As you know, CBD is in vogue and YESforLOV aficionados are looking for ever more disinhibiting, efficient and innovative products! Connected to their naughty desires for an ever more unbridled high sexuality, the French YESforLOV erotic cosmetics laboratories were tempted to develop a sensuality booster concentrated in CBD to liberate the intimate body and let it express itself in its moments of intense pleasure, precious and rare. You haven't tested it? This innovation in the field of cosmetics is used as a booster of sensuality and well-being. “In the mood for love”, this could be the main reason for our new additive which is none other than CBD.

Is CBD really beneficial for our sexuality? This is a legitimate question to ask since all kinds of virtues are attributed to it on the Internet and even a serum in the YESforLOV house. Is CBD your best ally for unbridled sexuality and a peak libido? Our best argument would be to try it naturally! Below you will find a combo of our research on the real influence of CBD on your intimate and sexual well-being.

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CBD, an effective libido booster against reduced desire?

CBD, an effective libido booster against reduced desire?

When the couple encounters some disagreements, the libido is always the first to suffer since it feeds above all on the well-being of the two partners.

The libido can be affected by many factors such as intimate discomfort , lack of communication within the couple, mood, acute or insoluble crises, boredom, fatigue or stress. There is no aphrodisiac , no magic potion to fight against a low libido. The libido is a whole, it's an art that is not just a tablet that you swallow hoping to be able to solve everything. The human is complex, sensitive and interconnected like love and pleasures are holistic. However, unlike traditional active ingredients such as ginger or damiane extract, CBD proves to be an effective addition that should not be overlooked in our palettes of erotic cosmetics: it affects not a specific area but the entire endocannabinoid system in its wholeness to regulate our homeostatic balance . Endocannabinoid receptors are particularly dense in many areas of the body and are responsible for a good libido: research reports that CBD increases the production of endocannabinoids that the body already produces, which, according to scientists, could reduce our state stress and anxiety and therefore play an important role in a healthy libido but above all in a much happier and more harmonious balance.

It is clear that the first step to having a better libido is to feel aligned, good in your body, ready to give and to receive, whether mentally or physically. Indeed, when we have a lot of things on our minds that bother us like picking up our children from nursery, taking them to sports, doing their homework, or when we are stressed or anxious because of a quarrel at the office, we are not not at all “in the mood for love” , ie in a mood conducive to sexual desire. At that moment, we have neither the spirit, nor the availability, nor the motivation for any moment of love and sharing.

To limit these occasions that hinder our moments of complicity and to reduce this state of stress or anxiety, CBD can be a formidable ally . Indeed and as we explained above, its action on the endocannabinoid system particularly targets the mechanisms of the body which are responsible for our mental state and therefore our well-being. Cannabidiol also participates in lowering the level of cortisol present in the body, a hormone that is directly linked to stress. Similarly, CBD promotes an increase in serotonin , known as the “happiness hormone” . CBD therefore seems to have virtues for relaxing us and regaining a general feeling of calm and well-being . Consequently, CBD could indeed help us to live a much healthier and more balanced libido and intimate life. Many studies are also underway to examine the relationship between CBD and sleep quality. Sleep is an essential element to maintain a satisfactory libido. While CBD has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety , bets are still off when it comes to sleep.

CBD, a shot of sensuality for top sexuality

The question of whether CBD leads to positive changes in sexual function is legitimate, but the answer is still up in the air on the medical side. It has been proposed above that CBD can lead to improved libido simply by reducing stress and anxiety , which makes us say that CBD could potentially:

  • Slow down the temporal perception of time and prolong the sensations of pleasure .
  • Reduce sexual inhibitions and sexual anxieties .
  • Strengthen excitement and promote access to orgasm
  • Increase confidence and willingness to experiment with new love games.
  • Amplify our sensations such as touch, smell, sight, taste and hearing.

Researchers from the Cannabinoids Laboratory of the Faculty of Medicine of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) have studied the commonalities between cannabis use and sexual pleasure. Based on their findings, it appears that cannabinoids interact with cannabinoid receptors that regulate the release of hormones such as oxytocin , “the love hormone,” which play a role in normal sexual functioning. Oxytocin would be secreted at the time of orgasm but no one has yet demonstrated or proven that it positively affects libido or orgasm. Oxytocin could, however, help to better recognize our sexual stimuli whether sensory or psychological such as our fantasies, our memories and therefore allow to induce a feeling of sexual desire, sharing and desire in order to obtain the most great satisfaction.

Other preclinical studies also suggest that CBD works by regulating the level of dopamine , “the hormone of happiness or pleasure” which is none other than the modulator of our excitatory sexual function. Dopamine plays an essential role in the brain since it is responsible for our sexual desires and urges. It will be necessary to wait a few years and several other scientific tests to be completely fixed on the question.

In addition to putting you in a position conducive to letting go and regulating the level of dopamine, cortisol and oxytocin, as we explained previously, another potential action of CBD would be to promote the circulation of blood in the body. For both men and women, poor blood circulation affects the erection of the male genital organ and the pleasures of female orgasm. Indeed, when the body is excited, the blood circulates to the penis or the clitoris. Cannabidiol by improving blood circulation will help regulate blood pressure to offer you intensified sensations and more accessible and potentially more intense orgasms.

In a study conducted by ISSM (International Society for Sexual Medicine) on the effects of marijuana on sexual functioning; among those who reported using marijuana before sex:

  • 68.5% said the overall sexual experience was more enjoyable .
  • 60.6% noted an increase in libido .
  • 52.8% reported an increase in satisfying orgasms .

