an incomparable taste for some, a form of disgust for others

Oral practices without lust or excess are simple pleasures of physical love and are globally appreciated. From the kiss conducive to the blossoming of amorous desire to the most "salivating" fellatio, there is nothing intrusive and above all no submission in these very pleasant encounters in contact with bodies and languages ​​that are want playful and adventurous... Oral sex has a good taste, an incomparable and unique taste we should say, which lovingly takes on an incredible sensual dimension at one time or another. In this magical moment, it becomes an intelligent and non-vulgar ingredient, essential and limitless, of a love free from all prohibitions.

Oral sex invites you to go beyond the false borders of modesty, disgust with yourself and the other. And as Doctor Jacques Waynberg points out, "it is through orality that acceptance of one's own sex and that of the other passes". A kiss placed at the corner of the lips and here we are, all of a sudden, in an intimacy synonymous with mutual agreement and sharing. Many are enthusiastic and feed on all these well-targeted practices, an explosive mixture of excitement and stimulation: cunnilingus, fellatio, rimming, so many undrinkable words devoid of sensuality, with a nightmarish sound for delights exquisite in romantico-erotic mode which remain to be dig deeper if not to be discovered!

Fellatio, often wrongly reduced to simple swallowing of the penis straight out of porn, gets bad press, that's for sure, but it remains fully shared in complete privacy since it is common practice for 70% of French people aged 25-34. However, 12% of women aged 35 to 39 have never had this seemingly rewarding experience: such is at least the result of the survey on sexuality in France “Pratiques, genre et santé” , by Nathalie Bajos and Michel Bozon (ed. La Découverte).

The deep throat , the "holy grail" in this practice, the ultimate challenge to achieve for a successful fellatio? What a false good idea that is sometimes misleading! Ambitious practice and which would like to be voluptuous and of a tiny delicacy to be taken with tweezers. Do not try to follow all these actresses "on order" and in need of notoriety, pampered by the directors of X films, on a not very rosy ground. No porn, and no vulgarity in our words: place here for tenderness, gentleness and the greatest slowness in gestures and feelings for a pleasure to share. Plunge without apprehension your enamored gaze deep into your partner's eyes, wisely alternate the movements of this so subtle and sought-after "coming and going", the appropriate rhythm will be invited all the more quickly to the party. Let your hands surf all those sensitive erogenous zones, testicles and buttocks at the top of the list as they should be. Young and old, juniors and seniors, all take full advantage of this game that unites mouth and sex so well. A single watchword: do not try anything without desire and against your will.

With regard to cunnilingus, the procedure seems to be less appreciated by the fairer sex with only 52% of women who discreetly admit to being “starters”. To each his own way of love and without obligation to consume at all costs. Preferences are a matter of taste or even education more or less strict. But let everyone tell each other under the feminine coat! Up and down movements are generally the most appreciated as are rolling tongues around the glans of the clitoris. With progression, gently increase the pressure and the rhythm will follow naturally. Stay tuned to your partner to give him the best of yourself. To each and everyone his tempo in the love dance, that of the glans on one side and the clit on the other, and this finally sublimates the same complicit tempo for two beings who love and appreciate each other.

For rimming , according to an ELLE-Ifop survey on “intimacy, the couple and pleasure,” the practice of hummingbird kissing, even if it is very popular, is still taboo and reserved for wealthy and sexually inclined people. free from all constraints. Only 15% of French women have already practiced it during their life, while 26% of them claim to have had to undergo this practice from their partner. About 43% of women who practice rimming are homosexual or bisexual compared to 13% of heterosexual women. This erotic practice of the black kiss, like other amorous approaches, can prove to be particularly exciting for some but just as inconvenient for others.

Learning to love in complete complicity and without misunderstandings, to give everything and to fully receive, is great but prior to any relationship, however deep it may be, respect above all and knowing how to accept the true desires of the one and the other. And especially not one without the other.


Sex-food for some, sexy-fooding for others, in a nutshell, it's a love practice, a sexual game that consists of associating sex and food with complete transparency and impunity. So very far from the idea of transforming naked bodies into a meal tray, it is important to specify that each of us remains free in our actions and the only condition to be “discussed” before any love game is the mutual consent of the partners . Complicity in love scenarios is the basis of a harmonious and fully successful sex life. As long as it remains pleasant, consensual, oral sex can very quickly turn into an unprecedented symphony that starts gently and takes its rhythm over the unknown that it discovers.

Sex food has its rules and requirements and they are relevant. Spreading with the help of an accomplice brush, at the right time and in the form of caresses and skilful massages, a melted chocolate, lukewarm to perfection on the naked body of your partner is a classic of the genre. So many desires for each other, so much creative spirit! Champagne bubbles, ice cubes, whipped cream, mango, strawberry. On the clitoris, the breasts, the neck, wherever you want: so many strategic playgrounds just waiting for your partner's lips. From the cup to the lips, the mass is said. No more “mouth-watering”, no more “chewable women”, no more “forbidden fruit”, now it's action and reaction in complete osmosis for lovers from all walks of life.