The majority of women perceived an improvement in the overall love experience, whether in terms of libido , orgasm and pain management . The cannabinoids contained in marijuana, including CBD, seem to potentially improve sexual satisfaction : however, a better understanding of the role of the endocannabinoid system is necessary to be certain. Other studies seem just as necessary to be able to envisage effective solutions against erectile disorders or anorgasmia in the long term. Since CBD has everything to please and seems to have a bright future, let's find out together where research on male erectile disorders is and the impact of CBD on erectile dysfunction, this great taboo of the 2020s.

CBD and erectile dysfunction: step back to jump better

CBD and erectile dysfunction: step back to jump better

The bedroom is a place of intimacy and lovemaking, where we leave room for our fantasies and each other's desires. In theory, it should be this: complicity, reciprocity, sensuality. However, this is not always the case: from disappointment to disappointment for some, from embarrassment to frustration for others, if we let the figures speak, men in France have never been so numerous to suffer of this erection problem. According to an IFOP study :

  • 61% of men have already encountered some form of desire or erection disorder at least once in their life.
  • Nearly two-thirds have already had complexes about their ability to have an erection (62%) or to keep their penis hard throughout a report (65%).

Is this a reason to panic and consider systematically swallowing the blue magic candy? No, on the contrary, we should rather let go .

As a man ages, it is quite normal to notice this kind of problem. With age, the concentration of " dioxin " increases in the body, which contributes to the breakdown of muscles and leads to erectile dysfunction . However, it is possible that CBD can help eliminate this toxin from the body. If so, then it could serve to prevent the development of erectile dysfunction. That said, research in this area is currently minimal. Erectile dysfunction due to aging is not the only form of dysfunction, however. Many men, mostly younger and inexperienced, suffer from erectile dysfunction linked to anxiety and the cult of performance. Here, it is not a physical problem, but a mental or psychological problem that causes constriction of blood vessels making erections more difficult. There is a lot of research being done on the tension-reducing potential of CBD. If they yield the expected results, they could pave the way for the use of CBD to treat erectile dysfunction.

What if I ejaculate too fast? It is estimated that one in three men experience premature ejaculation or problems controlling their ejaculation. Premature ejaculation can be linked to anxiety, when men feel stressed in bed, managing control is more difficult and they ejaculate faster. So you would think that alleviating those negative feelings and being more relaxed may be the key to increasing the length of your relationship and giving you better control over your ejaculation. As we mentioned above, encouraging a healthy, holistic lifestyle can naturally reduce tension and help resolve issues under the duvet.

Similarly, serotonin and dopamine levels are also linked to the duration of intercourse for men. If serotonin levels are too low, or dopamine levels are too high (or both), ejaculation tends to happen faster. To fight against this phenomenon, it is therefore necessary to find a neurochemical balance, hence the interest of CBD.

Anecdotal studies provide unique insight into the world of sex powered by these cannabinoids. According to the New England Journal of Medicine , 5,398 Americans participated in a test investigating CBD consumption in the bedroom. Nearly 9% of respondents said they had used the cannabinoid specifically for sex . Men lasted 31% longer on average.

Although so-called “anecdotal” evidence is lowest in the hierarchy of evidence, such studies offer an interesting perspective. What should be remembered is that even if its effectiveness has not been proven, unlike viagra and other derivatives, CBD has no habituation effect, no dose not to be exceeded, no side effects. It would therefore be completely legitimate to invite it into our sheets as an additive to our delaying spray, the male pleasure extender YESforLOV.

CBD, a natural remedy for intimate discomfort

CBD, a natural remedy for intimate discomfort

If sex most often rhymes with pleasure, people with intimate discomfort , endometriosis , pelvic pain or vaginal dryness will not be of the same opinion. One of the most popular virtues of cannabidiol is its anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect . CBD can be used here to make sex more comfortable by helping with muscle relaxation , pain relief , and inflammation reduction. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory power, cannabidiol can relieve chronic pain during sex. Used as an adjunct treatment for pain, it can help women suffering from painful sexual intercourse (intimate dryness, vaginal irritation, heated mucous membranes) in the form, for example, of an intimate lubricant based on CBD or a balm. intimate with CBD. Who doesn't appreciate a little lube before sex?

If love is a moment of pleasure and sharing, it can be painful and hurt others. In a study conducted by the National Institute of American Health, out of 1,700 women questioned, 27.6% had already had painful intercourse and 16% still suffer from it. To combat intimate discomfort, there's nothing like a drop of CBD concentrate in your intimate lubricant.

According to this same study:

  • 85% of women believe that lubricants make sex more enjoyable .
  • 69% of women believe that lubricants increase arousal .
  • 56% of women believe that lubricants facilitate orgasm .

CBD's ability to fight inflammation and pain is well known, but more broadly it has a wide range of benefits. As a "smart" molecule, CBD works dynamically to help the body and mind , depending on the situation and the location of the problem. CBD therefore has the mission of promoting homeostasis , the well-being of the whole body . In a 2009 study, a research team found that CBD had up to 50 mechanisms at work. While painkillers only target pain, CBD can tackle a whole host of issues and mechanisms like female lubrication simultaneously.

There are also specific products that could be enriched with CBD such as orgasmic gels, intimate care, massage oils. The YESforLOV CBD concentrate has been specifically formulated to be used as an additive with these products. Using them on your erogenous zones can increase stimulation , promote proper body preparation , and make lovemaking less painful . At the heart of your intimacy, you can even add a 9th active ingredient to the intimate serum for the vulva .

There is no right pass or VIP card to live a fulfilling sexuality, and CBD will not solve the basic problems. In this ultimate quest for renewed intimate and sexual well-being, there is no reason why CBD cannot be part of this adventure. If research continues to move in the direction it is currently going, then CBD could become an essential piece to balancing your sexual health and helping you find pleasure again under the duvet!