A daily washing of the mucous membranes in women as in men, with clear water without or with a product that respects the physiological pH (it is essential). Full equality for everyone, the best can become the enemy of the good in excess, excessive hygiene can cause the disruption of the intimate flora , source of unpleasant irritations and intimate itching. Other components that can play tricks: sweat and perspiration in clinch by their scent, but also the fluids of vaginal lubrication secreted by the Bartholin glands in the vulva. On the male side, it is sperm and especially seminal fluid. Their scent varies according to the partners since it results from the different proteins and biochemical components that make up these fluids. It also depends on the diet and would a priori be milder in vegetarians than in lovers of red meat. The blacklist of a particularly harmful diet for sex is well known. Without saying goodbye to them completely and out of respect for their intrinsic quality, let us distance ourselves in due time from all these most stubborn adversaries for a harmonious and fulfilled sexuality: garlic and alcohol repeatedly, and too many fast foods. large number. Prefer foods that accelerate the synthesis of arginine responsible for vasodilation such as watermelon or ingredients rich in zinc such as hazelnuts or almonds.

We have widely mentioned it: the smell of sex, and it is often excellent, invites us to taste it and tickles our taste buds. Both sex and skin are tasted with seriousness, rigor and on demand: what he demands is his agreement to love fully, without restraint. The smell of a skin is a precious thing because it has an incomparable but very personal taste . Let's all learn to look after it, this skin that is worth its weight in gold, to pamper it properly. In the love which associates two beings, it is she who is at the end of the road made of the natural odors of the bodies and the perfumes which can judiciously accompany them.

The offering to the other will only be better with the new YESforLOV intimate serum, the first moisturizing, soothing, revitalizing intimate care for the penis and vulva. 100% made in France, this intimate care with an adapted pH, formulated with ingredients of natural and organic origin, is entirely dedicated to your intimate well-being, specific enriched with cosmetic active ingredients in order to preserve beauty and comfort. that this intimate area deserves so much.

Discover the delicious YESforLOV erotic delicacies

Discover the delicious YESforLOV erotic delicacies

YESforLOV aficionados are becoming more and more greedy and creative and we are listening to them. Connected to their naughty desires and their ever more unbridled amorous bulimia, we were tempted to develop a line of edible cosmetics around gourmet games.

Meet our " Sexy Candy Explosion " and set off on an adventure: under a very cute look, it's a hyper-sophisticated mass destruction kit, integral YESforLOV design. In this bag, crystals that explode in the mouth. First impression: it makes you a little crazy. Two is even better. Tongue against tongue, it's war in all intimacy! Go on the attack and launch your secret and deadly boots on enemy positions. Or strip naked like savages and tenderly slaughter all that exceeds...

You will also find edible and heating massage oils orgourmet lubricants that are ingestible. Our body brushes contain intimate massage oils that wipe away with the swipe of your tongue. Practical with the On/Off system, you can adjust the quantity and apply it using the brush. Its sensory applicator, imagined as the sexiest of kitchen utensils, allows a precise and very hygienic application of the product, with or without contact with the hands. His secret? On its own, chills and palpitations guaranteed on contact with the skin. All our intimate gels for massage and penetration are available and their flavors are multiple: green tea pineapple , apricot peach , red fruits , cotton candy , lemonade or apple-raspberry . These snacks, each more gourmet than the other, invite you to enjoy your mouth with the greatest respect for intimacy and French gastronomy. Our gourmet and warming oils for oral sex are formulated with natural flavors, GMO-free and 100% vegan.

Western-style "Nyotaimori-Nantaimori"

As long as you are both (or even more) on the same emotional wavelengths, make yourself a superb space-time made of pleasure and sharing "at home" with a small, strictly private one-on-one meal. An aperitif without extension will serve as preparatory fun by allowing the two complicit partners a gourmet "mouth-to-mouth" with tasty looks.

“Nyotaimori” is the art of savoring on your partner's body, the favorite foods that the two of them have chosen together. The "Nantaimori" is the same art, performed this time by the woman or the other partner. With this in mind, tonight or tomorrow, the original Japanese sushi and sashimi would no longer be the only ingredients deposited here and there on naked bodies. Small squares of salmon, even better chocolate skilfully spread where you decide, bubbles of champagne or other misplaced in the right places at the right times... and many other things to invent with tenderness and sweetness. Foods are messengers of love , they send signs and invite pleasure.

Without taboos and without prohibitions, everything will therefore take place with great fluidity. You will then have the opportunity in turn to place where you want and at the right time, the ingredient or the food that makes you fantasize so much. To avoid any misunderstandings, an overall list of foods and areas of the body will have been drawn up.

Within arm's reach and mouth, all these appetizing little things skilfully disseminated on naked bodies, private parts included, await you.

Whether sucking the penis without or with jam, licking the lips and the clitoris in the same way with a taste of champagne in the mouth, wouldn't all these hedonistic approaches ultimately reflect a very simple feeling of acceptance and total love for each other? Oral sex, a practice therefore without taboos, to be shared in the complicity and reciprocity of desires like a reception in the Garden of Eden.